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  1. LaunchBox.Next Now Available

    Same here, It's just too big, I use a projector in our room and my 1080p display has to have a 150% scale, with LB Next the box arts are just too big to have it usable.
  2. What controller are you all using for your MAME?

    Same. Xbox One Elite controller for everything. It's the perfect controller. Sure I could hook up all the original controllers and even use the wireless arcade sticks, but the X1 controller is so comfortable and wireless.
  3. Ran the new updated version, everything seems to be working perfectly! Thank you so much, this is a fantastic tool

    I do wish that more sites/wikis included settings more than just what builds people have. I remember back in the day there were sites that went though exactly what settings were used for each game, and I remember when N64 emulation was still in going on, the xbox version allowed people to use what was basically community Favorited settings that made it a one click option to run games with the best settings possible.... seems like that mindset is totally gone now.
  5. No Filler Mame Rom Set Version 2

    I have full sets including CHD of pretty much most .5 releases. So 1.70, 1.75,1.80,.85, .90, and now .95 If you need any help testing, I'm more than happy to help out wherever I can too.
  6. No Filler Mame Rom Set Version 2

    Awesome idea, I love your first set! I've been using split for years at this point, but I think I'd prefer a Non-Merged set more as the extra 40ish gigs is nothing now-a-days. Even here in America with our trash speeds and bandwidth caps, 40 gigs isn't really a whole whole lot. if not Non Megered, Split I guess.
  7. Updating RetroArch in LaunchBox

    I've had huge issues with Stellar when updating RetroArch and the Cores. If I update with Cores only, it's fine, but if RetroArch has a stable update, or if I want to update the Nightly (Which is what I use), It usually does something to my RetroArch where it doesn't load. I'm not sure if it corrupting it, or what, but I can never trust it to update the program itself and just use it to update the cores only.
  8. Retroarch's MAME core not saving settings

    I'm having a real issue with the MAME core in RetroArch, whenever I go to a game, it's not saving the general input settings. I setup two controllers and all the inputs I wanted, played a few mins of Turtles and then exited, then loaded it up again, and the settings for all the controls were not saved. I tried this with several other games, mainly Brawler games as its the easiest to get into for testing, and it's basically not saving the settings I have for controllers. Sometimes UI select is the A button, sometimes it the L bumper, sometimes its the Y button. It's really strange, anyone have any idea why this is happening, and how to fix it? I do have a MAME folder setup in my System folder in RetroArch, as I remember that was one of the requirements that I needed to get some stuff to work a year or two ago.
  9. Looks like you are running two copies of Retroarch locally... correct? Or are you remoting in and running one instance locally and the other remotely? Because I can't get it to work from outside the network yet. I'm having some weird slowdown issues though running Netplay. Contra on NES for instance runs fine just loading up the game without netplay, but with netplay enabled, it runs a bit slower and has choppy audio.
  10. If this can get implimented and working well with Launchbox, this would be huge!! Its my single most wanted feature at this point. I have noticed it the past when Netplay was redone last year, that you did have to have the roms scanned in RetroArch for it to work, and they needed to be used with the same core and same files, but if you and the other player have the same stuff, it did work pretty well. I haven't tried in a long long time as I was waiting for this. I really hope you guys can figure it out!
  11. Timer for keeping track of gaming time?

    Ah that's right, I remember RocketLauncher doing something like that, bummer that I deleted it a long time ago in the Hyperspin days after promises of "it's so much easier with this new update" yet it was just so insanely complicated that I dropped it like a bad habit. Oh well, guess it's one of those white whale things that will probably never happen. It's a bummer too since I think that it's a pretty big deal as I catalog every game I beat and write down how long it took me to complete it.
  12. Timer for keeping track of gaming time?

    I can't remember if this has been addressed before, but I was wondering if there was any timer implementation to games. Basically like how steam keeps track of how long you have been playing a game, I really wish more things like this were available as I really like being able to see how long I've been playing a game for or even how long it took me to complete a game.
  13. Parallel 64 Expectations

    ah ok bummer, thanks for the info though. I'd rather play with the clarity for most games, than the "accurate emulation" when I very rarely would be able to tell. I see why people would want it, but there is no way I'm playing Zelda looking like Angryliion makes it look, its just too blurry. It's weird because Angrylion looks way worse to me than if I just hookup my N64 directly to my TV
  14. BSX / Satellaview question

    What rom set are you using? I'd suggest the No-Intro. Can you load the games up in Retroarch first, without launchbox?
  15. Parallel 64 Expectations

    I haven't been into the N64 emulation scene since around 2002. Retroarch is kinda my all in one go to for everything and with N64 I switched from the mupen to Parralleli core recently after hearing amazing things about this Angrylion plugin. Well, when I changed over it, I changed the GFX plugin to Angrylion and the VI overlay and it looks....bad. LIke real bad. it's blurry and hard to see anything. turning the GFX plugin to Auto fixes it and allows me to run and much higher internal resolutions. But if I go back to angylion it doesn't allow me to use those high resolutions and ends up just making the image distorted and blurry. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is it just one of those things that make it look like an old 64? If so, what is the benifit of Agrylion? If it's just settings, what settings need to be changed and to what?