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  1. No problem guys, don't worry! @neil9000 i've tried to find a previous version here in the official site with no success (in my pc there's no previous version locally stored, clean install), after searching on internet i've found an older version to test it out the theme, but, still by uncheck the "auto-update" flags on the option (as reported on the forum) when big box is launched the auto-update take effect without any acknowledgement. Please if you know the procedure let me know! anyway for this reason i can say that is not straightforward... At the moment i'm build up my setup with the Colorful theme and the latest version of launchbox that are good as well. Thanks!
  2. Thanks so much for the effort! i'll leave you a "coffee" if it is possible to donate. Anyway i don't undestand why is nor possible to downgrade launchbox neither to block to auto update... Bye!
  3. Hi, With the last version of launchbox (11.17) i've some problem with this theme. Instead of the specific background it appear the logo image, and in general the theme seems to not work properly... Someone have the same problem? i would like to figure it out how to fix this, because i like so much this theme... Thanks for the help!
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