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  1. Very nice work. I really like the cassette case template you use, best I've seen so far.
  2. Your bios cdimono1.zip should contain the following files. cdi200.rom cdi220.rom cdi220b.rom zx405037p__cdi_servo_2.1__b43t__llek9215.mc68hc705c8a_withtestrom.7201 zx405042p__cdi_slave_2.0__b43t__zzmk9213.mc68hc705c8a_withtestrom.7206 cdimono1.zip was last updated in June 2020. A current full MAME (0.226) romset should include this bios. If you just want cdimono1.zip then you can source it from Retroroms.
  3. There is no official documentation. A wiki was set up quite a while back, but it never got going and it's link is now a dead end. As of now you have these forums as well as the various video tutorials (on youtube I believe) to visit for any help.
  4. It seems to pull results if you omit the space between Neo and Geo and use NeoGeo
  5. LaunchBox has an option to physically delete the file from your computer when you delete it in LaunchBox. The last time I tried it out it only deleted the file that LaunchBox was aware of (pointed to launch), so any game which used a working rom and a CHD only had the working rom deleted with the much larger CHD left. Also, any previously played games will have other unwanted items such as cfg, nvram and CHD diff files left behind.
  6. Out of curiosity, what does your neocd games folder contents look like?
  7. Actually the bezels won't need renaming, only the lay to be redone which I could do for you. All would seem ok, so I don't know why the games wont work as a software list (the 2 boxes ticked). I don't have my NeoGeo CD set as a software list dump so I'm not much use to you for that. Maybe some member who uses the neocd software list may come by and help you to get them going. If you do get them to launch with the boxes enabled let me know and I'll redo the lay so you can then use -view %romfile% in the Default Parameters. Bit of a straw clutcher here, but have you tried clearing the "Don't Use Quotes" box and just tick the "Use file name..." box?
  8. The game dump format (chd, bin, iso, wav etc) has no bearing on using bezels. With your current setup of neocdz -cdrm and both tickboxes empty, any game launched will use the lay's first view and show the generic bezel. Game custom parameters are needed to show each game's own bezel. The bezels as they came should not be renamed as the lay is designed to work with the original names. If you can emulate the games as a proper software list (both tickboxes enabled) then you can either stick with using game custom parameters or use the %romfile% variable in your Default Parameters. If you go with using -view %romfile% in the Default Parameters, then by renaming both the bezels and the view name references in the lay to match the game names you won't need to bother with game custom parameters. As you seem to have a software list version of the games in your neocd folder I would try and get the games to work with the two tickboxes enabled first before bothering with bezels. Where is your neocd games folder and is your MAME ini rompath aware of it's location? By the way, if you get the software list emulation (boxes ticked) to work I can redo the lay and send it to you, so you will only need to rename the bezel pngs.
  9. Just like my setup. I imagine that ticking the two boxes causes your game to not launch. My games are in a format that can't be used as a software list and it's possible your's are the same.
  10. I just reread the thread and some confuson may have arisen heheh. So before you ever started to use the bezels were your command line parameters neocdz -cdrm Also, were the "Use filename only..." and "Don't use quotes" boxes ticked or empty.
  11. Use neocdz -view %romfile% -cdrm If that fails then use neocdz -view %romfile% -cdrm %romfile%
  12. If no custom parameters are set for the games, then MAME will default to the first <view name> in the lay which references the generic bezel png. Getting the games to use custom bezels directly from the Default Command Line Parameters is possible where 1. The games are emulated as a software list (Use file name only... and Don't use quotes boxes enabled) 2. The lay's <view name> entries as well as the png images match the games software list names Where these conditions are met, then -view %romfile% can be used in the Default Command Line Parameters; the media parameter may or may not need %romfile% to be added as well.
  13. The bezels are over at The Bezel Project on GitHub. https://github.com/thebezelproject/bezelprojectSA-NG-CD Open the link, open the Code box and download the zip.
  14. @dragon57 Thanks so much for obliging me with the Orion-128 video. Top class work as always, and I love the Russian badged monitor!
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