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  1. Yeah, zipped file's a good idea. I couldn't get the file to upload here so I ended up sending it to a Google drive. Here's the link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q5zA1ofPPFNVeb_r2V9UhoPbkqYFHkhE/view?usp=sharing
  2. This isn't going to be for everyone. Attached is a collection of box - front images I'm using for my Visual Pinball set. These are backglass images collected from various sources, a number of them touched up to look better. I have resized all images to a 1280x1024 format. It may be sacrilege for some but I find it appealing and most backglasses don't suffer from over-stretching in my opinion. Anyway, since a good amount of editing and google searching went into collecting these images, I thought I would post them here in hopes that someone else might find them useful. There are 382 tables represented. I use this in a strictly desktop environment.
  3. I know this won't be for everyone but I made this for myself and thought others might get a use out of it. This started as a project to fill in the missing box fronts for my PopCap games set but I ended up making fronts for all 71 games in the collection I have. Some turned out better than others and although they are not historically accurate, I like having all the games share a similar box style and conformity. There were some missing clear logos from the initial image downloads and the other set posted here so I'm uploading my set of those as well. Hopefully it helps someone out there. PopCap_Fronts.zip PopCap_Logos.zip
  4. As I rebuild my Launchbox again I’m wondering what most people choose for the following. Feel free to suggest other options and questions for the various forks in the road you’ve encountered in your setups
  5. I found a fix. Thank you for the assistance. Yeah, I've played with second monitor backglass before but currently running this on a single monitor. On the AC/DC table anyway, I set the DMD F1 settings to external DMD. I then edited the ini file so stayontop is true..
  6. I might be missing something but I tested a couple of tables and they don't show the DMD. AC DC Premium for instance. It may be something in my Visual Pinball setup. The Table plays fine but no DMD?
  7. So here is one of my "Box - Front" directories in the first screenshot. The file names look right to me. That said, there is a folder called just "Front" that is empty, As a test, I copied by 10-Yard Fight "Box - Front" image to the "Front" folder (see second screenshot) and refreshed Launchbox. Sure enough, the box front showed up! Ok, so what is this "Front" folder and why is Launchbox looking there instead of the "Box - Front" directory? What did I miss?
  8. Tried both refreshing missing media and refreshing all images (one at a time). Unfortunately, neither addressed the issue, box fronts are still missing. I did download a new box front for a game and it is being retained so the missing box front issue does appear to be from an "event" rather than a static problem, if that helps.
  9. I don't think it's something being universally experienced but I can't determine what is causing it in my setup. My priority settings seem fine, as in this shot. https://i.imgur.com/ktOXcD4.jpg When I say the box front is missing, I mean from every game. As in this screenshot, the saved box front is simply gone from every game on every platform, https://i.imgur.com/KSKG5WU.jpg
  10. After updating to the latest beta, all of my box front images were removed. This is on every game on every platform. If I edit any given game, it simply knows nothing about the box front images that were previously saved. Any ideas? The other images (3D boxes, screenshots, etc) all remain but all box fronts have been forgotten. My "Box - Front" folders are all still populated with correct image files.
  11. A friend of mine in high school (Around 1988) in the Houston area had an Amiga. I knew it was a superior system in regards to graphics but everyone seemed to be adopting PCs at the time and allure of DOS was too strong for me, ended up convincing my parents to buy a 286 as our first computer. It's a small world. That friend went on to develop Questlord (for android and iOS). Another friend of ours went on to work at Ensemble Studios in Dallas and eventually became a producer on Age of Empires. He went on to found Robot Entertainment when MS folded Ensemble. Completely by coincidence, I also live in the Dallas area and "helped" in getting ExoDOS off the ground by giving eXo a platform to work with in the form of MEAGRE. To top it off, just a few weeks ago I was playtesting a game at Bethesda (same office as current id). The Video Game Museum is a definite must and really gives you a nostalgia overload. Here is a link to an album of my visit.
  12. Thanks! Deluge appears to be working through it.
  13. Thought I would ask here since people here are fairly knowledgeable. Every torrent I download from pleasuredome stalls and the tracker shows as not working? Torrents from other sites download and seed without issue but pleasuredome torrents all fail. I'm using qbTorrent specifically. I've found a couple of forum hits via google discussing similar issues but changing settings they recommend such as turning off cache don't seem to have an affect. Anyone have something similar happen or know a fix? It's not a big deal, I can wait until eXo uploads to other locations.
  14. Yeah, eXo, don't worry about uploading. Take care of yourself. Get well soon! But, you know, leave upload instructions for your relatives, just in case.
  15. I'm also getting this same error whenever I choose Scrape Movie. Running under Windows 10.
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