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  1. I still need to do some minor finishing and add a couple more coats of paint to the CP but here's the current state of affairs.
  2. Control panel filled, sanded and primed, There'll be a bit more to do to get some of the angles consistent across the front, angled pieces. I'll need to sand back the 'furry' bits of MDF once it's dry to get it nice and flat. Like the other cabinet sections, the intention is to make this look like its been carved out of a single piece of wood.
  3. They're a pair of KEF Reference 3's - had them for a while. Great speakers!
  4. Loosely assembled - just wanted to make sure it's looking as I'd hoped.
  5. Thanks. It's a bit of an unusual combination as the first control panel will be used for Steam twin-stick shooters. I've used 2 u360FS analogue sticks and a standard gamepad board and configured it in Vjoy as a virtual joystick. I've then used Steam's interface to map it out to an XBox controller. Here's the prototype I built which I tested out for a couple of weeks to make sure I was happy with the layout. The two buttons on each stick are mapped to the trigger and bumper pad buttons. The cluster of 4 on the left are A, B, X and Y. The right hand buttons are mapped to the direction hat.
  6. I just wanted to have a peak at what the marquee and mid-section would look like so just balenced one on the other. I am currently preparing the spacer that goes in between the two. The weather has been awful so I've not been able to make as much progress as I'd like. I did manage to cut the control panel acrylic though.
  7. Thanks JaysArcade 👍 I did want something which was a little unique and quite striking. It's now going to in the main living space (for now) so it should integrate with the decor better than a traditional cabinet.
  8. I'm currently working on the mid section of the cabinet. Filled, primed and ready for painting.
  9. Finished the marquee section. Currently working on the monitor / audio section.
  10. Posting progress on my latest build here - it's modular (splits into 4 parts) and has swap-able control panels.
  11. I'm about to start a new project build for more modern Steam games and will post that here once complete. Just signed up to Bigbox and this forum as a consequence and will be messing around with configuring it as the build progresses. In the meantime, I figured I'd share my DIY Vewlix.
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