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  1. TheMadMan007

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    I've avoided using LB.Next until the weird different colored boxes around the games got removed. Looks like that finally got resolved and also Controller support too. The one final thing that seems to be weird is that the box art images do not resize. When I move the slider down at the bottom, it just gives more spacing, it doesn't resize the image like original LB does. I'm running my PC on a projector and sitting at least 18 feet back on a 100" screen, my display scaling is 150%, I was thinking that might have been an issue, but it looks like that isn't the case. Does anyone else have this, is it a known issue? Am I just missing something? I also did try going into the settings and mess around with the spacing options, but that didn't seem to make a difference at all.
  2. TheMadMan007

    No Filler Mame Rom Set Version 2

    Just my 2 cents here. But before I say anything else, I do want to say thank you. You did an amazing job and I've spent several hours going through and adding and deleting stuff and used your's as a templete to make my own version of this. Right now I'm at 536, trying to either tone it down to 500 even or build it up to 550. The biggest issue I had with your list was there was way too many top down anime shooters. I tried every single one of them for about 5 mins and most felt like clones of each other or different versions of a few. That, and the weird omissions of a lot of classics, like Outrun, Contra, Paperboy, Commando and just a lot of other ones that you would normally see in the top 400 lists of Arcade games. For me adding games that need CHD but are the actual games most people want to play far outweighs size. Sure space can be an issue, but we are halfway into 2018, a 128 gig SD card costs like $30 now. Easily enough to add games like NFL Blitz or NBA Jam and tons of others without having to worry about space. Again, it's your list, you can do what you want, but I saw a lot of filler anime shooters in that list. Again, thank you so much for the list and I think it is good, but adding about 20 classics to that list and taking out a few anime girl shooters might help make it more complete.
  3. TheMadMan007

    No Filler Mame Rom Set Version 2

    I'd be down to see what you have. I've been building my own list for several years, starting back in the original modded Xbox days and slowly adding or removing favorites or what I consider a basic full collection of any arcade game that I would want to play that isn't complete crap. I'm trying to keep it at a solid 1,000
  4. TheMadMan007

    No Filler Mame Rom Set Version 2

    Now that we are a month away from 200. What do you think the time frame for this list to be done? Will it be when 200 drops, or before?
  5. Cool, thanks man, interesting info, I'll just use Buildbot server as default, unless I run into an error.
  6. Sweet, thanks man! What is the difference between the buildbot and RAW builds?
  7. TheMadMan007

    N64 Mupen / Parrallel

    Ah ok, yeah Angrylion might be more accurate, but man it looks like a blurry mess. I just tried some stuff and Angrylion plugin looks worst than just hooking up my actual N64 to my tv. I'd take a nicer cleaner uprezed look for N64 games over what Angrylion makes it look like. It's such a bummer, I really wish someone would redo the N64 emulation instead of us having t deal with all these plugins and stuff.
  8. TheMadMan007

    N64 Mupen / Parrallel

    Really? I'm running Parallel and it allows for the Resolution to be changed. I was under the assumption that Parallel is the core to use for N64 games now too.
  9. TheMadMan007

    LaunchBox.Next Missing Features Thread

    in LB.Next, if you choose to use the Default Background, it just displays the color for the theme. In Normal LB, choosing Use Default Background, It uses a nice clean Carbon Fiber looking background which I like the look of much more than a single bright theme color or the horrible fanart that it looks like most people use.
  10. TheMadMan007

    Retroarch suddenly has no Audio

    So I just got fed up with about an hour of troubleshooting yesterday and just reformatted really quick and it fixed the issue. I'm assuming some weird driver issue was at the bottom of it, but again, I just didn't have the time to really dig deep. Anyways, it's all fixed. Thanks for your suggestions
  11. TheMadMan007

    Retroarch suddenly has no Audio

    I came home today and wanted to start playing some games, and for whatever reason today RetroArch has no audio when playing games whatsoever. I tested out multiple cores, multiple games, made sure Audio was enabled, changed it to +12 db and everything in between and just no audio. When I launch another emulator, Like Dolphin, Cemu, MAME sound works fine. When I launch a Youtube video or a Plex video sound works. So it's not a issue with Windows. This is a brand new Vanilla install of Windows 10 Pro. Downloaded a new RetroArch version just to see if mine was corrupt somehow but even the new one doesn't have audio either. I went into the driver settings and it's got the xaudio as the audio driver that works on my other PCs with the exact same copy. I'm completely stumped. Nothing was changed last night to today in regards to the settings or PC.
  12. Excellent, thank you!
  13. Oh ok cool, So is there a default cfg that I can basically copy and paste for all the different platforms or do I have to manually create a txt file, then rename it to .cfg and what goes into that, I'm looking at a couple .cfg files and they look extremely complicated
  14. This is exactly what I want! I hate bezels and overlays for the most part, but these are subtle and nice. One thing though... These are in .png, when I try to load them up in RetroArch, I go to the overlay section and try to browse but they do not show up as options to use. All the other overlays are in a .cfg file. Am I missing something?
  15. TheMadMan007

    NullDC crashes at Boot

    So there is definitely something wrong with the new Windows 10 April update that doesn't allow NullDC to run. Two of my PCs have the new update. PC 1 (Main PC): Win 10 Pro April Update, NullDC closes immediately after starting the program. PC 2 : WIn 10 Pro April Update: NullDC opens but crashes as soon as game is selected and tries to start the emulation PC 3: Win 10 Pro Doesn't have April Update: Runs perfectly fine PC 4: Win 10 Pro Doesn't have April Update: Runs perfectly fine I tried Demul and changing the plugin to the Image plug in will load the game, but it goes to the dashboard and treat the game like a audio CD.