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  1. I am not sue what is going on here. Can you give me more info like bigbox version etc. I will try to figure it out.
  2. Whoops, good catch. i will fix it but I am really busy right now. Give ma few days and I will let you know.
  3. Very Nice, Thank you for sharing this. I had no idea this even existed but I will include it in my next update.
  4. Hello, i am very glad you like the theme. Unfortunately, this view is only capable of showing a text list. That is how big box works. Each view is specific. I have included so many different views that it has no room for more. I like your idea and if it becomes possible I will certainly build it for you but I cannot as of right now.
  5. Glad you found it and I hope you like it. Here is a link to my newer version of this theme. It requires more work to set up but it has a dark version for every part. Retro Console - BB Theme and more. Custom Logo Version
  6. Ok, I fixed the FX version to say FX2 and I changed the video snap rotation to 0 degrees. This should accomplish your goal but let me know if you have any issues. Retro Console Light V3.zip
  7. Ah, yep I see it now. I will send you replacement files. Give me a couple of days.
  8. Hey man. I have it set to play the video in that angle because all of my video snaps for fx2 are sideways. That is an easy adjustment I can make for you. As far as the FX3 logo, I am unable to see that problem. Not sure what you mean by this, both screenshots are showing FX2 logo. Please clarify so I can fix both at the same time.
  9. Glad you like it. Unfortunately it would take too much work to accomplish that. I do have another version that has a dark option. More work to set up but way more views. Here is a link in case you want it:
  10. Very glad you like the theme. The startup theme is one of the downloads found on this page called, ''. You have to download it separately and then unzip it to the following location: ...\LaunchBox\StartupThemes\(unzipped folder here) Then you have to set it as the start up theme in BigBox settings.
  11. Hello, yes I plan to do exactly that as soon as it becomes possible in the theme creator. Right now I can not but I have always wanted to that as well. Glad you like it!
  12. It could also be the resolution i gues. This theme was built for 16x9 screens and is best on a 1080p setup. Does this help?
  13. Hello @neil9000, you have offered help many times and I have always wanted to say thank you for that. You are awesome!
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