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  1. I don't find this as silly as some people might - I've spent time making similar batch based menu systems in DOS that lack half the functions of this one. Well done!
  2. Hey Guys, I'm interested in Moderating the database. Just let me know if/how I can help. Regards,
  3. SentaiBrad said We've had some people run their entire OS more or less through DOSBox. They manually added programs and files they wanted and played around with launching them through it, so this is just as cool. I think GOG is doing a damn fine job with supporting the older games. I haven't yet wrapped my head around the double configuration load, but it seems to run great. I just finished inputting all of my PC games, and oddly enough the only one that won't run though Launchbox is a newer one; S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Call of Pripyat
  4. Hey, Couple things I forgot: On dosbox: An example command line that is from GOG that's impossible (as far as I can tell) with the dosbox tab is: H:\Games\I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream\DOSBOX\DOSBox.exe -conf "..\dosboxnomouth.conf" -conf "..\dosboxnomouth_single.conf" -noconsole -c exit Or: H:\Games\Star Control 1 and 2\DOSBOX\DOSBox.exe -conf "H:\Games\Star Control 1 and 2\Star Control 2\dosboxSC2.conf" -conf "H:\Games\Star Control 1 and 2\Star Control 2\dosboxSC2_addon.conf" -noconsole -c exit Input on input: It'd be really nice if the program could strip off quotation marks from app paths. When you're inputting large amount of games, there's the need to manually take off the quotation marks from about 90% of GOG's shortcuts that are all along the lines of this: "H:\Games\Spacecom\SPACECOM Game Manual.pdf" which need to be H:\Games\Spacecom\SPACECOM Game Manual.pdf And finally - I found a solution for the lack of additional documentation support in this version - add everything as an app. Thankfully Launchbox doesn't challenge the command line for a PDF as not being a .bat, .exe. or .com. Please don't change that. Thanks again, -Conor
  5. Guys, Thank you for the quick replies. It's nice to know this forum is well cared for. -----------About the images: I think I'll just pick a PC box I like the look of and fit to that. There seems to be a big community of people replicating console game boxes, so the ROM side of things should be a breeze. -----------About dosbox: -It occurred to me that I can centralize my dosbox app by just changing the application path value to my chosen dosbox or dosbox alternative, so long as I set my working folder. -I worried about using the dosbox and emulator tabs because I don't know what the command line syntax would look like. This is important because almost all of the games that GOG has packed with Dosbox use switches on the Dosbox command line, and many also use switches on the game's command line. I'm not sure if it launchbox uses (Dosbox)(game executable)(Application Path Parameters) or (Dosbox)(Application Path Parameters)(game executable) Either way, I don't have (Dosbox)"(Game)(Game Parameters)"(Dosbox Parameters) available to me through the tab. I assume the built in dosbox command line also uses some switches, such as "-noconsole" , but I'm not sure which ones, so I'm not sure if I'll be putting in duplicate or contradictory instructions. In short: using the tab makes the command line obscure and an important part of it cannot be changed. -----------About that thegamesdb.net ID thing: Lastly, here's a screenshot of thegamesdb.net issue that I find a bit annoying: Is there a way to remove "THEGAMESDB.NET ID" from a top level sorting position? It's not a way I would ever look for particular games. -----------Anyway, all of this is just little stuff. Everything is running just fine, and in a few more days, it should look awesome. Regards, -Conor
  6. Hey there, So I've been amassing a large collection of games from GOG. I've also got some ROM's kicking around. I tried Launchbox this weekend and compared it to other programs like Photon's Game Manager. I decided I really like it, purchased a premium version, and set to entry. I really like the interface, the filtering system, and all the little things like: -The ability to mark games as completed. -The support for emulators -The Support for game music - Sorting titles Anyhow, there are some things that have been bothering me as I set up everything (which is a lot of time with 200 some games), which have come to mind so far (some of which I might have just not found the button for): 1. I've gotten a lot of older games downloaded, and some originally came with lots of things like maps, quick reference cards, and hint sheets. GOG has gone so far as to include a few more bonus items with some of them - walkthroughs, guides, and so on. Unfortunately, I'm limited to exactly one "manual" link. I figure I'll be working around this by populating the additional applications with links to a PDF reader, and command lines to get it toward the additional PDFs. It's going to be pretty annoying. 2. GOG includes DOSBox and Scumm as needed for applications, and while I could continue running the copy of whichever application is needed for the game from the folder it's included it, it seems that if dosbox or scumm were ever updated, I would have to update all of the individual versions in the folders. So it would seem that I should centralize. Now, Here's an example command line run: In Application Path H:\Games\I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream\DOSBOX\DOSBox.exe In Application Command-Line Parameters -conf "..\dosboxnomouth.conf" -conf "..\dosboxnomouth_single.conf" -noconsole -c exit Now, if I'm going to switch this to a centralized copy of DOSBOX, in the menus provided I can select a configuration file, but I can't add on any Command Line Parameters...so (and I'm pretty rusty on dosbox), I think that I would probably have to try and effect the command line changes into each individual config file. Which sounds like a monotonous nightmare. I've noticed that Scumm and the Emulation options also don't allow command line parameters, and I'm a bit confused as to if the "Application Command-Line Parameters" box would include them in the right place, or if that would be included at all when using those subapps. I guess any suggestion on this would be welcome. 3. I paid for the upgrade, but the help menu still has the option to upgrade, and it still links to the purchase page. 4. At some point I'm going to start exploring making all the boxes I have look nice and neat. However, I can't seem to find a spot on this site that has info on the perfect size of box, or anything like that. Any suggestions on that would be greatly appreciated. As would any information on the correct range of size for user submitted art and other stuff. 5. I'd like a way to get rid of "Thegamesdb.net ID" filter, since it just shows me which games I've had to get off of wikipedia's game database. Though some of them appear in the filter as (exists) with wikipedia tags. I don't know if they're somehow cross referenced out there in database land, but it's not a filter I would use to find games. 6. I'd also like the ability to mark out which games are multiplayer, co-op, or single player. The ability to pull up a list of games that are co-op enabled would make having a friend over and letting them choose a game pretty easy. Anyway, this is a great product, and it's helping me turn a disorganized mess of games into something really cool. Regards, -Conor
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