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  1. "Citra, Dolphin, PCSX2 core versions are other bad cores that come to my mind." What's wrong with the Citra, and Dolphin cores? And you can't bring up PCSX2 Core because it is still in alpha/beta. You can't compare the two until the core is finished and finalized. That is not a fair comparison. "First off, cores are forked versions ( sometimes unauthorized ) of standalone emulators and mostly of the times they work bad compared to standalone simply because who forked them know less than who created/builded." Unauthorized or authorized doesn't exist and is irrelevant for open source software. There is no such thing as authorization when it's open sourced. A creator of something open source doesn't really have any legal rights to it other than that whoever takes it and forks it or includes it in something or changes it, or whatever they do to it, is legally required to link to the original creator and include the original Copy Left license/GPL or whatever it's called. That's the only legal right a creator to something open source has. You aren't legally required to get the authorization of the original creator of something open sourced to fork it. Literally anyone at all can legally fork, edit, modify, or do whatever they want to any open source project they feel like so long as they credit the original creator and include the original Copy Left license/GPL in it. In fact, you can even legally charge money for your own version of something open sourced that someone else made or make money on it or include it in a paid program, software or service so long as you credit the original creator and include the original Copy Left license/GPL and you don't even have to ask permission either, nor give a cut to the OG creator. Like, if we use Linux as an example, I can legally take Ubuntu or some other distro, make one little tiny change to it, call it something else and then sell it to people as my own OS so long as I credit the original creator of Ubuntu that my derivative is inspired from and include the Copy Left license/GPL with it.
  2. What are you talking about? You have it the other way around. It's RA MAME that is the less troublesome one than standalone MAME. So, sane people would be using the core. Cores are superior to all standalone emulators cuz they strip out all the BS and bloatware and give you just the pure, raw greatness of that emulator. Stand alone emulators are vastly inferior to RA's Cores and are obsolete and a thing of the past. Soon, RA will be all you need for anything at all. And you said Standalone MAME is better than RA's core, controller wise, but you have that the other way around too. When you use standalone MAME, you have to manually configure the entire controller by manually mapping each controller button and stick, and doing it from the main menu before launching a game doesn't work either. No, you have to additionally remap the controller WHILE you are in the actual game itself because if you do it from the main menu before loading a game up, then all you configured was the main menu controls. So you have to remap the entire controller for each individual game. Whereas with RA's core, the controllers are just automatically mapped for you from the get go. Load any MAME game and the controllers are automatically good to go, mapped for that particular game. Standalone MAME always required way more configuration, especially back when they were command line only. RA's Core is literally just plug and play so to speak. You download the core, load it up, launch the game and you're good to go. No configurations or controller mappings needed. The core is vastly superior and more simplified than the standalone by a long shot.
  3. Wait, you use MAME standalone instead of the MAME RA Core? But doesn't RA have just as many, if not more, bezels and artwork than MAME does? Or can't you just download and use the MAME Bezels in RA or are they different than the overlays/borders that you can apply and customize in RA? You said you like the RA shaders more, so can't you just use them in MAME as well? Aren't those shaders universally compatible with pretty much all Emulators if you use something like ReShade etc?
  4. Just out of curiosity, what is it about HLSL for MAME that you like more than just using the CRT-easymode-halation for it? Or the HLSL on everything.
  5. Huh, that's weird. I thought it was the other way around. When I was a kid, I remember having to take my CRT TV in to be fixed all the FREAKING time. lol Also, for the whole modern TV's breaking down quicker thing, maybe I just don't notice it because I'm constantly switching them out to upgrade to the newer and bigger and latest and greatest all the time.
  6. Not enough room. Also, don't know which one to get. And then there's constant maintenance as it keeps breaking down and needing constant repair. Not sure if repair shops even exist for CRT TVs anymore. And then, I'd also have to use the actual consoles and the games which are subject to wear and tear and freezing etc. You can't attach some ancient CRT TV to a modern PC to run the emulators.
  7. What shader did you use to get that effect and do you use any overlays/borders for your set up?
  8. "1. Look for pictures of CRT monitors online displaying a game you know well (e.g. Mario 64, or Mario World --> bonus: check if you can spot the black bars on the CRT or how much of the image is actually cropped)." Will pictures work though? Wouldn't they need to be videos showing it in action since pictures tend to distort the effects of the screen for some reason? Also, is it important for me to be able to spot black borders or cropping in the images or videos? "Alternatively, just buy a CRT TV and compare the real thing to the shaders in your own home." If I bought a real CRT TV, I wouldn't even bother comparing it to the shaders because I'd just throw the shaders away and never touch them again. "As for Acrade shaders. Those Arcade screens were CRTs as well, right? I find that whatever works on retro consoles, such as SNES also works on arcade games. I don't think you'll be needing a separate shader for them." Actually, Arcade CRT's are vastly different than home, consumer CRT's. So a shader that replicates a home, consumer CRT would most definitely NOT work for an arcade CRT. Can you tell me what Retro Shaders and Retro Bezels you use and also if you tweak any of the Shader Parameters or just leave them all at default, stock settings? Thanks.
  9. Is it because it would still require someone to do extensive testing of every shader known to man while simultaneously looking at the actual CRT Monitor while tweaking the settings until they matched as close as possible?
  10. So I need to contact the manufacturers first then and ask them for the exact make and model of the Arcade screen they used and then come back and give you guys that info.
  11. Could you tell me what shader I need and settings to make the arcade roms of Gauntlet Legends and Gauntlet Dark Legacy look as close to the real Arcade Cabinets and CRT Screen as possible?
  12. How about arcade? Are those all different too? Like for example, if I were to tell you that I want to make the arcade version of Gauntlet Legends and Gauntlet Dark Legacy look as close to the Arcade Cabinets as possible, then would you be able to tell me an exact shader that will make it look like what the games looked like on the actual Arcade Cabinets with their Arcade CRT Monitors?
  13. So I'd have to first figure out an exact make and model of a very specific CRT TV and then figure out what cable type I want to emulate, and then after that, go out and look for a Shader that 100% replicates that exact set up?
  14. I meant most accurate to a certain kind and style of CRT TV. Not to every CRT TV in existence.
  15. Wait, I "shouldn't" try to go for the most accurate to the TV look I am going for?
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