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  1. Star Wars Big Box VHS Retro theme View File Submitter Visivopro Submitted 12/04/2019 Category Big Box Startup Videos  
  2. Star Wars intro VHS retro View File I built a commissioned Star Wars themed arcade and had a friend of mine who does motion graphics throw this together for me. Submitter Visivopro Submitted 12/04/2019 Category Big Box Startup Videos  
  3. Thanks for everyone’s help, I have sorted the issue, turns out you need to make sure your community profile is fully set up, I didn’t have a custom domain setup so my profile name wasn’t fully connected to my profile. Once I set that up, it worked flawlessly.
  4. Anything you can tell me that I should look for? Is it a firewall setting in my modem or is it a firewall setting with steam? Any direction I should go in to solve this issue?
  5. Trying to import steam games, I registered an API Key and my account is set to public but I continue to get an error saying to import my games I must be connected to the internet. I have had zero issue importing any other type of game. I searched for other topics with the same issue but the only ones I could find where almost two years old. has no progress been made in two years to fix the broken steam import issue? If that's true how do I play my steam games on a cabinet without having to connect a keyboard and mouse? How do I force them to launch from big box and launchbox? Thank you
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