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  1. Ok, I'm just throwing this out here because a "wouldn't it be nice if this where a thing" post in this forum inspired me to develop this. I've got a crazy crude joystick driven PDF viewer for viewing manuals with a Joystick. Currently, the controls are hard coded to support the two controllers I happen to own: XBOX 360 wireless and iBuffalo SNES pads. It MIGHT work with others. I am NOT a .NET developer (I do website development to pay the bills). This is an ALPHA release. It's only a proof of concept and has had super minimal testing. It could crash in any number of horrible ways so please use with caution. In other words "use at your own risk". You can find the full source on GitHub as JPDFViewer. XBOX Controller: A -- Page Down B -- Page UP Pov Hat -- Tap up/down to move a single line. Currently it doesn't scroll, so you must tap per line. Back button: Exit the viewer SNES Pad A -- Page Down B -- Page UP DPAD -- Tap up/down to move a single line. Currently it doesn't scroll, so you must tap per line. Select: Exit the viewer I'm attaching the binary to the Alpha release. To use it, extract the files to the directory of your choosing and make it your default PDF viewer. Obviously this is intended for systems that are used exclusively for LaunchBox/BigBox. Future versions may include a pass-through feature so that only PDF's in your manuals directory open with this. How much dev time this gets depends on if anybody actually wants to use this. JPDF ALPHA.zip
  2. Jason Carr Thanks for the response. The current version of autohotkey does seem to work with the emulators directly. If there are logs I can send or anything that would help let me know. Launchbox is an amazing piece of software and I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with next.
  3. So I've used AHK with Launchbox previously but now I'm not having any luck. I've tried *everything* I can think of but my AHK controller script simply doesn't run. Here is the script: Joy7:: If GetKeyState("Joy8") { Send {Escape} } Return #If What I've tried: -Running the program as Administrator -Running the program with Windows 7 (and 8) compatibility mode -Downloaded the latest version of AHK and verified the script works with other programs -Tried attaching the script to both Dolphin and Retroarch in Launchbox (neither work). -Tried simple single button AHK script....nothing -Disconnecting all but a single wireless XBOX 360 controller -Tested in both Launchbox and Bigbox I'm using controller automation as a partial work-around now, but I want to use AHK for more than just exiting the emulator and controller automation is limited in what it can do. Can anyone please help?
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