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  1. Thanks. It worked. I just add to download the artwork the artwork/images again.
  2. I imported several PC games awhile back and they populated a 'PC' group on the left hand side of LaunchBox. This PC group includes games from GOG, CDs, and other downloads. I purchased some new games from GOG yesterday, and when I imported them it created a new platform group 'Windows'. Is it possible to merge these two groups?
  3. I saved a new config for Nintendo DS, but I don't know how to, or where to enter the custom config information. In the "LaunchBox Tutorials - Emulating Nintendo DS" YouTube video at 15:00 SentaiBrad mentions that he demonstrated how to do this in a separate video, but I cannot find it. He mentions "-c config command in the associated platforms list". I saved the new config as desmume_libretro.cfg
  4. The RSS videos are interesting, but something that bothers me about them is there is not much "video" in them. For the most part it is just static images with audio. Something else that might be interesting is an emulator comparison video series. Kind of like the shows that have the same game on different systems. A series that would show how games on different emulators work. Emulator advantages/disadvantages.
  5. "LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga" and "LEGO City Undercover" are the two best Lego games. The "LEGO Movie Video Game" is the worst. IMHO. It would be awesome if Undercover was released for PC.
  6. I tried everything recommended, and played around with every audio setting I could and nothing has worked. I think I will stick with the standalone emulators (not sure if that is what they are called) outside of RetroArch for now. Thanks for the help.
  7. I matched all my settings and still got cracking. The 'Audio Driver' is set to xaudio and the 'Audio Resampler Driver' is set to sinc. I explored the 'Sound Settings' in snes9x (v1.53) and it has an option to modify the audio input rate (currently set to 31900). When I hover my cursor over a text box appears and says: "For each 'input rate' samples generated by the SNES, 'Playback rate' samples will be produced. If you experience crackling you can try lowering this setting." I don't get any crackling in Snex9x. Could this be something I could/should change in RetroArch?
  8. If I launch a game (N64, SNES, GBA, SMS) from within RetroArch the sounds is scratchy/broken. If I launch the same game directly from the emulator (snes9x, mGBA, Fusion) the sound is fine. I just updated RetroArch to version 1.3.0, although it does the same thing in version 1.2.2 Any ideas?
  9. Thanks for the help. I made a change in the 'Associated Platforms' for GBA. I changed the core to "mgba_libretro.dll" and it now launches most of the GBA games I have. I do appreciate the work you put into the tutorial videos.
  10. Maybe I did the update incorrectly. One thing that confused me in the video is what folders and files to copy. At 2:26 it says to copy over "assets, autoconfig, config, states, shaders, filters, saves, overlays, retroarch.cfg, retroarch.default.cfg, retroarch-core-options.cfg". At 3:32 it says the three most important things to copy are the "config folder, retroarch.cfg, and systems folder". I copied over the assets, autoconfig, config, states, shaders, filters, saves, overlays, AND systems folders, and the retroarch.cfg, retroarch.default.cfg, retroarch-core-options.cfg files. After the update when my other games would not work I pointed the games back to the old RetroArch (1.2.2) version. Not sure if this what you mentioned, in LaunchBox on the left side it says "Nintendo Game Boy Advance". Also, in the 'Edit Game' window under the 'Emulation' tab and the 'Edit...', the 'Emulator Name;' is "Retroarch" for all systems I use (SNES, SMS, G&W, N64, GBA). Here is some more info if I didn't provide enough information previously. I updated everything from within RetroArch (core updater, info files, assets, etc). When I double-click on a Game Boy Advance game it will not run, however, the ‘Play Count’ note in the details increases by one without actually opening RetroArch. I tried running the games with these cores: gpSP, MednafanVBA, mGBA, VBA Next, VBA-M. Currently I am using RetroArch version 1.2.2
  11. I am able to launch SMS, SNES, and N64 games from LaunchBox (5.5) / Windows 10 using RetroArch (1.2.2). However, when I attempt to start Game Boy Advance games from LaunchBox nothing happens. I am able to load cores (mGBA, VBA-M) and start games in RetroArch with no issues. I updated RetroArch following the instructions on the "LaunchBox Tutorials - Updating RetroArch" video posted 11 December. After doing this none of the systems worked, so I reverted back to 1.2.2
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