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  1. I was able to find Retrohumanoid's weebly, but I can't seem to figure out where to locate his cinematic video themes. He has lots of other good artwork there though. Do you need to donate?
  2. Does anyone know where I can find RetroHumanoid's cinematic themes aside from the regular LB platform theme video download section? They don't all seem to be there. I've checked all over the place and can't find them. Thanks.
  3. Really excited about this! I own a GPD WIN and am currently using modern mini which works pretty well, but a dedicated theme that aims to squeeze as much performance as possible out of that atom processor would be awesome.
  4. Hello. I am using Big Box with my GPD WIN and am looking to improve performance. I am trying to replace background images with a plain black background when inside a platform's menu. Is there an easy way to accomplish this? Thanks.
  5. Hi all. I'm using the ModernMini theme and am trying to switch to the ReignStumble console icons. I thought it was as simple as placing the icons in the ..Themes\ModernMini\Images\Platforms\Banner directory, but that isn't working. Thanks in advance.
  6. tribe fan

    Platform Genres

    Awesome! Thanks! Is there a way to designate a button to a controller in Big Box to open a genre list?
  7. tribe fan

    Platform Genres

    Is there a way to break up game lists by genre? I have a large collection of NES rom hacks that I'd like to keep separate from the main platform database and only accessible when opening the hacks genre database. Is this possible? Thanks.
  8. tribe fan

    Network Drive

    Hello, Is it a bad idea to use a network drive to store my video files? Does it slow Big Box down? Would I be better off installing everything to the network drive and booting Big Box from there? Thanks.
  9. I figured out what the problem was. I unchecked the option to download metadata from wikipedia. That seems to have fixed it. Thanks a lot for the help!
  10. It still won't add it. So weird. I'm dragging it into my NES collection, and it always says 0 of 0 games added.
  11. LaunchBox hates A Boy and His Blob. You heard it here first. :-P My entire dumped collection is importing except for this one game. I've tried naming it a million different ways. Is it possibly missing from the database? Thanks!
  12. It's still crashing on me. I'm wondering if something is wrong with my particular setup. I might have to start over.
  13. Hello, I just set up several systems in LaunchBox. When I start up BigBox, I am able to navigate through a few systems for a few seconds before the app crashes. It doesn't seem to be related to anyone one system in particular. Also, can someone point out where I can find the error log? Is there also a way to download older versions of BigBox? I've seen on the forums that this has been a good temporary workaround. Thanks a lot.
  14. tribe fan


    The issue with RocketLauncher that I have found is that the media needs to be organised in such a way that is very incompatible with how LaunchBox is organised. RocketLauncher needs each game to have an individual directory with the media inside it, and it is VERY fussy about the naming being exactly the same as the rom, which Launchbox does not as it uses fuzzy matching. This is definitely a holdover from its HyperSpin origins. HyperSpin relies very heavily on naming conventions and databases. This is where LaunchBox is leaps and bounds ahead of HyperSpin in my opinion. To me, Launchbox does for your ROM collection what iTunes does for music - it provides a gorgeous, intuitive interface that adapts to YOUR collection and saves you from having to mess with windows explorer. That said, I still love HyperSpin and if it is ever resurrected from development hell, I hope they take a page from LaunchBox's book and have the frontend adapt to your collection rather than making you feel you have to adapt to their databases. There are so many talented artists that are still churning out boatloads of eye candy for HyperSpin - it would be so cool to see the frontend scrape all that material based on the games you drop in. RocketLauncher was split from HyperSpin which was designed with arcade cabinets in mind. RocketLauncher's main objective is SEAMLESS game launching - taskbars, cursors, and anything else Windows are cardinal sins for RocketLauncher (afterall, you don't want to break the illusion of an arcade machine on steroids by pulling out a keyboard and mouse, right?). It does this extraordinarily well. Full disclosure, I don't even have a custom cabinet - I'm an HTPC user. But for me, being able to sit on the couch and SEAMLESSLY control all the features of a boatload of emulators through Pause with nothing but a wireless gamepad is an awesome experience. This isn't even mentioning fade (which hides all the nasty Windows fussing as the emulator loads), bezels, keymapping, alternate emulator, and now global emulator shaders which are supposed to be integrated soon. I love LaunchBox and its ease of use and ridiculously simple integration with RocketLauncher has made it my new official frontend. Plus, it's awesome to see it is being so actively developed and the passion shown by the developers. But to be honest, in my opinion, it has a ways to go before it supplants RocketLauncher with regards to emulator management.
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