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  1. So did the above work for you or not or have you not tried it? I load all my Demul stuff through AHK's in LaunchBox and Big Box and the mouse cursor is hidden across all games and platforms that use Demul (in total I have about 6 different versions of ahks for Demul based emulation for different systems and controllers etc and as I said all of them hide the mouse cursor, plus no mousy works for bringing it back for the one game that I actually need the damn cursor for.) In the above ahk you will need to change the following line to close demul as at the moment it will close the launc
  2. The following MIGHT work but semi untested as I'm not having the issue here and don't want to play with a system that isn't broken at my end Try adding the following to the Running Autohotkey Script tab in the edit emulator section #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases. ; #Warn ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors. SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability. SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory. SetSystemCursor1(Cursor := "") SetSystem
  3. Is there any chance that Arcade - Kopie.xml (which can be seen in the background of image 1) is a copy of your original arcade.xml BEFORE you changed from .zip to .7z If so try making the changes to Arcade.xml with LaunchBox closed, plus deleting (or just moving out of the data folder) the Arcade - Kopie.xml and then open LaunchBox and see if the changes have worked.
  4. Not sure why that is. Using same script as your original one so should in theory work same way as it did before. (ie if it held down the key before it should now) Just tested it here on two joysticks and worked as if they key was being held in. Maybe try it as two separate ahks one for each joystick and see if that works before combining them.
  5. Hi @d8thstar Try the following - semi untested - So you might need to move the key bindings around a bit #Persistent ; Keep this script running until the user explicitly exits it. #SingleInstance Force SetTimer, WatchJoy1, 5 SetTimer, WatchJoy3, 5 return WatchJoy1: 1JoyX := GetKeyState("1JoyX") ; Get position of X axis. 1JoyY := GetKeyState("1JoyY") ; Get position of Y axis. KeyToHoldDownPrev := KeyToHoldDown ; Prev now holds the key that was down before (if any). if (1JoyX > 70) KeyToHoldDown := "Right" else if (1JoyX < 30) KeyToHoldDown := "Left" else if (
  6. Hi @maabus I had the same issue as yourself and the only way I have found so far is to rename the files in System32 and SysWOW64 when I do the update and then return them to the correct names for Devreorder to work again afterwards. If you find another way then I would be interested to hear about it, I have just set up a very basic AHK to allow me to do it with the press of a couple of buttons rather than having to rename the files manually full_command_line := DllCall("GetCommandLine", "str") if not (A_IsAdmin or RegExMatch(full_command_line, " /restart(?!\S)")) { tr
  7. Managed to get some spare time this evening and having disabled Devreorder (just requires renaming of 5 files) and tried the import I am very happy to say that it worked as expected, and can then rename the same 5 files back again and Devreorder works again. Thank you so much for all your help as I wouldn't have known what the problem was without the xml file. Works with the executable called mame.exe as expected. So this was purely caused by user error rather than anything LaunchBox based. Thank you all for your time and effort, especially as the problem was only effecting one
  8. Okay I will disabling Devreorder a try and report back. Might not be for a couple of days with Easter and such. Thank you to everyone on the thread for all your help and hope you all have a great weekend. Edit I have already tried clean installs of Launchbox and Mame but because devreorder is system wide it didn't work. At least I have an idea now and something to work with And devreorder shouldn't be too hard to disable
  9. Hi Jason Thanks for the help. Mame runs fine and the roms play, it's just the importer that I get the error in. Have corrected the ini file and can produce the xml as per C-Beats instructions. That is how I was able to finally find that number line in a Xml Is there anyway of using that manually created xml with the importer at all? Maybe replacing the file in the temp folder that the importer produces? I assume I would need to tidy the xml up and remove the lines that cause the error within Launchbox. I understand this isn't a Launchbox issue because it is re
  10. I am using Mame 0.230 now as that was my original thought and why I didn't bother about it However looking at the above xml I have seen that I have this at the problem line 19:52:32.178 00006904 devreorder: Calling hooked DirectInput8Create I use Devreorder system wide to control the order that my system recognises controllers, could that be causing the issue and explain why only happening here? However I do admit to being completely beyond my very small knowledge here and might be completely unhelpful Edit To answer your question the error w
  11. So I have run the command and got an error in my ini file - corrected that error and then retried the command and it produced the listdump.xml Tried the import again but still getting the same error Can I use that list dump somewhere? I notice a temp folder is made inside the metadata folder in LaunchBox when I try the import. Does it need to go there and have a specific name? Cheers
  12. Since MAME 0.229 the executable supplied in the Mame download has been just mame.exe and the 64 part has been done away with. I have tried renaming it to mame64.exe but still get the same issue. Any other ideas? Thank you Edit - Sorry this comes across as quite short - that's because I tested it quickly whilst cooking dinner and just wanted to answer for clarification and to let know I had tried that.
  13. Hi @C-Beats 1)Turned it on now 2)Yes it is-assuming it mame.exe in the mame folder that I should be pointing at? 3)Have done 4)Failed with same reference I have attached the debug file below as hopefully it will help you to help me The below bit was where I managed to set MAME as the emulator but obviously not correctly after checking the edit box so it didn't register it - I went back and corrected it and then got the final error at the bottom which is the data line reference error it first showed 021-04-01 06:43:20 PM FIRST CHANCE EXCEPTION: Object referen
  14. Hi @C-Beats I have had the trouble with standalone Mame 0.229 and also the new Mame 0.230 both direct from the Mame site, including downloading it via LaunchBox on a trial fresh install. (not using no nag or any other adapations) The rom set is updated to Mame 0.230 and all works inside Mame, the last time I updated via the Wizard at a guess would have been Mame 0.227 and in the previous version of LaunchBox I have tried fresh install of LaunchBox in a different location and with fresh installs of Mame 0.229 and Mame 0.230 but get the same error I have also tired renaming M
  15. Hi @Retro808 Thanks for that suggestion, and I have just tried it but unfortunately I got the same error again. If I run re-install LaunchBox 11.8 from the updates folder into a separate location and then run the importer in 11.8 it all works, which is a work around, and I would think I could then just move the Arcade and Playlist xmls to the 11.9 folder location. I suppose its needing to know which bit of code is at that line, and therefore which specific bit of data is invalid, and then figure out what on my end is causing that error to occur, would I be correct in assuming th
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