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  1. I load up RetroArch. change Video driver to Vulkan, load up a GameCube game and go into the Quick Menu>Overrides, and select Save Core Override Then I load up RetroArch, change the Video Driver to GL, Load up a PSP game and go into the Quick Menu>Overrides, and select Save Core Override. Then I try and go back to the GameCube game and it won't launch, because RetroArch is still in GL mode, am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to specify in LaunchBox to use a specific core override or something like that?
  2. One issue that I've run into that I can't figure out how to resolve easily is, whenever I try to launch certain Systems in Launchbox, it requires the changing of the Video API driver. For example; I can launch most systems fine if the Video Driver is set to GL within Launchbox, but GL is an older API and it looks like Vulkan is now the prefered driver to use. Also, LaunchBox will not load up GameCube or Wii games with RetroArch in GL video driver mode, It has to be set to Vulkan. The thing is, if I set it to Vulkan, other systems, like PSP won't launch in Vulkan, it has to be set to
  3. Ah ok, that makes sense. I already do that anyways without a dat file. I've never liked ClrMamePro or RomCenter's way of handeling games and renaming. It's honestly just easier for me to do it myself. Thanks for the info though, I figured it had to do with auditing or something like that.
  4. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what do .dat files do exactly? I've always seen people stress over them all the time, but I never once have paid attention to any of it. I've always got the .iso file for the games I wanted and let it be at that. What is the importance of them?
  5. No there are no separate roms for MVS & AES. The original Neo Geo carts contained the same game, it was the hardware/bios that determined the version. So a MVS was the arcade hardware, the AES was the home console. You could take a Neo Geo cart out of the arcade cabinet, and put it in a AES machine and the machine would tell the game which version to basically run. The Bios is the important consideration. Use the UniBios and run whatever version you want.
  6. I'd honestly suggest going with Retroarch's Flycast core, Demul hasn't been updated in years, and the Flycast core seems to be semi-actively developed and way more easy to use
  7. Compatibility really is the only reason to keep them, but most cores a few megs, a couple can be a bit larger around maybe 200 megs, but if you are running out of space, deleting a few cores is the least of your worries. I personally just have all the cores downloaded and update them periodically. If one gets depreciated or something along the lines of that, I just move it into an Archived folder. I'd rather have a backup for whatever unseen circumstance, than have to go searching around for something when I didn't need to. Again, if you are running low on space, you need to invest in a bigger
  8. I'm excited to see how this version improves, but the main thing that I hope gets added more than anything else right now is a dark mode. Even a grey mode... anything other than blinding white really.
  9. Just bought it on my Shield and so far everything seems to be running extremely well. Thanks Jason for all your incredible work! I'll always mainly use the Windows version, but having Launchbox on my shield for when I travel for work will make hotel rooms just that much nicer.
  10. Honestly it sounds either like a software corruption issue or Hardware issue. Have you tried basic troubleshooting, like redownloading the emulator directly from the source? What Romset are you using? Have you tried using another emulator? Some more info would allow people to help you more.
  11. Mame is super simple on RetroArch, here is a quick rundown/setup instructions. 1. Make sure both the normal MAME roms and the CHDs are the same version (Honestly the CHDs being .199 shouldn't be a problem, but MAME is always super picky about that crap, just update them). Then make sure they are the same version as the core (.205 is the newest one and it looks like you are already using the .205 romset, just use the normal MAME core, don't mess around with the older MAME cores that have years next to them) 2. the CHD folders need to be in the same folder as the normal MAME roms, for
  12. The Reicast core in RetroArch also plays Atomiswave and Naomi games extremely well too. I prefer to use RetroArch over all other emulators for ease of use and complete customization. Plus Demul as far as I know hasn't been updated in years and Reicast has been updated pretty regular as of late. But again, whatever you want is fine.
  13. Sadly, no, I gave up on it months ago, RetroArch has more important things to do than fix something that should be a no brainer, like backporting the emulator to Windows 3.1 and PS2 instead.... I kid...kinda... But yeah, I think the only way to really get those games to work is basically just use another emulator. It sucks, but I don't see the RetroArch team ever going back and fixing it, and I'm not going to hold my breath.
  14. Teknoparrot does work, the biggest issue is getting the file to download since Chrome & Defender both registers it as malware and its a pain. Once you whitelist it, and set it up (their emulator configuration is weird and un-intuitive) it works pretty well.
  15. Just open file explorer, go the your emulator folder and create two new folders, name one PCSX2 (USA), and one PCSX2 (Japan)...(Or whatever you want to name them, NTSC or whatever makes sense to you, but if you are doing them for different regions, just make it easy on yourself) Then copy over the emulator to both of the folders, then in Launchbox, go to the Manage Emulators option, add, then just add the first one for normal use, set that up,and make sure you name it something easy to differentiate (again, USA/Japan, try to keep a uniform naming convention so you don't get confused) then
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