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  1. For anyone who wonders in here with the same issue, here is how I fixed it. firstly you must make sure the option to override default startup screen is unchecked in LaunchBox. secondly I wrote a very simple bat script to delete the swtrilogy.nv file from the NVRAM folder in the supermodel folder. then in LaunchBox I added the .bat file to the list in the additional apps tab and told it to run after closing. thats it! hope this fixes someone’s issues.
  2. Don’t know if you saw my edit but make sure to delete the nv file by hand the first time you run it so the .bat file can start the loop. You can also open the NVRAM folder and double click the .bat to check that it’s deleting it properly.
  3. Just open notepad and type: del and the path (Make sure the beginning and end of your path has quotes) for example: del “C:/users/Visivopro/LaunchBox/emulators/supermodel/NVRAM/swtrilogy.nv” to your swtrilogy.nv file then save it as whatever.bat then in LaunchBox go to the additional apps tab and add the .bat file and tell it to run after closing program. Also to make sure you don’t cause any other issue make sure to check your emulator settings for supermodel on LaunchBox and make sure the override default startup screen is not checked, that was causing supermodel to lose focus and quit after mouse click. between those two things it should clear up any issues. If you still need help feel free to ask and I can do my best to help. also make sure you delete the nv file before running it again in big box for the first time. That should make sure it gets deleted every time you close supermodel.
  4. I build arcades for clients (Great at wood working, not so great with software YET) and I always cringe when they ask for light guns and always have to tell them that they don't work very well and i always get "well I saw random YouTuber with them and they worked great " yeah well you didn't see the 14 days of work he put in to making them work half way decent. I have most recently be just recommending the dolphin bar with a wiimote.
  5. interesting i will take a look at that and yes this cab has lightguns but to be honest they are kinda shit, I have aimtrak guns and the calibration is terrible! can't wait for the LCD guns to come out, I have mine per-ordered for September.
  6. OMG! I fixed it and I feel like a total idiot!!!! Some how I had the check box checked for overriding the default startup screen and somehow that was shifting focus to windows and clicking it made it freak out. so now it works perfectly. Thanks for all the help!
  7. Maybe this will help? this is how my ini is set up, do you see anything off or strange? ; ; Supermodel Configuration File ; [ Global ] InputStart1 = "KEY_1" InputStart2 = "KEY_2" InputCoin1 = "KEY_3" InputCoin2 = "KEY_4" InputServiceA = "KEY_5" InputServiceB = "KEY_6" InputTestA = "KEY_7" InputTestB = "KEY_8" InputJoyUp = "MOUSE_YAXIS_NEG" InputJoyDown = "MOUSE_YAXIS_POS" InputJoyLeft = "MOUSE_XAXIS_NEG" InputJoyRight = "MOUSE_XAXIS_POS" InputJoyUp2 = "KEY_UP" InputJoyDown2 = "KEY_DOWN" InputJoyLeft2 = "KEY_LEFT" InputJoyRight2 = "KEY_RIGHT" InputPunch = "KEY_A" InputKick = "KEY_S" InputGuard = "KEY_D" InputEscape = "KEY_F" InputPunch2 = "JOY2_BUTTON1" InputKick2 = "JOY2_BUTTON2" InputGuard2 = "JOY2_BUTTON3" InputEscape2 = "JOY2_BUTTON4" InputShift = "KEY_A,JOY1_BUTTON1" InputBeat = "KEY_S,JOY1_BUTTON2" InputCharge = "KEY_D,JOY1_BUTTON3" InputJump = "KEY_F,JOY1_BUTTON4" InputShortPass = "KEY_A,JOY1_BUTTON1" InputLongPass = "KEY_S,JOY1_BUTTON2" InputShoot = "KEY_D,JOY1_BUTTON3" InputShortPass2 = "JOY2_BUTTON1" InputLongPass2 = "JOY2_BUTTON2" InputShoot2 = "JOY2_BUTTON3" InputSteeringLeft = "KEY_LEFT" InputSteeringRight = "KEY_RIGHT" InputSteering = "JOY1_XAXIS" InputAccelerator = "KEY_UP,JOY1_UP" InputBrake = "KEY_DOWN,JOY1_DOWN" InputGearShiftUp = "KEY_Y" InputGearShiftDown = "KEY_H" InputGearShift1 = "KEY_Q,JOY1_BUTTON5" InputGearShift2 = "KEY_W,JOY1_BUTTON6" InputGearShift3 = "KEY_E,JOY1_BUTTON7" InputGearShift4 = "KEY_R,JOY1_BUTTON8" InputGearShiftN = "KEY_T" InputVR1 = "KEY_A,JOY1_BUTTON1" InputVR2 = "KEY_S,JOY1_BUTTON2" InputVR3 = "KEY_D,JOY1_BUTTON3" InputVR4 = "KEY_F,JOY1_BUTTON4" InputViewChange = "KEY_A,JOY1_BUTTON1" InputHandBrake = "KEY_S,JOY1_BUTTON2" InputRearBrake = "KEY_S,JOY1_BUTTON2" InputMusicSelect = "KEY_D,JOY1_BUTTON3" InputTwinJoyTurnLeft = "KEY_Q,JOY1_RXAXIS_NEG" InputTwinJoyTurnRight = "KEY_W,JOY1_RXAXIS_POS" InputTwinJoyForward = "KEY_UP,JOY1_YAXIS_NEG" InputTwinJoyReverse = "KEY_DOWN,JOY1_YAXIS_POS" InputTwinJoyStrafeLeft = "KEY_LEFT,JOY1_XAXIS_NEG" InputTwinJoyStrafeRight = "KEY_RIGHT,JOY1_XAXIS_POS" InputTwinJoyJump = "KEY_E,JOY1_BUTTON1" InputTwinJoyCrouch = "KEY_R,JOY1_BUTTON2" InputTwinJoyLeft1 = "NONE" InputTwinJoyLeft2 = "NONE" InputTwinJoyRight1 = "NONE" InputTwinJoyRight2 = "NONE" InputTwinJoyUp1 = "NONE" InputTwinJoyUp2 = "NONE" InputTwinJoyDown1 = "NONE" InputTwinJoyDown2 = "NONE" InputTwinJoyShot1 = "KEY_A,JOY1_BUTTON5" InputTwinJoyShot2 = "KEY_S,JOY1_BUTTON6" InputTwinJoyTurbo1 = "KEY_Z,JOY1_BUTTON7" InputTwinJoyTurbo2 = "KEY_X,JOY1_BUTTON8" InputAnalogJoyLeft = "KEY_LEFT" InputAnalogJoyRight = "KEY_RIGHT" InputAnalogJoyUp = "KEY_UP" InputAnalogJoyDown = "KEY_DOWN" InputAnalogJoyX = "MOUSE_XAXIS" InputAnalogJoyY = "MOUSE_YAXIS" InputAnalogJoyTrigger = "MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON" InputAnalogJoyEvent = "MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON" InputAnalogJoyTrigger2 = "KEY_D,JOY_BUTTON2" InputAnalogJoyEvent2 = "NONE" InputGunLeft = "MOUSE_XAXIS_NEG" InputGunRight = "MOUSE_XAXIS_NEG" InputGunUp = "MOUSE_YAXIS_NEG" InputGunDown = "MOUSE_YAXIS_NEG" InputGunX = "MOUSE_XAXIS" InputGunY = "MOUSE_XAXIS_INV" InputTrigger = "MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON" InputOffscreen = "MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON" InputAutoTrigger = 0 InputGunLeft2 = "NONE" InputGunRight2 = "NONE" InputGunUp2 = "NONE" InputGunDown2 = "NONE" InputGunX2 = "JOY2_XAXIS" InputGunY2 = "JOY2_YAXIS" InputTrigger2 = "JOY2_BUTTON1" InputOffscreen2 = "JOY2_BUTTON2" InputAutoTrigger2 = 0 InputAnalogGunLeft = "KEY_LEFT" InputAnalogGunRight = "KEY_RIGHT" InputAnalogGunUp = "KEY_UP" InputAnalogGunDown = "KEY_DOWN" InputAnalogGunX = "MOUSE_XAXIS,JOY1_XAXIS" InputAnalogGunY = "MOUSE_YAXIS,JOY1_YAXIS" InputAnalogTriggerLeft = "KEY_A,JOY1_BUTTON1,MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON" InputAnalogTriggerRight = "KEY_S,JOY1_BUTTON2,MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON" InputAnalogGunLeft2 = "NONE" InputAnalogGunRight2 = "NONE" InputAnalogGunUp2 = "NONE" InputAnalogGunDown2 = "NONE" InputAnalogGunX2 = "NONE" InputAnalogGunY2 = "NONE" InputAnalogTriggerLeft2 = "NONE" InputAnalogTriggerRight2 = "NONE" InputSkiLeft = "KEY_LEFT" InputSkiRight = "KEY_RIGHT" InputSkiUp = "KEY_UP" InputSkiDown = "KEY_DOWN" InputSkiX = "JOY1_XAXIS" InputSkiY = "JOY1_YAXIS" InputSkiPollLeft = "KEY_A,JOY1_BUTTON1" InputSkiPollRight = "KEY_S,JOY1_BUTTON2" InputSkiSelect1 = "KEY_Q,JOY1_BUTTON3" InputSkiSelect2 = "KEY_W,JOY1_BUTTON4" InputSkiSelect3 = "KEY_E,JOY1_BUTTON5" InputMagicalLeverUp1 = "KEY_UP" InputMagicalLeverDown1 = "KEY_DOWN" InputMagicalLeverUp2 = "NONE" InputMagicalLeverDown2 = "NONE" InputMagicalLever1 = "JOY1_YAXIS" InputMagicalLever2 = "JOY2_YAXIS" InputMagicalPedal1 = "KEY_A,JOY1_BUTTON1" InputMagicalPedal2 = "KEY_S,JOY2_BUTTON1" InputFishingRodLeft = "KEY_LEFT" InputFishingRodRight = "KEY_RIGHT" InputFishingRodUp = "KEY_UP" InputFishingRodDown = "KEY_DOWN" InputFishingStickLeft = "KEY_A" InputFishingStickRight = "KEY_D" InputFishingStickUp = "KEY_W" InputFishingStickDown = "KEY_S" InputFishingRodX = "JOY1_XAXIS" InputFishingRodY = "JOY1_YAXIS" InputFishingStickX = "JOY1_RXAXIS" InputFishingStickY = "JOY1_RYAXIS" InputFishingReel = "KEY_SPACE,JOY1_ZAXIS_POS" InputFishingCast = "KEY_Z,JOY1_BUTTON1" InputFishingSelect = "KEY_X,JOY1_BUTTON2" Crosshairs = 3 PowerPCFrequency = 49 GPUMultiThreaded = 1 MultiThreaded = 0 MultiTexture = 0 EmulateSound = 1 New3DEngine = 1 FullScreen = 1 Throttle = 0 ShowFrameRate = 0 FlipStereo = 1 WideScreen = 0 VSync = 1 XResolution = 1920 YResolution = 1080 EmulateDSB = 1 QuadRendering = 1 Stretch = 0 ForceFeedback = 0 port_in = 1970 port_out = 1971 EmulateNet = 0 Legacy = 0 HideCMD = 0 DirectInputConstForceLeftMax = 100 DirectInputConstForceRightMax = 100 DirectInputSelfCenterMax = 100 DirectInputFrictionMax = 100 DirectInputVibrateMax = 100 XInputConstForceThreshold = 30 XInputConstForceMax = 100 XInputVibrateMax = 100
  8. Yes it does select it right away, then looses focus and moves behind, as for the INI there doesn't seem to be any specific controls for just that game, should there be?
  9. Duh! Can't believe I didn't know this haha anyway it didn't solve my issue here is a video of the issue i am having. I started another thread hoping maybe someone else knows why it is doing this.
  10. Hey Everyone Been having a strange issue in Big Box launching SW Trilogy with the supermodel emulator. Screen blanks out and loses focus back to big box after clicking a level. Game runs fine in Launchbox and in the supermodel Emulator. I have disabled the mouse in Big box but the issue continues. Any help would be amazing. I have attached a video demonstration.
  11. Sorry for the delay in response, I actually cannot figure out how to configure the mouse, when setting configs in supermodel it doesn't react when attempting to set the mouse but it does work when simply playing from supermodel and not within big box. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. Looks really good! Nice Work!
  13. any chance you wouldn't mind sharing your setting and .ini also yes i did it with the additional apps but as soon as I click the mouse on the level select it goes black and the game loses focus. what version of supermodel are you using?
  14. great try what you suggested worked however now the game loses focus and continues to play in the background. also because its playing in the background bigbox doesn't see it anymore and assumes you quit. only way to fix it is to click on star wars window and quit the app. Any other ideas?
  15. Lies!!! So worked in launchbox but when opening in big box it quits after the first mouseclick at least according to bigbox but the game continues to play in the background uhhhhggg.
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