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  1. I agree bud ......but as you said its all fixed now so were all good and i am sure if it was this easy of a fix that others wont mind just reinstalling it ....i mean nothing says you have to use it for anything other then this anyhow i still use my win amp for mp3s so im good again ty for the info :)
  2. WoooHooo Problem fixed ty very much my friend that was bothering the shit out of me lol
  3. ok ill give it a try now ...i always remove windows media player as i never use it but ill instyall it now ty for the info :)
  4. Ok i am pretty new to launchbox but i seem to be having an issue that i am hoping someone can help with. First thing is i installed launchbox to try it out just as i am sure alot of others have and it was fine i didnt really have any issues! I would import a platform and i tried a couple and it happens with all of them .....but i import the system then everything seems fine all games listed and i can even play them fine my issue is this......when you very first click onto a game a little music file starts playing ....well i never had no issues with the reg launchbox install but that was on my laptop ....so to make a long story short when i decided to purchase premium I did it on my main system and not the laptop .....so i download the now newest version of launchbox but this time i instead pay for premium and i add my license file and all seems fine but now when i am in launch box and i am to click on a game the following error comes up ....now normally i wouldnt care much because its only these little intro tunes but it happens every game you click on which can get annoying ! If anybody could help me out with this id be greatful......also I apologize if this was addressed somewere else but i searched and had luck finding anything pertaining to my issue! Also i really wanna apologize about the grammar i know it sucks and i am in the process of learning it a bit better and i really hope you could understand what i am saying and again ty for your time!
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