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  1. Bezel Art for Mame

    I also use bezels in MAME and I like the ones with side art, no top or bottom art and a tv style frame. I don't use the cab style myself, although these are nice, especially the upright screen one where it looks like others are gaming either side of you. So far I've had no problem finding ones for most of my 100 or so arcade games. The images usually come with cfg files but using them with a lay is no problem. A big problem I have is finding game bezels for the software systems side of MAME and I usually have to put together my own. Sometimes the arcade one can be used, but othertimes not, as some arcade games that were 3:4 would have been ported to the consoles as 4:3 making the arcade bezel useless. Also, some games were console only releases. But I plod on as I like having different bezels for different games in a software system just like with the arcade side.
  2. Mame Tutorial for n00bs

    Also, if you're interested in using MAME artwork, a very old MAME like this has no support for the current or even the old type external artwork.
  3. Windows Defender Smartscreen pops up?

    Yes, it's a false positive. LaunchBox is 100% above board. I've been using it since 2014 and can vouch for it's integrity.
  4. Acorn Atom

    For entering * try using the @ key. This worked for me when I tested emulating the BBC B via MAME some time ago.
  5. This is how I got mine to work, with thanks to @Zombeaver To keep your overlays (bezels) tidy and separate from all the existing stuff in the overlays folder, I suggest making a new folder in overlays called bezels and put your bezel pngs in. Some of these images have long names so I renamed all mine to short, obvious names like nes.png snes.png psx.png n64.png genesis.png and so on. Once you've added your pngs, open the borders folder and pick a cfg file, lets say gb.cfg Copy this file into the bezels folder and make as many copies as there are pngs. Rename each copy to match a png, nes.cfg snes.cfg and so on. Edit each cfg in turn and replace the gb.png bit with the png file's name, say nes.png snes.png and so on. Now edit the file retroarch.cfg in the root folder and set input_overlay_enable to false Now open the config folder and in it create some new folders (as many as you have overlays). Rename these new folders to match the core names of the systems you want to use overlays with, like mesen snes9x mupen64plus genesis_plus_gx and so on. Copy the file retroarch.cfg in the root folder and paste a copy of it into each of these new folders. Rename each copy to match the core, so mesen.cfg snes9x.cfg mednafen_psx.cfg and so on. Edit each of these cfg files in turn and set input_overlay_enable to true input_overlay_opacity to 1.000000 input_overlay to the path and file of the correct overlay cfg file in your bezels folder. examples ":\overlays\bezels\psx.cfg" ":\overlays\bezels\snes.cfg" Setting the opacity to 1.000000 is to prevent see-through where the overlay and game areas may overlap, such as overlays with built-in curved tv surrounds. Finally open LaunchBox and edit your Retroarch Associated Platforms to use core specific configs. example for Playstation -L "cores\mednafen_psx_libretro.dll" -c "config\mednafen_psx\mednafen_psx.cfg" All going well you will now have different overlays for different platforms. I don't know how the game area can be changed to fit the bezel window as all my bezels fit just fine.
  6. Beginners Guide to Emulation

    Excellent stuff @Lordmonkus I wasn't even aware that snes9x had been updated. I agree on leaving Retroarch until you've found your feet with some of the dedicated emulators which is what I did for quite a long time. I eventually tried Retroarch and found it to be not as daunting as expected once I had experience of emulation in general. I recently got bezels (overlays) working for all my cores thanks to @Zombeaver and I'm fair pleased with that. I love bezels and outside of MAME/MESS I really couldn't use them (no interest in RL).
  7. How can I change the LaunchBox & BB language?

    You can also do this from inside LaunchBox by choosing Tools, Options and selecting your language from the dropdown box.
  8. Nostalgia |16:9| video Set

    Hi @dragon57 Excellent job on this. The Microbee platform video works and looks great in BigBox. Thank you so much for this.
  9. Nostalgia |16:9| video Set

    Many thanks for this @dragon57 Here is a We Transfer link to the videos zip download. Hope they will be of use to you. https://we.tl/sARAwDeMM5
  10. Nostalgia |16:9| video Set

    Hi @dragon57 Great work indeed on your additions! Is there any chance of you doing a 16:9 platform video for the Microbee home computer by Applied Technology (aka MicroBee Systems)? I can supply 4 short game videos in mp4 if needed.
  11. Box needs to go

    You're right FRK, for when you refresh the LaunchBox images your box fronts will be gone. I'm blushing here folks. A workaround (once you've re-enabled the Box Fronts Priorities to restore them in LaunchBox, while leaving the Screenshots Priorities disabled) would be to change the Game Image type in BigBox from Boxes to Screenshots.
  12. Box needs to go

    For the game screen boxes (Front Covers and Screenshots) you can run LaunchBox, go to Tools, Options and make sure that all tickboxes in both Box Front Priorities and Screenshot Priorities are disabled. This will hide them in BigBox and you will still have them in LaunchBox.
  13. Retroarch Startup Guide w/ Pictures

    Both precache and async options work ok with no more on screen messages. Unlike precache, I don't know what async does so I'm going with precache.
  14. Retroarch Startup Guide w/ Pictures

    Many thanks. I'll try precache first and see how things go.
  15. Retroarch Startup Guide w/ Pictures

    After many years of using dedicated emulators I decided to give Retroarch a go. I've started with the Playstation and have tried out 6 games. They all load and play perfectly (video and audio) when using the beetle psx core and also the beetle psx hw core, but sometimes during the intro and loading screens I briefly get the following on-screen message: Slow CD image read detected - consider using async or precache CD access method. I don't notice anything behaving slowly. The only mention of CD access method I could find is in the retroarch-core-options config file. This is set by default as sync. Is this what the message is advising me to change?