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  1. I like using the xbox controller for most emulators but was wondering if there was a bluetooth or wireless version of the N64 controller and Gamecube controller? Would a ps4 controller work for ps1 and ps2 games? I'm fine using the xbox controller for NES, snes, genesis, and MAME. but once you have weird layouts like the N64 and gamecube controller I hate not having the real thing.
    Downloaded this a few days ago and love this so far. It's just long enough for me. I don't need a 30 second video every time I start up Big Box.
  2. I'm using a retro style start up video that is nice but at times a little long. It would be nice is the downloads section had a sort by length of time. King of like when shopping you can sort lowest to highest price. A shortest to longest option would be nice.
  3. Wow awesome job. Really makes me wish I had the room for something like this.
  4. I thought I mentioned it a few posts ago. Turned off the startup/shutdown theme and Wii works fine now in Big Box. Jason had suggested I try that and it worked. I’ll try turning it back on and see if things work again for now thing are working fine again.
  5. I'm using Dolphin 5.0-9616 The settings were pretty much left the way they were. Launchbox and Big Box Startup was left at Default with 1 second minimum Startup and shutdown display time I'm not sure what you mean by drivers. As for my System I'm running Windows 10 version 1809. I have an EVGA GTX 970 graphics card. Intel 4790k cpu Hopefully this information will help
  6. I forgot to grab my Dolphin settings but @Jason Carr seems to be right with what he posted in that other thread. The issue for my system or setup seems to be with the shutdown part of the new startup feature. But only on the Big Box side. In Launchbox itself it exits just fine. I'll do some more testing later when the wife and kids aren't bugging me to watch tv since we're having a snow day today here in Maryland.
  7. I'll try that out. I have startup and game over screens active and things work fine with Launchbox. I'll turn them off and see what happens with Big Box.
  8. I have standalone Dolphin for Wii and GameCube. I haven't tried GameCube but with Wii if I exit a game in BB the screen turns black and nothing happens. I Ctrl alt delete to bring up the task manager and nothing pops up, but I can log out and then back in. If I open a game in LB things work fine. I did update Dolphin to the newest version which was 3 days old yesterday. It worked just fine and I played a game and it exited just fine. Then I turned off my system. Later in the day I went back to playing a game and when I was done playing through big box it froze again. LB works fine though. Also if I open Dolphin outside of LB things work fine. It just seems to be an issue with BB.
  9. Lordmonkus or anyone else here. How do I rollback and keep all my current settings? I'm having an issue with Wii and I want to check if a previous version works.
  10. It just hangs in Dolphin. so I figured out the problem. I originally had probably a stable release. I had version 5.0.149 I think, apparently I had an option checked for dolphin to look for and download an update once a month. It downloaded an update that I guess was broken with exiting BB even though everything else worked. I updated to a current build and it exits just fine now out of both LB and BB. Now the only issue is the Dolphin menu and the black windowed starting up screen pop up. Wasn't there some kind of thing you type in to hide those? What files can I transfer from my old file to this new download?
  11. Yes I do it for both. for the Wii I use the ESC key because the way the Wii controller works with the Mayflash bar I can't set up a shortcut the way I have other systems with my xbox one controller. I'm thinking it's an issue with the Mayflash dolphin bar but not sure why since I can exit LB fine and it's just an issue with BB.
  12. So I check and my edit emulator screen looks the same with -b and -e. Again when exiting a Wii game in LB things work fine. When I press ESC in BB screen goes black and nothing happens.
  13. I'm using the Dolphin standalone. What does -e do? I'll check my system when I get a chance to see what I have in that box.
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