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  1. On my old computer I had a UI for MAME that shows which roms are working which need a CHD and had different colors for what works and what has a missing file. The icons looks something like a game cartridge if I remember right. I thought it was MAMEui64 but that looks wrong and I can’t understand it. Is there another MAME UI that I’m forgetting?
  2. I was just wondering if it was worth it going from the 204 rom set to whatever the newest one is? It's been probably 2 years or more since I downloaded 204. Do They ever add any games worth playing that weren't in a previous version?
  3. I have MAME 204 non merged. Is the easiest thing for me to do to just treat the current version of MAME as a fresh install? I don't really ever plan to update MAME monthly but every so often.
  4. Sorry I was wrong I have 204. It's also the non-merged version. I wish I could remember what it was i un-checked last time I imported the games. I'm afraid that whenever I download the newer MAME set that it will not include some of the games I like to play.
  5. So the only version of MAME I have is I think 195 so it's been awhile since I've done anything as far as importing MAME games. What I'm wondering is what should I skip importing if I plan to just use an arcade stick or xbox controller? Has LB added any new categories to skip during the import process from 2 years ago?
  6. @neil9000 So I setup Dolphin and Citra like you did with a standard version and a 3D version. I was showing it off to my Niece and Nephew and they were having so much fun playing Gamecube games. Windwaker looks cool but I hate that the camera movement is inverted. I also need to figure out a good placement of the dolphin bar for when I want to play shooters in 3D and need it.
  7. oh, I was under the assumption that only certain games worked based on this link 3D Compatibility List. It only had about 80 games listed and not all of them work according to the link. So basically any Gamecube or Wii game works?
  8. oh ok that seems pretty easy to do. I guess the hardest thing is remembering which games I can play in 3D. I guess the other option is to some how make a playlist of just the games that work in 3D that way I know which ones they are and don't have to go to the Dolphin wiki site. Maybe I'll try and figure out how to make that playlist.
  9. So I found the 3D setting in Dolphin and played Mario Kart Wii in 3D and it was tons of fun in Bigbox VR. I just need to figure out if there is a way to turn the 3D setting in dolphin on and off automatically based on the game since 3D doesn't work for every game.
  10. Since I made this thread I ended up with a build that put my OS on an SSD and have a 4TB HDD for all my games. My LB library is huge now, something like 1.5-1.6tb's and 700+gb's is because of PS2 games alone. I recently got a new computer for VR games and the case is such crap that when my LB library first loads the HDD sounds like a wood chipper. If I remove the drive from the case it's a lot quieter but still noticeable noise since it's loading the library. I wanted to use the 1TB drive I mentioned in an earlier post that I still have but like I said my LB library is almost 2TB's now and tha
  11. So there are some Gamecube and Wii games that offer 3D support. Is there a way to turn on the 3D setting I want per game? for example Mario Kart Wii has 3D support and Mad World doesn't. Is there a way to tell Dolphin turn on 3D when I play Mario Kart or Viewtiful Joe but leave it off for the rest of the non 3D games?
  12. How would I find the 3D setting for Dolphin? Do I still need to use the Wii controller and dolphin bar or can I use the Rift S controllers?
  13. LOL guess I should of googled before writing this I see that there is a Dolphin VR
  14. I've seen you tube videos where people play non VR games on their VR headsets using Virtual Desktop. I've even heard of people Using Launchbox to play their games on the VR headset. I think it would be cool if you were able to play Wii games using the VR controllers instead of having to face your screen where the dolphin bar is the VR headset could track the controllers and know what you are pointing at. I know it would be hard to use a real Wii controller so probably a bunch of Wii games wouldn't be able to play. But at least shooters should be able to work.
  15. OK THIS IS AWESOME! Is this using Virtual Desktop? What are you using for a controller?
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