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  1. Here is how to do it for a specific game that wasn't the last played. I decided to put this up now so that if someone comes along in 6 months and asks I haven't got to try to remember Basically adjust the below ahk to get to the game you want and then save it as OnStartupCompletedBB.ahk and follow instructions in post above Again this assumes you have keyboard settings so that arrow keys are move around and Enter/Return is select This requires the following in Options It works if you skip or show the game details screen, you just need to un-comment two lines out if you use the game details screen as I don't If you have a massive amount of platforms and games then this is going to be a nightmare, plus if you want something in the second half of the alphabet it might make more sense to go backwards rather than forwards. There is most likely a better way of doing this and if anyone finds it then please feel free to improve this, but I have seen this asked before and normally the answer is no it cannot be done so this is a current work around-I understand that if you have 200 platforms and decide you want a game from Platform 99 that this is a long winded and awkward way....but it is better than nothing Obviously sleeps can be changed for your computer, I used sleep as the windows all have the same name and exe so couldn't figure out any other way of doing it, if somewone else can then please improve on this. SetKeyDelay , 200, ;you might need to change this delay depending on your computer #SingleInstance Force Sleep, 500 ;a little wait so platforms ready Send {Down 8} ;the number of turns needed until the platform you want-change the number to suit Sleep, 1000 Send {Enter} ;select that platform Sleep, 1500 Send {Right} ;gets search bar up Send {Left} Sleep, 200 Send {Enter} ;selects search bar Sleep, 3000 ;waits for search option to load Send, Bomberman ;types in the name of your selected game-change to suit Sleep,1000 Send {Enter} ;Sleep, 2000 ;uncomment this line if using game details screen ;Send {Enter} ;uncomment this line if using game details screen Sleep, 2000 ;gives time for BB to find game Send {Enter} ;loads the game ExitApp
  2. So there are two ways to do this-and I am going to take the easy and lazy way of doing it Download the two files below Place the LaunchScript.dll in the Plugins folder inside the LaunchBox folder-you might need to unblock this file in properties to make it work Place the other one in AutoHotKey folder inside ThirdParty folder. Then load BigBox and it should work. It will let any load up video you have play and then when it gets to platform selection screen it will wait 1 second and then enter that platform, it will then wait 1.5 seconds and then load which ever game is showing-Now this works here on the theme I have so hopefully it will work for you as well !!IMPORTANT!! This assumes you have keyboard mappings set up so that Enter/Return is select. If not then you will need to open the ahk file in a text editor and change the {Enter} to whatever key you have it set to. List of keys per ahk can be found here https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/commands/Send.htm If you are struggling just let me know what key you have for select If you want to know more about the plugin then read this The plugin was made by @jayjay and not me, so major thanks to them for it. That should all work, but depending on your computer you may need to adjust the sleep part, mine is an old computer and it works well here so hopefully should be fine. Cheers Edit: The ahk was set up to work when no game details screen is shown in theme, but I have now updated the ahk below so that it can be edited to work if you have the game details screen showing, also commented the ahk. If not showing game details screen should work as is, if showing game details screen then uncomment the lines in ahk as stated. LaunchScript.dll OnStartupCompletedBB.ahk
  3. So do you want to pick a specific game for it to auto load into or will the last game played on that machine be acceptable? I have just had a play with mine and got the following two options both with AHK 1) Auto loads the first game in the first platform 2) Auto load Bomberman on the NES platform 5 out of 5 times on a trial run.-That is the 8th platform on my system and I just picked a game on that Platform. Would either of these work for you? When you have BigBox automatically starting on Windows startup have you done that by setting BigBox as a replacement for Explorer in the shell or by using a shortcut in the Start up folder? Cheers
  4. Don't take this the wrong way but I put about how you weren't exiting your scripts in your other ahk problem post and linked you to the pages and commands that you needed. It didn't exactly take me long to do, but having spent the time to do it for you, because of a problem you were having, and then to see you asking how to do it, makes me think that you didn't bother looking at that info. Which of course then makes people less inclined to help again in the future. If any mods thinks this is unfair or unjust then please feel free to remove it.
  5. I don't think that pop up has got anything to do with Demulshooter, but is to do with the ahk/exe you made--but that depends on which pop up you are getting, from the wording you have used I assume (always a dangerous thing to do) that it is image 2. You can get this popup from Demulshooter But this pop up only occurs when the scenario above has happened, which is normally caused by user error. If you mean a pop up like this (Disclaimer-I don't normally get this pop up I had to change my ahk to make it happen) Then that is caused be the ahk/exe. As it states use #SingleInstance-link to how to use it is below (good old Google) https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/commands/_SingleInstance.htm Basically-pick which option you want and stick it in the autoexec part of the ahk (the top) - see below for more info (again good old Google) https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/Scripts.htm#auto Having just tested your ahk/exe from above (without #SingleInstance added) the reason you get that pop up if you run the same ahk/exe again is because it contains a hotkey and you don't close it at any point. The two links below will help with that (again good old Google) https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/commands/Exit.htm https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/commands/ExitApp.htm In theory doing SingleInstance or closing the ahk/exe wlll work for you, I have no idea if there is a "best practice" in ahk, but i imagine you would normally want to close ahk/exe when finished with them rather than leaving open. However there might be times you want it to stay open but I think that is when #Persistent is used-see link https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/commands/_Persistent.htm I hasten to add I only started using all this recently and therefore this is all learned from lots and lots and lots of Google searches, and even more trial and error-so it might be one of the ahk grown ups (Viking246 or JayJay) will be able to explain it better.
