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  1. Merry Christmas! The best time of year by far! My favorite games to play during the Holidays: -Space Quest series, especially 1 VGA and 4; -Xmas/Holiday Lemmings; -retro hockey games like Ice Hockey (NES), Blades of Steel (NES), Face Off (DOS), etc. -Jetpack Xmas special; -Jazz Jackrabbit Xmas special; -Marvin's Mittens; ...all of them gathered in one awesome platform, Launchbox!!
  2. First of all, that you for all the wonderful work. I bought the licensed version and spread the word, this is definitely the best frontend/game launcher ever made. I've been playing Blake Stone recently and I was wondering: would there be a way to assign all those shiny unused Xbox 360 buttons to different tasks? Like "back" for ESC and "start" for ENTER? Of course, that would only depend on each game, so I guess it would only work with games that use DOSBOX? What do you guys think?
  3. Meh, anyway Paypal screw us over by taking a cut of the artificially inflated currency exchange rate. I stopped using Paypal a while ago because of that. I'm not you "pal", buddy!
  4. Oh, and I forgot to mention: it would be cool to have the zoom control on CTRL+mouse wheel like on web browsers. And I think it would be simpler to have the Option menu available when we click on the background but not on a box. Thank you!
  5. Hi, I have a small aesthetic suggestion: how about being able to see the back of the box a few seconds after the cursor has stayed on a box? Oh, and a nice little animation of the box flipping would be awesome!
  6. Hum... so is it just me who has a problem connecting to thegamesdb.net? It's been three days now... Could it be my Windows 7 firewall? I tried putting Launchbox in the exceptions of the firewall options, but with no success. I don't know much about these things, so I guess that could be a good idea for a future tutorial video. What I don't understand is that when I installed Launchbox the first time 3 days ago, it worked like a charm!
  7. thegamesdb seems to be down again. I've been getting the 522 error for 2 days now. It was working so well at first. By the way their website seems to be working just fine.
  8. Thank you for your reply Mr. Carr, I will consider it seriously. Especially if it is a lifetime kinda thing. By the way, will there also be a way to "join" games? For example, some Telltale games come in chapters, and I tried to play with the "version" tag, assigning each chapter a different version number, but without success. I noticed in one of your tutorial videos that one game had two versions that you could select in the menu. Cheers
  9. I used to use another DosBox frontend and have just found out about LaunchBox. It is just great! ...except one thing: no custom filters. I usually play games seasonally, so this is crucial for me. For example, I play Christmas games, well, around Christmas. Please add the option for the next version, I would be forever grateful.
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