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  1. Yeah, after an hour or two of 3DO games I'll probably realize why the system tanked
  2. Somehow removing Retroarch from my emulator list, then closing LB, opening it and adding it to my list of emulators again seems to have fixed it. Not sure why that was the case, but if someone ever runs into the same issue, it might be worth a try.
  3. That's a good catch (I had checked it before thinking I had named it Panasonic or something but didn't catch the O vs 0). I was hoping it'd be the root cause, still doesn't seem to want to load though. Oddly enough, I just installed the standalone 4DO emulator, added to Launchbox and it seems to work fine. Double-checking the core information in RA and it does show the panafz10 bios is present. So I'm really just lost on what the issue is. It's not end of the world, I think I'll get by without 3DO in RA via LB, but it's odd that I can't get this one to behave when NES,SNES, GB,GBA, MS, MD, Saturn and PSX are all working fine in RA.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, doesn't seem to change anything though and retroarch still won't load from LB. I've also tried deleting the cue, renaming the ISO without any parentheses or special characters, updated launchbox. I'm just not sure what the problem is when every other console seems to be working
  5. Hey Everyone, So I've gotten launchbox just about configured, but I can't seem to get Launchbox to launch into 3D0 games. I'm able to get them to load in Retroarch by selecting the ISO (not the cue), but clicking them in Launchbox doesn't seem to work. The 'Play count' increases but that's it. I've attached my settings below. I don't think I'm missing anything blatantly obvious, and I pulled the core name directly from the file so it should be matching up. Any tips/suggestions?
  6. Yep, it seems that when Steamlink's active it still only recognizes 1 display as connected. Big picture mode must set it's own resolution and then any game or app (LB/BB included) seems to run at whatever resolution the config is set to. In BB's situation it's pulling the resolution from Windows. Not the end of the world, it'll just require some alt-tabbing and hotekys to fix.
  7. Hey Everyone, I've got BB streaming to my TV via steamlink and it's generally working pretty good, but I am running into one issue; My PC display is 3440x1440, but my TV is 1920x1080. Steam link (and steam games) detect this and don't have any issues, but big box still seems to think it's outputting to the 3440 monitor and outputs that resolution. It still works, but it shows up in the TV compressed to a narrower band in the middle. Is there a way to manually set Bigbox to 1920x1080? Since I only use it on the TV, I'm not too concerned about it not matching my monitor resolution. I didn't see anything like that in the options, so thought I'd ask here. At the worst I can always setup hotkey-resolution switcher and manually change to 1080 so it's not the end of the world, but it'd be nice to have an automated solution
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