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  1. To my knowledge, this was never addressed
  2. Coooool. I've been hoping this view would get fixed up soon. Currently, sorting by Title in list view completely ignores custom sort titles.
  3. Ruthalas said I am currently trying to run a batch script with the command s0m notes. 'taskkill /IM Flawless Widescreen.exe /t /f' I am having trouble getting it to run after the game though, and it generates a UAC prompt anyway, which isn't ideal. Try putting the process name in quotes as Taskkill /IM "Flawless Widescreen.exe" /t /f . Command line doesn't like spaces within parameters. You also probably don't need the /t (kills child processes) or /f (forced termination) either for that program, but they don't hurt. If anyone else is interested, I also found that running steam:"
  4. Similarly to Ruthalas's situation, I'd like to have launchbox automatically close steam after closing a steam game. Theres no reason to have the steam launcher running alongside launchbox longer than it is needed. Can launchbox run a command (like taskkill /IM steam.exe /t /f) after a game is closed? Does anyone know if steam has a supported way to close it from the command line without forcibly terminating it?
  5. I'd like to be able to mark additional fields as searchable. For a few examples if I search for Contra, Super C and Operation C don't show up as results. If I search for Pocky & Rocky, I'd like to see the Kiki KaiKai games show up as well and vice versa. Right now I have a custom field called Alternate Title (example: Super Contra for Super C, KiKi KaiKai: Nazo no Kuro Mantle for Pocky & Rocky) that I would like to make searchable. If not the option to toggle any field as searchable, maybe have a dedicated searchable word bank field. A word bank would make it possible to search and fin
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