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  1. Any update on this? This is one of the big issues for me since I want to play Retro games with my friend in Texas, and I have set him up with LaunchBox and the games and its nice and easy for him, but the Netplay just is a hassle.
  2. Importing now doesn't import several games

    There is no dupes. Games like Actraiser and Star Fox don't import at all. But I'll give that I try
  3. I'm having trouble with importing some games. Normally with a 7z set of Super Nintendo games, I have 789 games and it imports them all properly. Then I was messing around with unzipping them and just having the raw .sfc files and importing them instead and when importing them, it only imports around 760-773 now. While importing the entire folder it imports 766 and when selecting all 789 files and importing them, it imports 773. Also I'm having an issue where sometimes the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is in the list of platforms to scrape as, sometimes it's not. Really strange. Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?
  4. MusicBox, Post Your Thoughts Here

    Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for replying, my post wasn't really meant as anything more than just a brief explanation of what I feel about the announcement. I am excited as well to see you continue to develop and work on LaunchBox, but I am still firmly in the camp of "I'll believe it when I see it" though. Like I said, I've heard the same thing for over 2 decades from startups and devs. I truly wish nothing for the best for you and LaunchBox. I'll hold off judgement of MusicBox as it's still in alpha, but I hope you do consider what everyone else in this thread has already stated. Treat your original customers with respect and some goodwill, and their loyalty to you will be expanded tenfold. Hope it all works out, Good luck dude.
  5. MusicBox, Post Your Thoughts Here

    I'll throw my two cents in. just like Monkus said, this announcement was billed as something great for LB, and it turned out to have nothing to do with it. A program that no one wanted or needed. Just looking at the landscape of music and how it has changed in the last couple of years, no one uses local media anymore, I have 3TB worth of MP3s collected since 1999. That drive has since been pulled out to make room for another 8TB drive with a full complete LaunchBox setup. You could just see looking back, now with the MusicBox announcement, that is the reason LB has had so few updates and the site has become more of a "gotta copy and become a YouTuber and make the same videos everyone else is about top 5 gems to emulate" crap. It honestly sickens me to see this copycat mentality and how expanding the "team" to youtubers to make dumb videos or redoing tutorials was put as a priority. I've actually kept my mouth shut about this for a while, because I was waiting to see if I was wrong and maybe behind the scenes it was actually being working on, but no....It's turned into a social media thing instead. Sorry, but I've heard the "we aren't going to let this new project take priority of our thing you actually care about" bit from every dev out there. It never holds true. MusicBox is the new baby and LaunchBox will start to wane in updates (more than it already has been) and eventually just be left to abandonware. If any of my 20+ years of professional IT career has taught me anything, its to never believe devs about this situation. Its sad, but true. In my mind this "announcement" was the Death Knell for LaunchBox. Sure it's not going to happen right away, but as the last few months have taught us already, MusicBox is what is going to be more important and take priority over LaunchBox no matter what the dev says. All in all, I'm not angry or mad, just disappointed. Disappointed to see LaunchBox, a program a few years ago that I picked up over Hyperspin, and actually shelled out money for a lifetime license for, be the launchpad for another program that I don't see anyone really using (and to have a price point on that with no previous membership discounts to as well)... it's just kinda a slap in the face.
  6. I'm wondering if it is possible for LaunchBox/BigBox to have a way to show favorites for a system in a subfolder of sorts? I'm not really sure how to describe it properly, but back in the original modded Xbox days, the emulators had a section where you could mark favorites, and it would keep it in the main games selection menu but basically copy it to a subfolder for favorites where you could pick it there from the main menu (yeah, I know you can do favorites in BigBox now, but they way it does it now is that it removes it from the alphabetized menu and moves it up top with a star next to it, which I really don't care for, I think a separate menu would be much cleaner and still keep everything organized and alphabitized) I'd love to either see it where we could easily have a favorites folder for each system where from the push of a button, I can visit the favorites folder for that system and have the main games that I have Favorited show up. Or possibly a filter option to where a button press will filter out only Favorited games (I remember the MAMEOX emulator on the original Xbox did this with the black button and it filtered out only favorites or a couple other different options, like working only or a parent only ROM or clones excluded or whatever.
  7. ZX Spectrum Game Adverts (PDF)

    Any reason these are in PDF? I would have loved to have these as PNG or even JPG, since I'm missing tons of box art and I'd like to use the adverts for missing box art instead of blank images
  8. Mame 1.89 - PSX

    Seems like I've been out of the loop with CHDs... I only know them as hard drive images for a few MAME games. There are CHDs for other systems? Is it preferred over the unzipped files for like Playstation?
  9. Amiga Forever 7

    Haha, yeah. I'd love to have a good ZX Spectrum version, I never got to mess around with that system at all when I was younger. I think you'll love Amiga Forever though, it's seriously one of the most robust emulators I've ever used
  10. Amiga Forever 7

    I"m not sure exactly why it's happening, but it definitely is something wrong with my PC, I tried it on a couple other PCs of mine and it ran at normal speeds. I don't know how well Amiga forever and C64 Forever work together, but they seem to recognize each other and have all the files for each program in each other as well. I'd suggest giving it a try since they are both very very good products. I rarely suggest software, but these programs are amazing and work extremely well and take a lot of guesswork out of some of these systems that I never really grew up with. If you are on the fence about it, I'd say either download the free version or just bite the bullet. It's only $30 and is basically turn key.
  11. Amiga Forever 7

    So I bit the bullet and got both the Amiga Forever and Commodore 64 Forever programs. Man... everything just works. FINALLY!!! It's so easy. This is aboslutly worth it if you have any issue playing the commodore systems. The way I have used it with launchbox is this. I've pulled a chunk of C64 games from my roms folder and unzipped them. .d64 and .tap files will now be associated with C64 during installation. So double clicking the files will open up the program and create a new .rp9 file (stands for RetroPlatform I guess) This is basically the image of the game. Now you can just throw those into a new Rom folder and import the .rp9 files like any other game and platform import and add the emulator like normal and it'll all work! The only issue I've run into so far, is with the Amiga Forever 7 program now, when loading up games, they run and a really fast speed, like 2 or 3 times as fast as they should. I've checked the options but am having a hard time with getting it running normally.
  12. N64 DD Emulation?

    Sweet! Thanks!
  13. N64 DD Emulation?

    Could you be able to explain a bit on how you set it up? I downloaded Project 64 and the Bios but I have no clue where in the options to make the N64Bios selected.
  14. Amiga Forever 7

    Awesome! I did some more research, it seems like it's basically a virtualization environment specifically for Amiga (like Hyper-V for Windows) This sounds really intriguing. Hopefully I can give it a go, I've always been stumped with Amiga and C64 stuff. Hopefully the roms I have will work with it. I think the issue with me is more filtering out the games to make sure that I don't have 25,000 games for one system and half of them are revisions or copies or hacks or software.