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  1. Nice write up and very helpful - could have done with it when I tackled this game. Not sure if this will be much help, because I use a newer version of demul and also change the demul.exe name to make it easier for me to know which emulator version I am working on (eg driving games, light gun games etc) and also need to have the "other" window focused to be able to play the game but below is my exit ahk. I have this for all demul driving games, it works fine by closing the game window on normal games nicely and then just ignores the 2nd command as nothing there to close, but for F355 it closes the hanging window as well, there is most likely a better way to do it, but this works for me and might be a good starting point for you to improve on. Goes into Running Ahk tab in emulator - I have adapted it to take into account the name of your window and the fact you most likely don't rename demul.exe, and yes I know that Process, close is not recommended but on this occasion I found WinClose didn't seem to work as like you said you need to Alt&F4 the window #SingleInstance, Force DetectHiddenText, On DetectHiddenWindows, On SetTitleMatchMode, 2 $Esc:: { WinClose, gpuDX11oldhw Sleep, 2000 Process, Close, demul.exe ExitApp } Might need some tweaking but good luck with it
  2. If you take a look at your default start up view and look at Retro808 default start up view image, you will see the difference. Yours = platforms Retro808 = all games So go into options and change platforms to all games and then you don't open to the platform selection wheel, but the game selection wheel. Which I think solves question 1 for you. Good luck.
  3. Question 1 Read the thread below and this is a work around for it, but you will need to adapt the ahk Most likely something like SetKeyDelay , 200, ;you might need to change this delay depending on your computer #SingleInstance Force Sleep, 1000 ;a little wait so platforms ready Send {Enter} ;load the game selection screen ExitApp Question 2 Pass Question 3 If it is the Mame Warning bit then read the below thread as well You can add the line to Mame.ini and whilst it doesn't stop it forever it does reduce how often it shows, if my understanding of it is correct, seems to have helped here. Cheers
  4. Not 100% sure but I think you can just put the changes you want into a game specific cfg and it will read the base config first and then the game one, so any changes you make for a specific game will over ride the base ones. I only use it for PS1 and only use light gun games and I set just the light gun type in the game specific cfg and it is recognised. I just had a play with the first and last rendered lines for the PS1 and by putting the specific lines in a game config with different settings (eg orig were 0 and 289 so I changed to 50 and 200) I ended up getting a cut off image rather than a full one so I assume that it what it should have done?? Hopefully that is some help to you, sure you are aware of this but the cfg name must be exactly the same as the file name that Mednafen is loading with the correct system at end (for PS1 it is PSX and for Sega Saturn it is SS) eg Moorhen 3 - Chicken Chase (Europe) (En,Fr,De).psx.cfg and not Moorhen 3.cfg or anything else Cheers
  5. @Johno1980 Depending how desperate you are to get this sorted and if you can wait a week (I'm on holiday and not near computer) I have HOTD3 pc running at mine without going through the launcher and also using Escape to exit. Should also allow you to map the keys via AHK rather than joy2key as I only use ahk. But as I said away from computer and not 100% sure how I did it from memory. Below is my best recollection. Looking at it though I don't think you actually want to be closing the launcher with escape but the actual game which is not called hod3launcher.exe. Might be called hod3pc.exe?? Or hotd3pc.exe???? I also think that hotd3 runs as an admin and if you aren't running your ahk as admin it doesn't interact with the game correctly. Cannot remember the rest though.
  6. Not sure if this will be any help or has already been tried by you or still works.
  7. Ok lets try this again now that I'm not at work and can write a better guide for you. Maybe you can do it via AHK scripts in the "Running AutoHotKey Script" and "Exit AutoHotKey Script" but that isn't the way I know how to do it and requires you to put it in twice and I could be wrong here, but I thought you wanted DS4W shut before the emulator started up and I don't know when the Running AHK script actually starts but at a guess it is when the emulator is running from the name. 1)Download the RPCS3 Launher bat file below- it is the same as the one above but premade and put it where ever you keep your bat files - just remember the path 2)Open LAUNCHBOX not BigBox 3)Add a new Emulator -Call it whatever you want I call mine Trial so I can use it for practising 4)Set up details page like mine-but with the pathway for the downloaded file as above and not as mine This is the "emulator" this bat file will close DS4W and open RPSC3 with game and then when that closes will restart DS4W (well it will if the bat file is correct) 5)Complete Associated Platforms tab-I don't do PS3 stuff so have no idea what you need to put in here but at a guess Sony Playstation 3?? or whatever you have called the platform 6)Close with OK button so it saves 7)Go to PS3 platform-pick a game-Edit the game so that it uses the "Trial" Emulator 8)Close with OK so it saves - if the game you pick has custom load up screens setting you need to remove those before closing out with ok 9)Load that game-The following should happen No load up screen----but instead a Windows cmd box that shuts down DS4Windows.exe and then pauses so you can check it has closed it down-if not and gives an error msg you should be able to troubleshoot-I may have got pathway wrong After pressing any key it should load RPSC3 and the game that you have picked as said before this is the bit that I have done differently for you to keep with your bat file design and without RPSC3 here I can not test it will work-It MIGHT open the game and then go back to cmd window but don't worry about this. Refocus RPSC3 and close it however you normally would. Cmd window should show a pause-press any key and DS4W should reload-check it has-if not then troubleshoot--press any key and then cmd window should close IF that has all worked then you can tidy up the bat by removing all the pauses and put @echo off at top. 10)IF the above has worked change the actual emulator you normally use for PS3 to be set up as this trial one, BUT you can turn on the start up screen and details screen look like this which should hide the cmd line window and let RPCS3 keep focus. Can you run bat files in the emulator settings "Running AutoHotKey Script" and "Exit AutoHotKey Script"? yes you can just direct the ahk to the bat file Hopefully all that makes more sense. RPCS3 Launcher.bat
