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  1. Thanks for replying, I'll add a feature request.
  2. I want to import some complete romsets I have on an external drive, then mass-hide games that weren't released in the USA to make the library less cluttered, but still have them easily playable by just unhiding them. This doesn't work however, because with merged games I don't seem to have any control over what region becomes the default one when importing. Is there an option I'm missing? I don't want to expand them because then the library would become cluttered with revisions and betas of USA games.
  3. An idea I had was that a playlist could be used if a series has a particularly confusing order that you're supposed to play it in. I also like the idea of "best of X platform" playlists.
  4. Is it possible to set the default background to be platform fanart for a selected game whenever there isn't any game fanart?
  5. I'm late here, but I was recently cleaning my library and was concerned when I noticed that StarFox 2 is no longer in the database. I'm glad to hear that there's plans to add them again eventually.
  6. It takes a long time connecting to EmuMovies. I have changed the username and password in the options so that it can't connect, but it still tries.
  7. I linked Launchbox to my EmuMovies account, and now I regret it. It takes a long time when I'm importing games, and I only really want the manuals anyways. I checked the options but there doesn't seem to be any way to disconnect from EmuMovies, aside from putting in the wrong login information.
  8. Now that I've thrown all my emulated games into Launchbox, I love being able to see the box art, and have them sorted by release date. I thought my earliest emulated games were the NES launch lineup - turns out it's actually a Famicom port of Galaxian that was released a year earlier. I will probably buy the premium version soon, but for now I have two questions: Is it possible to display a background, (custom or otherwise,) representing the console a highlighted game is for, instead of the clear logos? (Without replacing every single clear logo picture with the background.) Is it pos
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