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  1. Just put them on github under issues section. https://github.com/spektor56/PegasusExportPlugin/issues For steam you have to use "relative path" linking cuz it uses the steam linking URL stuff and i haven't put code in for URL's yet. It works in relative linking because it causes an exception in my code and in that case i just return the original path which is the URL 😛
  2. Ok i'm done with this plugin for a while, should work decent enough lol. The multi-file platforms should work by setting the "Application Export" mode to "Link to application"
  3. Just added asset linking to the metadata file (absolute path, no relative paths), haven't tested it yet, give it a whirl. It doesn't link the Rom's yet, have to add the option for that first.
  4. Yes, just started working on it yesterday, lots to do still. You can configure the image associations through the XML file, i filled in the few that i've used for my SNES and NES collections. I've been using it for a totally separate android install so thats why the metadata / games are duplicated, I can add in the linking later as an option so it doesn't duplicate all the data (pretty positive pegasus supports this format). Haven't tested any multi-file systems yet, ill have to check the XML's for those. Platform selection and a whole wack of other settings still not implemented. I marked all these releases as "prerelease alpha" as that's the current state of the plugin. I only started using pegasus 2 days ago so its mostly new to me.
  5. Yea I wouldn't use it for Windows, there are much better options (launchbox). It works fine as a simple launcher on Android. I use my PS4 controller with my Android phone and it can play most games and even my PS4
  6. Just started working on an export plugin for pegasus frontend. It's a decent little multiplatform frontend but it doesn't have any scraping ability, luckily launchbox does! https://github.com/spektor56/PegasusExportPlugin/releases Been using it for my android setup, works quite well.Plugins.zip https://pegasus-frontend.org/
  7. Looking good, also thumbs up for the "knob" removal . I think the scrollbar thumbs would look cooler with rounded tips, not such a fan of boxy scrollbars (unless they are directly on the edge of the screen like android) for some reason.
  8. I'm using the WPF control Just get a black screen when trying to view this for example: http://webglsamples.org/aquarium/aquarium.html but works in my test app.
  9. Any other commands called on the Cef object or CefSettings? I downloaded same version (63.0.0) as used in bigbox and i cant reproduce the issue in my test app
  10. disable-gpu-compositing is definitely the offender here... Edit: hmm, tried with those two flags and it still works in my test app.
  11. @Jason Carr argh, unfortunately the Edge control suffers from the airspace issue where the cefsharp control does not. Are you fiddling with CefSettings() anywhere in launchbox? what version of cefsharp are you running? still can't get webgl working for cefsharp in BB
  12. Dammit, my brain is stuck in car years cuz i'm getting a 2020 next year LOL. Still, a year and 6 months is not far away.
  13. Windows 7 is a security liability, no DX12 support, ie11 dead with no support, no UWP support, no new CPU / hardware support, no new driver support, etc etc etc. Windows 10 is free, I don't get it.
  14. AFAIK it is only supported in Windows 10. windows 7 is end of life support in 6 months so doesn't really matter....
  15. Sample theme using WebGL, it's just a plain unusable theme as proof of concept (Windows 10 required) WebGL.zip The effect is like this: https://i.imgur.com/DEOtd4j.mp4
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