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  1. bd000 said Have you tried disabling your AV first and seeing if it works? yes it works perfectly everytime i disable the AV :(
  2. as the title says , i have trouble downloading images after adding the game. what i did was that: 1.browsed the .gba game 2.clicked search for metadata 3.after that i clicked download images. is showed correct number of Front box art, and others so i clicked download images , and after that i got this message : so i checked my antivirus(kaspersky 2015) and made the LB as trusted in its applications list but still i get this message . any help ?
  3. Reporting an error : Version : LB4.1. OS:Win7x32 I had added a new game and clicked the "search for metadata" button, and it was searching the wikipedia for a long time , it thought it was stuck so pressed "Escape" key . and got this . i was able to reproduce this in the same way as described above. Error code :
  4. no of players is a default field in thegamesdb.net (given as "Players"), so i guess this will be easy to add in LB
  5. Jason Carr said Just wanted to note that LaunchBox 4.0, including the premium version, has been released! oh YES !!!
  6. some of the thing i found out were > the info box which opens up when we hover over the game doesnt disappears even if we click in the background. > the zoom increasing tab at the bottom of LB starts flickering if you change the size of the filter section on right side of LB. so it would be cool if these problem are solved .
  7. controller support has been given the new version of lb !! but permanently disabling the mouse will not be a good move as not all users use their arrow keys to navigate and also this could be really frustrating for those who have a huge collection of games.
  8. long time no see......... btw thanks for considering this
  9. i was thinking about a simple search box right above the Platform or any other category in the left panel , this makes it easier for a person to find his game without going to filters and then applying it(even though we can do this in the title section in filters) just a thought guys, waiting for your response
  10. but you have to enable the "enable joystick/gamepad input" option in the "input" category of "Option" menu which you find under "Tools " in the menu bar. but dont worry about it because its usually enabled by default
  11. welcome to the forum realbout apart from games you can even ad movies,music and anything you wish. check out this thread www.launchbox-app.com/forum/features/watch-movies-using-launchbox-as-the-front-end
  12. Wolfereign said The problem with option 2 is when you reimport the system you have to redownload all the pictures for each game even though all that data is still in the image folder. For large ROM libraries this can become an extreme problem very quickly. After removing a platform if you ever think that you have to remove extra images from any of the games from any other platfrom and perform the "Clean up Images" task, you will lose all the images from the removed platform and you will have to download everything again, so it would be good if Clean Up images could be done for specific platform or games or any other according to users choice.
  13. SentaiBrad said The question I have is, with the new UI would icons on the left be something that would make life easier? Maybe a 2 column system with an arrow at the bottom. 2 columns of game system icons. column of icons of gaming system would be good only if the person doesnt need to scroll down(to find his console/system) at all. but this can be solved if the person can change the size of icons of the system which would appear on the left side. in the current version small icons next to the names of the system would be nice but it would look more like openemu, which i guess is not what jason would want. scree has suggested an interested thing too.
  14. well this is something new that can be done with LB , so tried it with music like adding songs to teh Library and making the album art and finally choosing winamp to play it, and it did looks like anything can be added to LB even if it is not a game . it seems that LB has the potential to to be used in all domains of collection even if it is not related to games.
  15. got back yesterday and saw this . the new interface is really good. bugs .. none so far awesome work Jason
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