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  1. What I do is set a button on my controller to change the view in the bigbox settings screen and then when I go into a platform view like PS2, I just keep hitting that button until it gets to the right one. There are quite a few views so sometimes I have to hit the button for a while before finally getting there. Also remember to check the box in settings to remember a different view for each platform. Enjoy!
  2. Helloi, I am unclear as to what assests you are referring to. Please help me by giving some more details so i can try to provide what you are looking for.
  3. Ok, that is very helpful and thank you. Sorry to keep going back and forth but can you also answer the following: What happens when you restart BigBox, does it crash immediately or does it choose another theme? What theme are you switching from when you choose my theme?
  4. Hello, I will try to help but please answer the following: What view were you using when this happenedf? What were you doing that triggered this error?
  5. I can give you what ever you want but I am unsure what you mean by assets available for the community creator. Please explain and I will get you what you need.
  6. That is the wall view. It is built into this theme. You just have to keep changing views until you get there. For me it can take several tried before finally getting there. Hope this helps but if not let me know!
  7. Yes, this version is a completely new beast altogether. It will only use the custom logos that are made specifically for it. If you are looking to add more you can make matching logos by using the logo creator. But this theme is capable of using any other logos. Sorry.
  8. Ok, I just got the platform category and playlist views and logos to work. Sorry it took so long but it was a tough one for some erason. Please redownload the logo creator file if you intend to make a matching set for your system. You can also download the ones that just uploaded to this forum page. 3 new files in all. Hope this helps and ENJOY!
  9. A única coisa que posso oferecer são as instruções que adicionei no post acima. Todos os detalhes foram explicados sobre onde você coloca os arquivos. Revise as instruções e veja se isso ajuda. Desculpe, mas não posso oferecer mais no momento.
  10. Thanks for the screenshot. That solved the problem. Turns out I had not included the files for SNES. Sorry for that. Redownload the logo creator and try again, should be fine now. Again, sorry for the confusion.
  11. make sure to select the platform you want to mkae logos for on the left panel and then select GameImages3. So left panel has 3 options, 1st option should be, 'Retro Console Logo Creator', 2nd option should be, 'Platforms' and 3rd option should be, '(the platform you want)'. Then after setting those you should select, 'Platform' from the box below the dots. Not sure what else to do, let me know if this helps.
  12. Ok, sorry for the confusion. I am the worst when it comes to writing up instructions. Obviously, you have figured most of it out. So once you open the logo creator file (that you got from here) in the community theme creator, you need to select the platform that you want to make logos for from the left panel at the top (3rd drop down) and then you will notice a long string of dots toward the bottom of the screen from left to right and centered just above the box that offers, 'Theme, Platform, Game'. You will need to select the one that is titled 'CustomGameImage3'. You can do this by clicking on the title that is just below those dots and select it from the popup menu that appears. Once you have done this you need to select 'Platform in the box with 3 options just below the title you selected. Now you will be able to make logos for your exact set of games using all of the assets that are in the ones I made so they will match. Once you have completed making your set you will need to go and get that whole folder of logos you just made and move them to the 'Retro Console' theme folder in the 'Custom Images 3' folder with the others. Remember, each platform logo set needs to be in a folder that exactly matches your Platform name as it appears in your LaunchBox setup. I hope this helps but if still confusing, hit me up again and tell me where you are stuck.
  13. Also it looks like you may have the wrong images. Make sure that all of the logo packs you got here on this page are located in the ‘Custom Images 3’ folder. It looks like you have the custom banner images in that spot now.
  14. Ok, it looks like you have it running fine. Try to clear the image cache in big box settings. Make sure to clear all images not just the logos. There is an option to refresh all images, choose that one a couple of times and then check if it is fixed. Let me know!
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