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  1. I would like to know how to create a shortcut to rotate the screen I’m using launchbox for android
  2. I comprehend and acknowledge that I procured the product with the knowledge that it was still in its Beta phase, and I am content with this decision. Your assertion is accurate; unlike Apple's iOS, Android operating systems exhibit a multitude of variables that can differentiate phones of the same model.
  3. it only happens when the provided system has a long list of games. this happens to me on both devices, many users here are experiencing the same issues.
  4. i thought it was the odin, but its also happening on my samsung s20
  5. i gave up on it and moved on to another front end for now. I will continue to support this project as i still love it, but for now, i cant deal with the constant crashes. I sill use it on all my home computer.
  6. mine daphney games are playing in spanish, anyone know how to change the language ?
  7. i have video snaps for the whole mame collections. they work great, as soon as i add any more to any other system, as soon as i start browsing, launchbox crashes.
  8. i have a 1 tb and 32 gb left of space, its defenetly a lanchbox bug. many users reporting the same issue. it only happens when I have too many video snaps. i tested this on my samsung s20 it happens on that as well even when using internal memory. i have remove some of the videos, it all works fine.
  9. that didnt work. even though the main files are in the android folder internal memory, after reformatting my sd card i had tell launchbox what emulator to use for all systmes. o well
  10. im the issue I’m having is that it keeps launching M 64+ FC regular and not the pro version. It was working before but now even though I selected the Pro version it keeps launching the regular version any fix for this?
  11. I would like format my sd card and re install launchbox, re scrape my games but dont want to reconfigure all the paths for the roms and each emulator or core to use for each system. is there a way to simply back up the configs, re install launchbox and import the config files so that I wouldn't' have to re do all the settings and customizations ?
  12. i thought it was sd card issue, but moved it back to internal memory and still same issue.
  13. would love to see this running on my steam deck.
  14. I’m now having then same issue on the Odin pro, what was the fox for this? I too running off sd card. I can confirm I was having the issue on internal storage but moved the files to sd in hopes it would resolve the issue . I had not.
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