  8. Try somthing like below -The RPCS3 line is a bit of a guess as I normally wouldn't do it this way but I am trying to keep with your layout. Bascially the %1 is my guess and it should be the full file path of the game within quotations taskkil /IM DS4Windows.exe /F Pause start/wait "RPCS3" /B "D:\Gaming\Emulators\RPCS3\rpcs3.exe" %1 Pause start "ds4windows" /B "D:\Program Files (Portable)\DS4Windows\DS4Windows.exe" Pause exit Make it into a bat file. Rest is from memory as at work but give it a try and look for the nearest name thing if I get a name wrong Make a new emulator-I have one called trial that I use for testing stuff out Set it up so that no boxes are ticked on emulator tab Set the pathway to the new bat file as emulator Add PS3 as a platform but don't make it default Turn OFF start up screen and shutdown screen for trial run Change one game only on PS3 to use this new emulator Load that game-as you can see it is made so that it shows each process and then pauses so you can check it is working. If it works great-just remove the pauses and add @echo off on the top and then go into emulator tab and tick hide the window box in bottom left hand corner. You can then put start up screens back on and it all should work-still using the trial one at this point. If that all works you then just need to set it up to be the correct PS3 emulator choice and maybe give it a nicer name than trial. Goodluck Ps if you see a better way or improve it then please let me know
  9. So if I'm correct you want the following 1)click on PS3 game in BB/LB 2)DS4W closes 3)PS3 game opens WITHOUT DS4W 4)PS3 game played and closed 5)DS4W opens 6)Back to BB/LB If wrong order can you please give correct order and then send in a text file the following and I will do you a batch file for it. Full path to DS4W including exe name Full path to PS3 emulator including exe name Any parameters used in default command line for PS3 emulator within LB The contents of your bat file that normally loads DS4W when switches to TV I think that will be easy then trying to do the commands via here. Cheers
  10. May I ask what might be a very stupid question. DS4Windows is to allow the PS4 controller to be used on Windows PC and let's it allowed to be seen as a Xbox controller-hopefully I understand that correctly. But why not have it so that it is seen as an actual real PS4 controller in Windows rather than faking it as a Xbox controller? Then surely you could just plug it in/turn it on when you needed it rather than messing around loading other programs and using ahk/bat files to open and close them when you want to use PS4 controller. I used to fake the PS3 controller through Windows as Xbox but it is much easier to use with Windows now able to see it as an actual PS3 controller. All I did was install the PS controller drivers from the PlayStation Now download, I don't use the rest of the download as I don't need it, and this way Windows sees the controllers as PS controllers. Hopefully the link is OK to put on here. https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/explore/playstation-now/ps-now-on-pc/ Of course it might mean having to change/reset key binding on other things so might be more hassle than worth. Anyway if this isn't any good to you then feel free to ignore it and apologies for wasting your time. The other options would be to make a "launcher" that assuming DS4Windows isn't running all the time, loads up DS4Windows before RPSC3, then passes the name of the game to RPSC3 so that it opens, waits for RPSC3 to close and on close then kills DS4Windows programme as returns to LB or BB. This could be done via a batch file, if you want to go down that road and need any help then just ask.
  11. @Andreas84 I could be wrong here but from memory somebody else was asking about this in this exact thread and came up with a way of it working and posted info-so might be worth a read of this thread for that. I would start from this page and work backwards as pretty sure it wasn't "recently"
  12. Just tried your version here (but with Left button and not middle) and it exiting TP game. A single click on left mouse didn't exit, but pressing and holding did. Doesn't close the UI but does close the game. If you direct load into the game it closes the game and no UI left over as never opened. Not sure why not working for you. Just checked that Escape on its own actually exits your TP games i am pretty sure it is a generic exit key. I did all my testing outside of LB as I didn't want to mess around with my set up so might be worth checking it outside LB first and seeing if it works there.
  13. I don't have one generic exit ahk for Tecknoparrot. I use different ones for different systems as they do different things. Some games are light gun based and some are joystick based and they use different closing routines and close other programmes as well so my script won't help you much. However I am happy to help you with a script for you. You say that previous one didn't work which is strange as worked when tested here. What key or keys are you wanting to use to close Tecknoparrot?
  14. There is one in this thread. Not sure where (but I would say nearer the end than the start so work backwards) but pretty sure I adapted someone's attempt/answered this question by someone else before. Unless you have already tried that one and it didn't work in which case apologies
  15. No idea why that would be happening. What is the name of the RAPJ64 exe that loads up please. Basically try replacing $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } With $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe ??????.exe } But you need to replace the ????? with the correct name eg if the name of the emulator exe is RAPJ64.exe then it becomes WinClose, ahk_exe RAPJ64.exe See if that helps
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