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  1. This is awesome stuff. Was so relieved to find this project after discovering my SMB Crossover swf was no longer working in Flash Player Projector. How do I import just certain games or playlists into LB? I created my own playlist in Flashpoint and selected it in OFILb, but it seems to be trying to import EVERYTHING into LB.
  2. I think I’m going to end up with a hybrid solution too. Mostly use LB/BB’s native launcher but still rely on RL where a key mapping solution and bezel support are needed (e.g, Flash games Dolphin).
  3. So I've hit a bit of a crossroads and am having a difficult time coming to a decision. LaunchBox has FINALLY reached a point in its development where I must seriously consider dropping RocketLauncher. I STILL like the way RL handles fade and bezels (it's more seamless than LB/BB), but it introduces an extremely large layer of extra complexity by using a separate app to manage launching duties. Plus, I actually like the way LB/BB insists on running emus full screen. It results in a slightly less seamless booting experience, but it's really the optimal way to run emus on a big screen in my opinion. While RL still works great, its development has stalled to pretty much nonexistent in recent years. Forum users still offer module updates and workarounds which keep RL fully functional for the most part, but LB/BB definitely wins when it comes to support and prospects for future development. For those still using RL, I'm just wondering what's keeping you from completely transitioning away?
  4. I definitely figured that. I think most people who are using RL are using it for all its features and support for any overlap would be thin at best. I liked the concept of RL's Pause, but I think its implementation was so cumbersome it rendered it mostly useless to me. To me, LB nailed the Pause feature (minimalist and responsive).
  5. Never mind I got it working. Don't know why I didn't think of this, but I just copied the save/load state scripts from the RetroArch Pause menu options. Working great now. Another issue I'm running into is that saving/loading states from LaunchBox pause seems to break RocketLauncher's fade out when exiting the game. Probably some kind of conflict. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Edit: Now that I play with it more, it seems that any activity in LaunchBox's Pause feature breaks RocketLauncher's fade out. It's not a huge deal. I'm still able to close out of games, but it doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to fix. Seems like a focus issue (maybe) that could be fixed with custom scripting.
  6. Hello, I am needing a little help. I am using RocketLauncher as my default emulator (mostly for familiarity, bezels and I prefer the way it handles fade). However, I much prefer LaunchBox's Game Pause feature. I find it much more responsive and way easier to set up than RocketLauncher's Pause. I want to be able to integrate save states into the pause menu. Since I mostly use RetroArch for emulation, I thought I could just add an ahk script into the RocketLauncer Save State Script option in LaunchBox to send the RetroArch save/load state hotkeys. Save State Script: Send {F2} Load State Script: Send {F4} It doesn't seem to be working though. I'm wondering if there is some kind of conflict with RocketLauncher. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Awesome. Exactly what I needed.
  8. So I'm in the process of renaming my ROMs to the latest No-Intro format. I've already imported the games into LB and pulled all the art assets. Do I need to import the ROM files again after renaming or will LB be able to connect the imported game to the renamed ROM files? Thanks!
  9. tribe fan


    Been using LB/BB for a few years now after migrating from HyperSpin and I must say it has surpassed it in nearly every way possible. I'm not sure if this is the right place to make feature requests, but here it goes: 1.) Now that we're seeing greater RetroArch integration into the frontend, I think an awesome feature would be the option to toggle automatic checkpoints (i.e., auto save state). A screen grab could be used to reference the last saved point and you could select it from the LB/BB menu or when booting the game. I'm thinking something similar to what's available on the NES/SNES Classic consoles. 2.) It would be cool if the LB downloader could give you the choice of art assets to use for the various media categories before it grabs them. As an example, when downloading 3D box art for SNES, by default, the downloader grabs the commonly circulated images. However, I later discovered another set (by SupraKarma) that I find far superior. I ended up downloading it from EmuMovies and manually integrating it. It would be awesome (and save a lot of time) if LB allowed you to preview the two different assets before choosing which one to download. There's so many alternate assets to the default sets floating out there in the wild. HyperSpin always forced you to go on a treasure hunt to find the best of everything. It would be so cool if LB pooled them all into one location, organized them by category, and allowed you to choose which ones to download. Just a couple ideas. Absolutely love this software and the vibrant, active community behind it. Keep up the awesome work.
  10. Whew figured what was wrong. I had it set to run as admin under properties in windows. Unchecking that fixed the issue.
  11. Thanks for responding. Sorry for the late reply. I’ve since gotten the above issue resolved. I am using the dolphinbar. I’ve been having a weird issue lately where the touch cursor disappears behind the application window. I don’t know if I changed a setting or not that caused this. Any ideas how to fix this?
  12. This is awesome, awesome news. So the plan is to have Launchbox directly manage RetroArch instead of managing the cores directly (like Plex Arcade)? I would think the former should really speed up development time. It'll be incredible to see how much more powerful Launchbox becomes in the not too distant future. I'm envisioning something similar to the NES/SNES Classic Minis for filter/save state integration (with slots). I don't want to get too far ahead, but remote streaming would be incredible if it could ever be implemented as well.
  13. Oh man I was looked right at "expand selected games" and I didn't even think to click that. Haha thanks!
  14. So there are lots of threads about how to delete or merge duplicates, but I'm wondering if there's a way to display or split duplicates. I ripped my own game collection and want Super NES games in the same library as Super Famicom games. I have the same copy of several games for both platforms. I want the Super NES version of the game to appear next to the Super Famicom version of the game. Ideally, I don't want the platforms separated into different libraries. Thanks in advance.
  15. This is all awesome info. I’m definitely going to work on completely integrating Moonlight in my setup. It was so awesome streaming retroarch from the htpc in my den to the fire stick in my living room with no perceptible input lag. Really makes you wonder why anyone would pay money for Plex Arcade at this stage in the game. Dolphin is definitely tricky as certain games completely rely on motion controls. I’ll probably end up either limiting my big box build to Wii games that can be played exclusively with xinput controller profiles and ditch the dolphinbar altogether or have two separate entries for Wii on the main menu (one for motion controls when playing directly on my htpc with the dolphinbar and one used only for streaming purposes). The latter is a little clunky, but might be the best option for my purposes.
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