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  1. Collection Themes 16:9 (1080p) (60fps)

    View File

    A Few Collection themes (1080p) (60fps) 16:9 

    Devil May Cry HD Collection

    Bioshock The Collection

    Broken Sword the Collection

    Dead Island Definitive Edition

    Five Nights at Freddy's Collection

    Resident Evil Origins Collection

    Metal Gear Solid V The Definitive Experience

    Call of Duty Collection

    Halo The Master Chief Collection (x265 Format 17mb)








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  2. 1 minute ago, alnyden said:

    I really don't think it's just a problem with Nostalgia.  I'm having the same issue with RetroFresh and even the default Critical Zone in certain situations/views.

    Yes this is not a specific theme issue, it’s happening on several of not all. 

  3. On 11/11/2017 at 12:08 AM, CDBlue said:

    I've noticed this too, but for me it seemed to only be certain themes, and only certain consoles in those themes that seemed to have this issue.  For example, I believe for me it was in Nostalgia , on Super Nintendo Entertainment System, that it would do what you mentioned, and play the video clip as well as the audio clip for the game selected.  I don't recall if I was getting it in any other theme I have installed, but I'm pretty sure I could reproduce it in that one.  I also don't recall if it was this version of Nostalgia, or the previous beta version that I could replicate the above on.

    For me, all I needed to do was pick a different theme and my issue went away.  Maybe you can see if that works for you, and then I guess if we can confirm that it's a theme issue, maybe we can report it to the person(s) who wrote the theme to see if they can determine what changed in their theme and/or Launchbox that might be causing that bug.

    Seems to be a theme/View issue for me. Submitted this as a bug the other day.

  4. 3 minutes ago, CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT said:

    Seems it has to be a Retroarch core and the core itself also has to support them. For instance, I was looking at some of my NES games that have achievements through Retroachievements, but none of them would unlock. I tried with both the Nestopia and FCEUMM Retroarch cores, but neither worked (someone on the Retroachievements site said the FCEUMM core might work; apparently it is know the Nestopia one doesn't). Haven't tried any other cores yet.

    So far, only SNES achievments have actually worked (I use the bsnes core).

    Ah.. did not think about different cores.. I will play around thanks CTRL

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  5. Hi all not sure if anyone can help

    Recently I have noticed that when I highlight a game in bigbox which has both audio from a video and a mp3 music file, they both play at the same time,

    where as before the music file would mute the audio from the video. (hope that makes sense..)


    Can anyone help at all



  6. 42 minutes ago, Kevin_Flynn said:

    Reinstall Direct X 9, and .NET runtimes. I had to do it even though it said they were installed. Fixed it right up.

    Well I'm unsure what it was but problem fixed, I'm sure for me it was either the graphics card drivers which I completely reinstalled or the Direct x9 reinstall.

    Visual C+ was defiantly not an issue as removing/reinstalling/restarting did not make a difference.

    Either way it is fixed, wish I could narrow it down to one thing but if anyone else reads this and is having problems then it is a combination of those things and is fixable.

    Thanks to all that helped, glad I didn't have to roll back update or worst case scenario fresh install of Windows.  

  7. 2 minutes ago, lordmonkus said:

    Hmm something strange is going on then.

    Did you your Windows update recently ? It could be possible your .NET 4.7 install borked something (the latest beta installs it), your Visual C might have gotten borked if your Windows updated and if you are using the Creators Update people have reported problems requiring video card driver reinstalls. 

    I am just guessing here because it is really weird that your Launchbox loads but it's crashing when you try and start a game. Hopefully someone else who may has a proper solution can chime in here.

    Yeah it updated a few hours ago, been reading the forums seems the Creators update is causing issues for some with launchbox/ bigbox.

    will try graphics card drivers, visual etc., Will have to roll back update otherwise but a worry as eventually Microsoft will force you to update to this version..

    Thanks for help anyhow @lordmonkus much appreciated, will update if I have luck or a random solution.


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