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  1. Parallel 64 Expectations

    ah ok bummer, thanks for the info though. I'd rather play with the clarity for most games, than the "accurate emulation" when I very rarely would be able to tell. I see why people would want it, but there is no way I'm playing Zelda looking like Angryliion makes it look, its just too blurry. It's weird because Angrylion looks way worse to me than if I just hookup my N64 directly to my TV
  2. BSX / Satellaview question

    What rom set are you using? I'd suggest the No-Intro. Can you load the games up in Retroarch first, without launchbox?
  3. Parallel 64 Expectations

    I haven't been into the N64 emulation scene since around 2002. Retroarch is kinda my all in one go to for everything and with N64 I switched from the mupen to Parralleli core recently after hearing amazing things about this Angrylion plugin. Well, when I changed over it, I changed the GFX plugin to Angrylion and the VI overlay and it looks....bad. LIke real bad. it's blurry and hard to see anything. turning the GFX plugin to Auto fixes it and allows me to run and much higher internal resolutions. But if I go back to angylion it doesn't allow me to use those high resolutions and ends up just making the image distorted and blurry. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is it just one of those things that make it look like an old 64? If so, what is the benifit of Agrylion? If it's just settings, what settings need to be changed and to what?
  4. BSX / Satellaview question

    I use the Snes9x core and it works flawlessly. I stopped using the BSnes cores as there just were too many of them and I never knew which one to use, and when.
  5. 8.0-beta-1 Released

    Awesome! That's really the last issue that I really want resolved with my LaunchBox build. Everything else works pretty much flawlessly (other than the Commodore 64 Vice core with RetroArch and the controls)
  6. 8.0-beta-1 Released

    Awesome! The PDF viewer does make BigBox nicer to use now. Any way of knowing what else you are hoping to implement? I would really like some RetroArch netplay implementation more than anything. I really want to play with my friend, but he really doesn't like the way it's done now, because he can't use BigBox and select a game.
  7. Mario Kart and Tekknoparrot 1.30

    Is there a other place than the official website we should download it from? I'm really sick of turning off Defender everytime I want to try this stuff out.
  8. Mario Kart and Tekknoparrot 1.30

    I got it all working. The DLL download file fixed the issue. 1. In TeknoParrotUI, select the Mario Game, Go to Game Settings, and then the Input Mapper. In the Input mapper, for Wheel Axis, you want to use the X axis of whatever you are doing (Basically the X axis of the left thumbstick if you are using a controller, so I just hit left on the left thumbstick and it will map that as both the left and right directions) 2. Start the game, if the game gives you the red warning screen, hit the test button (I used the left thumbstick click in) , reset the game, and then it should be working 100%
  9. Mario Kart and Tekknoparrot 1.30

    With Mario Kart, I am able to open it up, but if I run it in windowed mode, it doesn't show up in a screen at all but I can hear audio. If I run if fullscreen, then it comes up with an error stating "Cannot find Direct3D compatible device" and crashes. I'm not running on a laptop, and I've got a 1080ti, so it's not an issue with no dedicated GPU. Any advice?
  10. Mario Kart and Tekknoparrot 1.30

    Ah I see, ok, got that all set up and working... except with no sound. This seems crazy insanely harder to setup than it should be. I spent 2 hours reading up on other forums downloading multiple "fixes" and things. I'll be happy if I can get this and the mario kart game working.
  11. Mario Kart and Tekknoparrot 1.30

    I got that part, now I've got another error. A box pops up saying "IO Error: Libraly" I click ok and the game starts to boot, but then asks for test switch to be pressed. I'm pressing what I have mapped in the game settings, but nothing happens. I went into the game's readme and it says t is the test, so I hit T to get into the test menu. the I/O stuff needs to be set I guess, the steering and gas and brake. the controller doesn't work at all, so I have to use the keyboard. The arrows should be steering left and right, and Gas = Space bar and Brake = Ctrl. Yet when I try to calibrate, it fails no matter what.
  12. Mario Kart and Tekknoparrot 1.30

    Any tutorials on how to use it? I got the 1.21 file, opened it up, and it's really a terrible interface, looks like something that was designed by committee back in 2007. I figured out that the rom needs to be unzipped and the emulator needs to have each game configured and it told where the exe for the game is. Once that was done, I chose to boot up Chase HQ 2 and it comes up with error "cannot find parrotloader.exe". I searched through the directory and can't find it. and I searched online and no help is given. Any advice? EDIT: It seems as though the Teknoparrot got picked up as a really bad file by windows and quarantined it. I restored it, but I hit another snag. Now when running the program it comes up with an error saying I have another emulator running (I don't) and it also wants me to remove a bunch of files in the game directory, but I can't find them.
  13. Yeah, it was due to a certificate error on Libretro's site earlier today, but it is fixed and Stellar is working perfectly fine.
  14. eXoDOS/Win3Xo, MEAGER export and LB 6.x

    Glad to hear that this hasn't completely died! I hope v3 releases soon!