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  1. Yea, this is what i was asking Its as i feared. There is no way to tell steam to launch a game in "streaming mode" Oh, well my setup is working great as it is, was just an idea to streamline tings a bit. Thank you for all your excellent replies.
  2. I suspect you have things a bit backwards, but it gives me hope that what I want can be achieved. I don't want to stream my emulators, they run fine on my HTPC, i just want to add the few games i run on my livingroom that requires the grunt of the big one to launchbox. But if i understand you correctly i have to run launchbox in its entirety through steam for this to work. If that is the case i think i'm just going to stick with launching steam and launchbox seperately. But good tips if i ever want to emulate some systems that don't run good on my HTPC.
  3. Would it be possible to add games for in-home streaming? My HTPC is not a powerhouse, favouring silence and small form factor over grunt. Therefore i need to use in-home streaming to run more modern games. In-home streaming works great for most of the games I use it with and it would be awesome if I could add the games i like to play on my TV to Launchbox. Is there any way for setting up launch box to launch the games with streaming? NOTE: I haven't looked closely at the steam functionality of launchbox yet, and this might already be documented somew
  4. Note that many Romsets (especially those labled "complete" etc) contain games that have no good dumps etc for completeness. And games that Mame can't run yet. There are several reason bios'es are not included in the rom archives themselves: 1) Its a separate piece of code with separate copyrights 2) The bios would have been part of the "machine code", not the "game code", so because mame has accuracy as its main goal it makes sense to have these separate. Especially if an error in the bios dump was discovered and you had to update the bios on all roms. -And most importantly: 3) Space:
  5. You're probably going to need something like this: http://www.poweriso.com/tutorials/convert-image-file-to-bin.htm As for running it as a batch job, you might have to look around at the various tools out there and see if any of them either has a batch function or lets you create a batchjob yourself (For instance a command-line tool). Got quite a few hits on google: https://www.google.no/search?q=convert+img+to+bin+cue
  6. So it turned out the best way that worked out for me was to set up Autoconfig profiles properly. Now I can swap what controller is connected via USB, and it sets up the correct button configs on the fly. (Important if you want to customize/set up autoconfigs, bind your pad. Save autoconfig, and _clear_ your settings before closing) More info in this thread from the RA forums: http://libretro.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6458
  7. As for missing images / videos: U usually have to put these in the right folders yourself unfortunately. The themes mainly deal with the layout and placement of items + fontes etc. So for clean hardware for instance if you read through the thread he posts where you can find the large hardware images and where to put them, same for the backgrounds. Once set up as described it works as his screenshots suggests. Not optimal, but its a start. :) Next natural step for theming would be to have images folders within the theme and an option in the settings to either let the theme ov
  8. Update: I think I might end up setting up several comtroller - config files for each of my "use cases" using the config override function and have a script rename the files when i swap what setup i wan't Going to experiment with autoconfigs first and see if i'm able to produce the wanted results with that first. Thanks for suggestions and replies so far, and feel free to chime in with any other suggestions if you have any. :)
  9. Yea, I'm thinking of making it platform specific for now. Or experimenting with some extra config files for controllers. I have also asked on the libretro forums. Whats frustrating is that i have to rebind everything. If it was just a simple matter of selecting the right controller then it would be far less of an issue. What i really would have liked would be a way for me to just choose what controller i want to use at any given time, the best sollution would be if retroarch let me assign more then one controller at the same time. :/ As a workaround i guess a joy2key setup could work.
  10. That worked great. Now my setup is back to its great looking self again. :D
  11. I mainly use RetroArch for all my emulation needs. I'll be recieving my two arcade sticks today and was wondering if you guys have any suggestions on the easiest way to manage controller setups for retroarch. The optimal setup for me would be if player 1 and 2 could be set up to use both the game-pads i have and the arcade sticks simultaneously and let the player decide what controller he prefers. But from what i have read so far online this seems like it won't be possible. The next idea i had was having custom cfg files for the various setups. (One for gamepads and one for the sticks
  12. Dipso


    This is closely related to a request i submitted to the tracker. I want to run dosbox through retroarch due to the superior shader support in ra, but for that to work launch box needs options for alternate emulators for dos games. I think the suggestion of making the implementation closer to the other platforms is a good idea. The ability to make a clone or variant of a platform would be nice too since you might want to launch certain games with certain emulators (depending on support and features)
  13. heinsenberg82 said Hi. After I choose the theme inside Big Box, the image position does not change to the center (it stays on the upper side of the screen, as default). I have the same issue, i think its due to some changes in the offical version vs the beta of big box, as it happened when i updated... :(
  14. Great Theme! It looks awesome on my setup. :D
  15. After feeling dumb for not understanding how to install these themes i finally figured it out. I though i might make a post for others feeling as confused as I did. 1. Get the latest beta - At the time of writing themes are only supported by the Beta version. 2. Install/unzip themes, keeping them in their own folder into: [your launchbox folder]\themes\ (If the themes folder does not exist, create it.) 3. Choose the theme from the options menu in big box. A few notes: - A lot of the themes depend on having the "right" graphics for platforms etc or the correct settings. Take a look i
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