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  1. Yahoo ended support for their YQL api, which this plugin uses. Until I have time to switch it to another weather api it won't work.
  2. I could, but it's easier to just point the other few views at a new style. It takes 5 seconds where I would have to make changes, re-compile, re-package, re-upload to site etc. etc. I will try to get to it at some point down the line, but I can't say when.
  3. Grila


    Yes, cropped at 1080x1080
  4. Grila

    Switch Theme

    That property is in the BoxListBoxItemStyle.xaml inside the Styles directory. You should be able to spot the color hex codes pretty easily.
  5. Grila

    Switch Theme

    BoxesGamesView.xaml -> line 44 It's wrapped in a viewbox though, so if you want to change the size you'll need to delete the viewbox.
  6. Grila

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    I believe it would if you tightened up the opacity mask... EDIT: Ahh, I see what your getting at. The second logo is actually behind the selected one. That is impossible with the current implementation of the wheel.
  7. Grila

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    My Fundamental theme has the wheel opacity effect achieved with an opacity mask for the wheel. The selected game is 100, and it drops to zero in both directions (up and down).
  8. Grila

    Unified Redux

    I've installed it for you @bundangdon. Replace the corresponding file in the Unified Redux\Views folder with this one: TextListView.xaml Put the plugin DLL (unblock as needed) in the Unified Redux\Plugins directory: ListBoxScrollCenter.dll Here's a quick video of it working:
  9. Grila

    Bounty: BigBox full console-like theme

    Hey...I feel slighted 😂😂 Joking. But honestly I can say that the current BigBox grid view lacks some very important features, mainly a way to denote the selected item (like the horizontal box view). In it's current state, all you can do is zoom the selected item. I've been meaning to address the grid view with a plugin to make it better, but have been caught up in other things.
  10. Grila


    You have to turn them on in the LaunchBox options...
  11. Grila


    Total number of games available on each platform is already in the theme...
  12. Grila


    <Rectangle x:Name="KeyRectangle" Grid.Column="5" Fill="{Binding SelectionBackgroundBrush, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged, NotifyOnTargetUpdated=True}" Visibility="Collapsed"> <Rectangle.Triggers> <EventTrigger RoutedEvent="Binding.TargetUpdated"> <BeginStoryboard> <Storyboard> <ColorAnimation Storyboard.TargetName="brush1" Storyboard.TargetProperty="Color" To="{Binding Fill.Color, ElementName=KeyRectangle}" Duration="0:0:0.5" /> </Storyboard> </BeginStoryboard> </EventTrigger> </Rectangle.Triggers> </Rectangle> <controls:VolumeKnobControl Grid.Column="5" FillBrush="{Binding ForegroundBrush}" Value="{Binding Path=VolumeValue, Mode=TwoWay}" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Focusable="True" IsTabStop="True" FocusVisualStyle="{StaticResource FocusVisualStyle}" Padding="10,0,10,0" Margin="0,2,0,2"> <controls:VolumeKnobControl.HighlightBrush> <SolidColorBrush x:Name="brush1" Color="{Binding ElementName=KeyRectangle, Path=Fill.Color}" /> </controls:VolumeKnobControl.HighlightBrush> </controls:VolumeKnobControl>
  13. Grila


    I meant just copy the volume knob code and paste it in LBPlex by where I have the volume slider. You can't just replace the whole file.
  14. Grila


    Or you could just copy it from the default theme ControlsView.xaml and paste it in there...