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  1. TheMadMan007

    Daphne in Retroarch (Setup/Tutorial)

    I've asked this several times too since the core showed up. Hopefully we can get it working easily and get a tutorial soon
  2. TheMadMan007

    Daphne Trouble

    I would love a updated tutorial on using Retroarch's Daphne core, I want to use it, but have no clue on where to start with it.
  3. TheMadMan007

    Alternative Game Gear emulators?

    I just tried all six of the games with the Genesis Plus GX core in RetroArch, and they all work perfectly. You have bad roms. Get the No-Intro set and you won't have any issues.
  4. TheMadMan007

    RetroArch's Genesis Plus GX core not allowing lightgun crosshair

    Ugh... Ok, now I'm running into major issues. I can get the crosshair to show up now, but I can't "fire". Left or right clicking the mouse doesn't fire, and neither controllers will get the game to "fire" or select a thing. So I thought to troubleshoot and make sure other lightgun games work. I went to Duck Hunt for NES, surely this should be easy and work right away.... NOPE. same thing, the mouse moves the Zapper crosshair around but I can not click to fire. Is there something really wrong with my system? I downloaded a new Retroarch build, just incase and its still the same issues. I'm starting to pull my hair out at this, playing Duck Hunt via emulation shouldn't be this hard.
  5. TheMadMan007

    RetroArch's Genesis Plus GX core not allowing lightgun crosshair

    Looks like it's due to the fact that the 2nd player controller needed to be set to MD Menacer. I was only doing it with the 1st Player controller, and the MD Menacer never shows up, I never thought to setup the 2nd player as the gun. Ok, I think I got it now.
  6. TheMadMan007

    RetroArch's Genesis Plus GX core not allowing lightgun crosshair

    Huh, I've never even heard of Body Count, I guess it was only released in Europe, so I never played it here in the states. I loaded it up and it works perfectly, using the D-pad moves the cross hair just fine. I grabbed a new rom of the Menacer game, but it still isn't working. I do have the No-Intro set, so I doubt it was the rom to begin with, but just trying to troubleshoot.
  7. TheMadMan007

    RetroArch's Genesis Plus GX core not allowing lightgun crosshair

    No, the Menacer game, it has a ToeJam and Earl mini game where you use the lightgun to throw tomatoes at humans. It was one of six minigames packed in the cart for the Sega Menacer lightgun.
  8. I went to play the Sega Genesis Menacer Toejam and Earl game, and in RetroArch I am unable to play it at all. I went into the options and made sure "Show Lightgun crosshair" was set to on, but for whatever reason I can not get the game to get passed the menu select screen. No matter if I use my mouse of controller, nothing works.
  9. TheMadMan007

    8.6-beta-1 Released

    Gotcha, thanks for the clarification.
  10. TheMadMan007

    8.6-beta-1 Released

    When the new MAME importer says clones will be imported as “apps”... what does that mean exactly? I don’t remember hearing that phrase in regard to LaunchBox before
  11. TheMadMan007

    8.6-beta-1 Released

    So apparently there is a new MAME importer... I deleted my Arcade list, and then reimported with the new importer. I have roughly 500 roms in my folder and it took quite a while to import, it looks like it imported over 2,500 roms now. Is there something that I missed or do I have to have the full MAME set now? I was using a modified version of LordMonkus' No Filler batch to filter out only the roms I want. So my ROMs folder only has 500 games in it, I point the MAME importer to that folder, then it imports 2,500 games.. Not really sure what I'm doing wrong.
  12. TheMadMan007

    Daphne Laser Disc emulator - a comprehensive tutorial

    I've had several issues with several games in Daphne over the years which I was never able to figure out how to fix. Now that there is a Daphne core in RetroArch, does anyone have a quick setup guide for that? I have all the games setup to work with normal Daphne, but not the RA core.
  13. TheMadMan007

    PCSX2 Configurator

    Nope, not yet. I actually posted about this yesterday in the Emulation section (Apparently there is like 3 or 4 separate threads about PCSX2 Configuration stuff). Next broke the plugin and doesn't work anymore. It works with the original LB, and any settings you already downloaded still work properly. but if you are in the 8.6 version you can't even go back to the original LB. Oh well, hopefully it gets updated soon.
  14. Ok cool, thanks for the info. I tried to revert to the OG LaunchBox, but it doesn't have that option in the menu anymore. I remember seeing it sometime last week, but it isn't anywhere in the menus now. Oh well, hopefully Alec will whip up a new version that works with Next.
  15. ah ok, isn't Next just regular LB now though? I am using the current beta, but there is no .Next.exe anymore for me, it's just LaunchBox.exe. But I'm assuming that is why I"m having an issue.