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  1. I use to think I wanted a complete collection from every system. The only complete collections I have are NES, SNES, and I think the Sega Genesis and N64 too. As far as PS1, PS2, Wii, Dreamcast, and the psp systems I’ll stick with what I want to play since those files are so large.
  2. I think my collection is almost complete. I have close to 9,000 games now. Just need to load my Wii and WiiU games and find psp and vita games.
  3. Awesome I'll have to buy a dolphin bar and try this out. It doesn't seem that hard to do.
  4. So the way I play games with launchbox my computer is in the back of our family room and an HDMI cable goes through the attic to our tv in the front of the room. Unless I can daisy chain a long usb cable to the tv I can't play Wii games right now. I was just thinking can I hook the dolphin bar to my nvidia shield and use GeForce streaming to play Wii games? Has anyone tried this kind of thing before?
  5. Tatts4Life

    How do I load a saved game with PCSX2?

    Not sure what happened but things are working fine now.
  6. So I've played a couple of games and they have either auto saved like it does with the physical ps2 or I found a save spot and saved that way. I'm trying to load my Incredible Hulk save and continue playing the game but it says there is no formatted card. If I load start up pcsx2 like if the ps2 has no disc then it shows my memory card and it shows that there is a save for the three games. how do I get it to load with launchbox?
  7. That's awesome. I'm going to download it and check it out.
  8. Wow that really is easy. I saw a thread in the link that fromlostdays posted that also talked about how you can have different config files for each game too. That also looks cool because I have several games that need certain settings tweaked in order for the game to play right. I really want to figure out how to do that now.
  9. Thanks, I'll try this tomorrow. Other than the PS2 which has multiple bios for different countries which other systems have those? Does Deamcast or ps1? Can't think right now which systems need a bios.
  10. So I was thinking today that I want to try something and was wondering is it even possible. Can I have two installs of pcsx2 so I can play American games and Japanese games? I take it with other systems that use retroarch I just make a second category called say NES Japan and put those games there.
  11. Tatts4Life

    Platform Categories Clear Logos

    The consoles clear logo is perfect. Almost exactly what I was looking for. I wasn't a fan of the controller that looked like the SNES controller to represent all consoles. This version shows almost all the standard controllers from past and present systems.
  12. For now I just have PS1 and PS2 on my PC. I own a fat PS3 which is backwards compatible with the ps1 and ps2. Is there any way of getting my saves from my system and putting them on my PC? if this works I might as well get my PS3 saves too. My system has been turning itself on at random times of the day and night so I've had to unplug it. I think my system is about to kick the bucket and want to get all my saves off the system before it dies. how about psn games too? I have a few that I loved like re releases of the ps1 FInal Fantasy games and loved that those were one file instead of multiple discs. Can't think of any other psn games I have since my system has been having problems for over a year now.
  13. Tatts4Life

    Upgrading my collection's drive...inquiry...

    That reminds me I need to buy two more drives for my computer that has all my photos, music, and blu-rays I copied and use Kodi to watch. How much duplication do you do?
  14. Tatts4Life

    Looking for a certain look in my Big Box MAME library

    Never mind I found it. Now to find a better looking consoles clear logo.