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  1. Thanks Koroth. I made that change and did not see a difference. I did extend the load screen timing to 7 seconds and that at least hides the issue. Still open to suggestions for other things to try.
  2. It was worth a try. Still a slow load. Is there anything else LB tries to check or accomplish before it launches an emulator? I do not keep an active internet connection on my cabinet so could something else be timing out? Although the issue still happens when internet is turned on.
  3. Hi, I have a new LB/BB install and I am noticing Mame launches very slowly compared to what I am used to on other frontends. When testing from the command line Mame jumps right into its loading screen. If I launch from LB/BB it takes a good 7-8 seconds for mame's loading screen to pop up. For example in BB it takes so long that BB's "Loading Screen" will end and the user is returned to the BB launch menu. Then after another couple of seconds mame will load. It feels like the system just pauses and does nothing for a number of seconds. Is LB/BB doing things in the background before a game load that would be causing this lag? Does BB wait to load the emulator until after the BB loading screen finishes? The BB interface (Unified theme) is otherwise very snappy, it is just launching the game that is slow. I am using the standard .237 set and executable - nothing out of the ordinary. I have also ran mame with verbose logging and found nothing that would explain the delay. System Specs: Windows 10 Pro - new install i5-2300 @3.1ghz 16gb DDR 3 (1333) memory 500 GB SSD Radeon 7750 Thanks for any help
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