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  1. Looks like that might only be the case for the Platform Category view. They're showing up under (None) there for me, and not for All or (Exists). The counts are correct though.
  2. Does anyone know if it's currently possible to prevent game videos from restarting when going into the details view in BigBox? It would be nice if it just continued from the same point it was at in the game list view.
  3. The problem Drybonz mentioned is the same thing I was talking about in this post: https://www.launchbox-app.com/forum/features/launchbox-beta-testing/page-106#p20365.
  4. In this latest update, I am no longer able to have the selected game's artwork not replace the launchbox background. I prefer it to just use the default background even when a game is selected. In the "Default Background" section, I have "Use LaunchBox Default Background" selected, and I unchecked everything in "Background Priorities" but I'm still getting a blown up cover for my background when I select a game. Unchecking all the background priorities adds a checked blank item to the list when I reopen the options, as shown in the attached image. Edit: Actually, it's not always using t
  5. In the previous version, I had that happen when I tried to do a completely unfiltered import of my full 172 rom set. Maybe it's related to adding too many roms?
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