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  1. How cool. It reminds me back when I used to have the Access menu program to launch my games with: http://members.quicknet.nl/blankendaalr/ If there's a way you can get a VGA-based GUI on it, it would be awesome.
  2. Jason Carr said 10. wkLeon Awesome job climbing the ranks! You're something like 70% of the way to HardcoreHubz, so you've certainly got a chance. We'll end the contest this coming Saturday. Thanks! :) If I miraculously make it to #3, you can gift it to the 4th place winner. I already have a lifetime license.
  3. Jason Carr said @CriticalCid, @XxvondutchxX, @wkLeon, I tried to open it up for you guys but I couldn't find your accounts. Go ahead and register and give me your gamer tags and I'll get you access. Just letting you know that my account on the database is now @wkLeon. You can now add me to the admin list.
  4. I'd love to test out editing the database, especially dealing with conflicting image uploads. (I've seen people upload transparent logos as front boxes at the other site, and like to see how to solve those types of problems).
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