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  1. In the latest beta, using LaunchBox Next, deleting a game from a playlist switches to the all games list. Don't know if this is a new issue or not, just noticed it recently, but I think I've been doing most of my playlist management in LaunchBox classic.
  2. Yeah, I just noticed this yesterday, but not sure how long it's been going on. The earliest games I've seen with missing videos were added on the 21st.
  3. It works for me with these config options (also using DOSBox SVN Daum, which may or may not be relevant): [dosbox] machine=svga_et4000 memsize=64 [cpu] core=auto cputype=auto cycles=max Maybe you just need to increase the memory?
  4. chglcu

    Mame split roms

    This is controlled by the "Combine ROMs with matching titles into a single game" import option. You can uncheck that if you want to avoid this in the future.
  5. If it doesn't load from within Retroarch either, make sure you have the correct versions of the bios. The PS1 core requires these specific files (from some wiki, and they work for me): SCPH5500.bin - (NTSC-J) Required for Japan-region games. SCPH5501.bin - (NTSC-U) Required for North America/US-region games. SCPH5502.bin - (PAL) Required for Europe-region games.
  6. I don't know if it's still the case, but a while back (months ago), BigBox's background CPU usage was quite a bit higher when using VLC instead of Windows Media Player for videos. I was having problems using some of the more complex RetroArch shaders smoothly until I changed that option.
  7. This list isn't prioritized or anything. Just a quick brain dump of the stuff I can remember that annoys me from time to time: Mark completed in Big Box. There's menu items for the other flags, but not completed. Logo priorities like we have for other image types. I'd like to be able to prefer Steam Banners and fallback to Clear Logos, for example. Might be more of a DB thing, but I'm getting a ton of Japanese art in the root image folders instead of the region folders, so LaunchBox is randomly showing me Japanese box art when North American is also present. Scrape non-
  8. I actually meant to report a similar thing back in the first beta with playlist support. As I recall, I had added some arcade games to playlists, then deleted all games from the platform and reimported, I then added the new games back into the same lists. In LaunchBox, only one entry showed up in the playlist, but in BigBox there were duplicates. It appears that the new import created games with a different ID but the same title (or maybe just the same rom name, don't remember for sure). The playlist XML file had both the old and new entries.
  9. You can already do this. In the Main Menu, Game->Add... then set the Application path to the game's .exe file. Edit: There's also Tools->Import->Windows Games, but I've never been able to get it to work. Just scans for hours before I get sick of waiting and kill it.
  10. The Platform and Platform Category sorting issues I had with the last build seem like they may be fixed. Haven't seen anything out of order in this build in any permutation of the sidebar options I've tried so far.
  11. chglcu


    Hard to say the exact cause without more specifics. I *think* MAME outputs errors to the console window, so you could try running "mame <romname>" in a command prompt and see if there's any helpful output. If you're using 64-bit mame, the command will be "mame64 <romname>" instead.
  12. K, just trying to make sure we're giving Jason accurate information, since this bug's gotta be driving him a bit crazy at this point . I forget that the Platform Categories view even exists since I always just use Platforms, so the opposite could be true for other people.
  13. Did you check the platform sorting in the Platforms view or only in Platform Categories? For me, the platforms are only out of order under the conditions I described above and only in Platforms view. Under categories, the platforms themselves always seem correct.
  14. I get this as well, but only if neither (None) or (Exists) are checked. Enabling either or both fixes the order.
  15. chglcu

    Stuck Button

    Yeah, I remember getting this problem anytime my HOTAS was plugged in and "Use All Controllers" was checked.
  16. For me, in this build, platform sorting is correct, except in the case that the first four sidebar options are all checked (All, None, Exists and Counts). If any one of those is not checked, everything sorts correctly. Aligning the counts doesn't seem to have any effect on the order. Edit: Playlists seem to always sort correctly now regardless of the sidebar options. In the previous build, having the All option enabled would screw up their order. Edit #2: In case it's relevant, all my platforms have a custom sort title in the form "N YYYY-MM-DD", where N is 0 for arcade, 1 for consol
  17. I was able to download platform videos earlier this morning (I think, maybe it was last night, kind of a blur right now for some reason), but there's a post in the Troubleshooting forum with someone else having similar problems. Maybe the server's just having issues right now.
  18. Does it maybe need to have the -L "cores/mednafen_wswan_libretro,dll" bit in there too?
  19. I thought it was GameDetailsView.xaml, not TextGamesView.xaml. If you want to keep the view available, but also the option to skip it, you can use the Play button (default gamepad button 3, keyboard P) instead of the Select button when in the games list.
  20. Just tried out the manual playlist sorting, which works well once its set up. The UI for actually sorting them is kind of painful though. For example, I have an "IGN Top 100 SNES Games" playlist, and clicking the up and down arrows to move each item one position at a time would take forever. I ended up editing the XML by hand to just type in the manual order numbers, which is error prone (very easy to accidentally delete a bracket, for example). Perhaps that number should be editable in the UI? Also, it would be nice if the list auto scrolled to keep the selected item in view when move up/down
  21. It seems to me that general boolean logic support would be much better. I doubt you'll be able to add enough special case field groupings to satisfy everyone, and that approach doesn't seem like it would work with custom fields. Something along the lines of what ComicRack does with smartlists doesn't seem overly complex: http://comicrack.cyolito.com/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=guides:smartlists
  22. From a quick glance, it looks like my platforms are sorting correctly now, but my playlists are not if I have the All item enabled. Without the All item, everything sorts fine.
  23. Just a guess, but maybe that's due to having Windows DPI scaling enabled? At least that looks like the 125% font instead of the default.
  24. I think you'll have to do this in RocketLauncher. Its been a while since I used RL, but if you look at this wiki page, and follow the instructions for Editing an existing emulator, you should be able to add -norawhid to the 'CLI parameters' for WinUAE.
  25. You can change the playlist options by right clicking the playlist in the side bar and selecting edit.
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