  6. Before we go any further is the need for an OK button a deal breaker? as using the splash image route will just give an image that tells you to do something and then that image will go away after however long you decide to leave it up for Basically it will look like my image below which stays up for the loading screen duration-however I use method 4 from above as that was the learning curve that I took. If you want a ok button it would be easier with the message box as that has an ok button on it and can stop the game loading until that is pressed-It imagine it would also be possible to do by making a GUI in ahk and having it set with a background that looks nice and a button that acts as ok to continue the loading
  7. Could be that you have all controllers ticked in the BigBox options-Maybe try having it set so that only the regular xbox controller controls things-not ideal but a work around-Basically I don't have anything connected in this pic, but the Device bit you can pick which controller is the main one when things are connected. I would guess that even though no button is stuck down the xbox guitar controller is making BB think the analog stick is held in a position to make the scroll, or there might even be a ghost controller. Go to Game Controllers in Windows and check the properties of the xbox guitar controller and see if the stick, and everything else, is calibrated correctly and also allows you to check for any ghost controllers-worth doing this when LB is having the scrolling issue happening. Just guess work but might help.
  8. Not sure if you have seen this thread Programme in there still works and has some extra info.
  9. Depends how pretty you want it to look and how much effort you want to put in. Ugly way Could use autohotkey to make a message box that pops up over the start up screen for a short while to tell you what to do and add as an additional app to run before main application. Or could use splash text in autohotkey which is slightly less ugly. Nicer way Could make a nice png or jpg image and then use autohotkey to splash image up on the start up screen for a short while to tell you what to do and add as an additional app again. Or Could make the above image, name it per game and then adapt the start up theme xml file for the platform to include the extra image in some position.
  10. The start /wait means that the command window stays open in the backgorund waiting for the game to close, before moving onto next command (which in this case is exit-well it would be but i am lazy and didn't bother putting it in so it auto exits) this is handy if you then want to close another programme, move any files etc after the game closes-I think it also helps with the exit screen being there when you exit the game. Some of the launchers I have cobbled together will open other programmes before/move a config file around etc before loading the actual game (Lightgun games/Demul Emulator/Some others) and I need to put them back or close them afterwards, which is why I use the same style for all my bat files, and then when that specific game that needs something closes, it will run the next commands I have added to return things to how it was before-because it's not broke so I won't fix it. the /b basically means that no new command window opens when the command is passed-just keeps it all nice and tidy if like me you are OCD and don't like having other windows, boxes etc gettting in the way and stopping LB/BB looking good.
  11. Because the %game% is in "" you might need to try the line below- there is a space between each bit-eg start{space}/wait{space}/b{space}""{space}"%game%" I think that because of the use of "" around %game% it takes that as a window title, and then doesn't actually load anything start /wait /b "" "%game%"
  12. The annoying thing is that is actually the bat file I use on my system 🤣, and ended up adapting it and adding the Vara stuff to it as I used your one at the top as a start point, and after posting it realised I didn't need to add that bit-but it gave me a morning lesson in how to do something I didn't know before it bat files so all not lost. I only put the echos is so could see what was going on- the launcher below has all the echos taken out AND will in theory stay open after loading the game so if you use start up and exit screens they will work with it. On the edit emulator tab if you put a tick in the hide emulator box at the bottom it should stop any annoying grab from the bat file happening and also will hide is so nice and clean Hidden objects launcher.bat
  13. No worries, hopefully it works out the box, but I haven't been able to test it, as don't have those games, but the theory behind it should work. However if it doesn't it might be an issue with finding the correct path. In which case let me know and we can adapt it as needed, I think I may have actually over complicated it-just been thinking about it a tad more and realised that I may have got it wrong. Without trying to be patronising, if it doesn't work then add a pause line as below-as I think this will be the bit that is wrong - it might be that the %Vara% bit isn't actually needed. :LaunchEmu cd %pathway%%Vara% pause start/wait /b %game% Let us know the outcome-Cheers
  14. I realise this might be a tad late, but I think I also remember you asking about setting up ahk's for this type of game? By importing them as pc games I don't think you get the running ahk and exit ahk tabs that are in the edit emulator part. Attached below is a bat file that hopefully will act as a launcher for the games for you. Add an emulator, lets call it Hidden Objects for now Set the tab as below-but obviously with your pathway and not mine-and no start up screens so can watch for issues Then you can use all the other tabs in this pic-once you have tested it and it works then you can tick attempt to hide box and use start up screens.
  15. If you compile the AHK into an Exe you could start the Exe with the bat file before starting the emulator. If you don't compile the AHK then just copy the autohotkey.exe and rename to same as ahk file and start that exe in bat file. You can either make the AHK self closing or close it via the same bat file. Or if the system has numerous games on it that all use the same emulator, could you not set up a bat file that captures the variable of the rom pathway/name from Launchbox and loads that. Then you can set that bat file as the emulator, calling the emulator whatever you want, Eg System Name emulator. This would let you use all the emulator tabs and options.
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