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  1. hi guys, trying to get this to work. Using reWASD for keyboard mapping for mugen. works ok when i launch mugen from my desktop, but when i launch from bigbox, the game launches and then quickly freezes on the loading screen. any ideas?
  2. anyone know a good place or a url to download a good version of mugen that has everything included. i have searched for mugen everything vs everything but no good hits.
  3. Im very interested this, can you share this? maybe pm me?
  4. do i need bios files?
  5. has any one been able to emulate FM TOWNS System? If so can you nudge me in the right direction? here is some info the system.
  6. what error are you getting?
  7. yep, thats what it was, i did it on my sons computer and it worked. weird.
  8. I think I may have found something, so my folder structure for this game was bad, it was like this Mario kart 8->Mario Kart 8 USA-> contents of the game, i moved everything to just one folder and now it imported. weird. I guess launchbox didn't like the file structure ? going to verify this now on my sons computer and report back
  9. that was my first thought, but i checked and its not setup that way see screen shot below.
  10. ok, so changed it so launchbox does not run as admin. i was able to use drag and drop, but still same problem, after the normal process, at the end i get " 0 games imported"
  11. let mey try to launch launchbox as normal and not as admin
  12. no, it doesn't look like that function is activated on my launchbox, i just checked my sons computer, and i cant do drag and drop on his neither.
  13. i tried dragging it to launchbox but the icon turns red with a line in the middle showing the function cannot work.
  14. I'm having a strange issue. no matter what i do launchbox will not import mario kart 8. i had this issue in the past. I was able to get past this issue with a suggestion given to me here to import it a custom console like "test 1" and then after the game imports, edited it to the correct data but thats not working neither. Any ideas?
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