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  1. damn, it says im shitlisted. not sure why. i think i only downloaded 1 torrent and seeded the crap out of it for days. trying to figure out how get my self removed.
  2. ok, will try one from pleasuredome and report back.
  3. so just search for neo geo cd roms in chd format ?
  4. i just tried all 3 cores and tried to launch the .ccd but got the error in retro arch.
  5. so i have tried mame and a few others with no luck. but.. my games are in .zip format. when i unzip them they have .cue, .bin and a bunch other tracks on them. maybe like you said, the rom is in the wrong format?
  6. when i try to load .cue file i retro arch give an error"could no load content"
  7. true..what else can i try to get it to work in retro arch?
  8. this is the way i have it set up now . is this correct?
  9. neogeo games work fine, so that file is good, the cd file not good maybee?
  10. they dont run from retro arch neither, can some one shre with me bios files? maybe mine are bad, not sure if that is allowed here.
  11. i just tried putting them in a newcd folder, but still wont work.
  12. i cant get this to work. here is my lb retro arch config. I'm missing anything?
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