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  1. If I import two roms of two different Commodore 64 games, "Cliff Hanger (12142).zip" and "Cliffhanger (1520).zip", they are properfly recognized as two different games by Launchbox, "Cliff Hanger" and "Cliffhanger", so far so good. However, their appropriately named medias placed in the appropriate folders get picked up and jumbled together by Launchbox. Let's say "Cliff Hanger (12142).zip" has its video "Cliff Hanger (12142).mp4" in the video folder and "Cliffhanger (1520).zip" does not have its own video, both games will display the same video from the former game. The same thing happens for screenshots, box art, manuals, etc... if either is lacking an art it will wrongfully pull it from the other game, despite their names not matching. This is happening on at least a dozen of my Commodore 64 games, and that's just the ones I noticed, there are probably more that have mismatched art that I just haven't seen yet. I took extreme care to have my media match my rom names to the exact character, and I'm not sure how to fix this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The import tool can properly distinguish the two games, it only makes sense that the media association should match it. Could we please have an optional toggle to enforce strict media title matching and not fuzzy if it is the user's choice?
  2. Some of my game entries are duplicates and I want to merge them solely based on the launchbox ID, but I don't want to hunt them down individually and do a partial select and merge on every game that has duplicates, I would like an automated process. The only option I could find to do this is to "consolidate roms" but it has a few undesirable side effects. First it needs to be run multiple times in a row to merge all duplicates, each run catches some, until it finally caught them all after multiple runs, is that a bug? But secondly and most importantly, while it does merge roms by launchbox ID, it also merges roms of different games, with unique launchbox IDs, if they share the same title or alternate title. For example, a game called "Outcast" with an alternate secondary title of "Renegade" will get merged with an entirely different game with a different launchbox ID, whose sole main title is "Renegade". Obviously, I don't want this to happen. Is there a method to only merge games if they share the same launchbox ID? If not, could this be implemented? (maybe as a toggle in the consolidate roms option?) -
  3. What can I name this rom for it to be parsed correctly on initial import? The game is "Tetris" by the developer Spectrum Holobyte on Atari ST. On the launchbox website, it's listed as "Tetris (Spectrum Holobyte)" but the parser ignores parenthesis and it gets wrongfully picked up as "Tetris (Mirrorsoft)" since it is first alphabetically. I know how to manually fix this by editing metadata but I like my ROMs to be properly named and picked up since I reimport on a semi regular basis. Can I add the launchbox ID in the rom name in a special format?
  4. This is a great theme but I have a question: I use both Launchbox android and BigBox on PC but the bigbox PC version of the theme is completely lacking the genre banners that the android version of the theme has. Would it be possible to add the 20 or so genre banners from the android version of the theme into the bigbox version? I think it would be a great addition that would make the theme even better. Short of that, could you please direct me to a way of using the 20 or so custom backgrounds images for genres that the android version of Launchbox uses and use those as background images used by BigBox for the genres? The only option I found was to use a random fan background from one of the games in the genre, but I'd like to set a much nicer static image that the android version comes with.
  5. The only way I found to get an image there was to turn on "populate with random game background" option, but I want to set a fixed image for each of the genre. I have read about people bypassing this through manually creating playlists, but I have a ton of different systems and would like to retain the flexibility of the filters than can overlap each other. Could someone help?
  6. When you say 32gb left of space, do you mean internal storage space? I am referring to RAM, that's what allows programs to load many things into memory all at once.
  7. How much ram do you have available when that occurs? I think it could be a ram issue. I have 8k games in the commodore64 system and mine doesn't crash on 8gb ram.
  8. +1 on Vita3k and Yuzu support. I feel like this should be bumped to the top of the priority list over new features since launching games is a core functionality of a frontend and vita3k is the only vita emulator and yuzu is the best switch emulator.
  9. If you use the patch provided on their discord server, even the newer versions of AetherSX2 will work. I heard they did bring improvements to some harder to emulate games.
  10. From my testing, versions of Drastic newer than fail to launch with Launchbox on both Android 12 and 13. Version works with Launchbox on Android 12 but not on Android 13. I'd love to see a fix to make Drastic launch properly again.
  11. Binarygeek119, thank you very much for taking the time to not only reply but post a copy of your apk and a video, very much appreciated. I have managed to completely solve my problem with Aethersx and I tracked the issue down to a very peculiar reason: it turns out that folder paths can be case sensitive in some cases and not case sensitive in others. My roms were in a folder called "Sony PlayStation 2" and Lunchbox had it internally in its xml as "Sony Playstation 2". When passing that to AetherSX it would result in an error, but interestingly from within AetherSX2 it can ignore case sensitivity because it could load the rom wether the folder was named "Sony PlayStation 2" or "Sony Playstation 2". I guess it's more picky when the arguments are passed over or something? In any case, I solved my issue and Launchbox works with patched Aethersx2 under Android 13, Jason you can please ignore this request, thanks.
  12. I have root as well. Would you mind posting your patched apk of Naethersx? Is it v4248? Mine has a checksum of CRC32 of 124051c7, is yours the same? I'd really love to get Aethersx2 to boot right on LB and would greatly appreciate any help.
  13. @Jason Carr I have found a workaround to allow Launchbox to launch ScummVM games by using retroarch ScummVM core! It requires to manually edit the Scummvm xml and replace the emulator lines by the version of retroarch that is installed and the second line to the RA core of Scummvm (scummvm_libretro_android.so) This requires Scummvm games to be added one by one in Launchbox, as there is no folder option import option currently available for Scummvm. This has been tested by me to work and launch games from LB properly under both Android 12 and 13. Interesting note: this "hack" to use non listed retroarch core only works if the retroarch core in question is already referenced elsewhere by Launchbox, currently the Scummvm core is wrongfully listed under an snes retroarch emulator core (!). I have tested this hack with retroarch citra core but it fails to populate in Launchbox, most likely because that core is not referenced anywhere else by Launchbox. Jason, it would be great if Scummvm could be folder imported normally and the retroarch core listed properly under Scummvm emulator category and not Snes. (please add retroarch Citra core too lol)
  14. I patched Aethersx4248 into Naethersx4248 thanks to the discord but unfortunately, neither Naethersx4248 nor Aethersx 3668 (the version recommended by mods here) seem to allow Launchbox to launch games under Android 13. Naethersx428 works under Android 12 (I have two devices) but fails with a path error message under Android 13. Do you have Android 13? To the mods: could we get a patch to get Launchbox to work with either Aethersx2 or patched Naethersx2 under Android 13?
  15. @Jason Carr +1 on this. Retroarch has a SCUMMVM core that works quite well, and the app store has SCUMMVM standalone app. It would be great to have those launch properly from Launchbox.
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