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  1. I doubt very much that LaunchBox/BigBox can interract with another frontend as you would like. LaunchBox/BigBox can launch another frontend no problem, as all you're doing here is treating the other frontend's executable as an application similar to, say, a Windows game. The other frontend, however, needs a platform and I don't believe that LaunchBox or BigBox can detect that a platform contains just one "game" and have it launch directly by clicking on the platform. Just out of curiosity, what is your other frontend?
  2. @Zeaede blueMSX can emulate the Spectravideo as can MAME.
  3. The diagonal lines and the absence of the bezel image is usually down to a difference between the bezel name and it's image file string within the lay file - these must be identical.
  4. It's nice to see the UK/European 8-Bit machines getting a bit of attention. I'm a BBC Micro man myself, although I also have a soft spot for the others, especially the Spectrum, Dragon, Enterprise and MTX.
  5. Your clear logo for the Mattel Intellivision should be named after the platform name and it will go in LaunchBox\Images\Platforms\Mattel Intellivision\Clear Logo
  6. The parent of the game is Super Pang (World 900914) and Super Buster Bros. (USA 901001) is one of it's clones. See image below. You can also verify this from MAME's own UI. As you have a merged set, the files for the parent and it's clones will all be in the rom spang.zip
  7. spycat

    Win kwarks

    Enable the LaunchBox Don't Use Quotes and Use File Name Only tickboxes for the emulator. By the way, there are much better alternatives to WinKawaks out there.
  8. My Perfect Dark.zip contains the file Perfect Dark (V1.1) (U) [!].v64 which works with both RA (mupen64plus_libretro core) and Project64 I can't recall where I sourced it, but Vimms Lair does the game zip containing the file Perfect Dark (USA) (Rev 1).z64 and this also works with RA and Project64. If you're interested in other regions and alt versions, then see Edge Emulation.
  9. Those bezels have a transparent game window of approximately 1440 x 1080 which is a 4:3 aspect ratio. A2600 games have an 8:5 aspect ratio. Also, some games have offsets. MAME has Position and Stretch sliders that allow you to adjust each "out of step" game to fill it's bezel game window. This, however, distorts a game's aspect ratio. I don't know if RA supports this feature. While the A2600 bezels could be reworked to match the game aspect ratio, the issue of some games having offsets would still show up as black areas. Designing each bezel to have a window that fits the actual game playing area and hides the unwanted bits would result in some bezels having a lopsided look. Some users might find this as unsightly as seeing the black bits.
  10. Hi folks. Back in the days of the old forums it was possible to view a list of the forum members ordered by their ranking. Is this still possible? Some friends and I were recently wondering just how many forum members there are now.
  11. For the BBC Micro: While MAME 0.212 emulates the BBC Model B, from a game playing aspect it's not perfect although it is improving. You may come across sound and graphics issues with some games. For overall emulation, including game playing, you would be better off using one of the free dedicated emulators such as B-Em or BeebEm. I use BeebEm 4.14 For the games themselves I would go with disk images such as the ssd and dsd formats, as they load automatically in LaunchBox using BeebEm (and possibly B-Em also) and very quickly too. Tape images load just like cassettes did on the BBC Micro itself - very slowly. Some years ago Acorn waived it's rights to it's OS, BASIC and DFS ROMs. This has allowed emulators like BeebEM to now legally include and distribute the ROMS, making the emulators work "out of the box".
  12. spycat

    Help with Fonts

    Apologies for reactivating this, but can anyone identify this font with overlapping text?
  13. Also, with emulating the old home computers, you often launch games only to reach the BASIC screen with the prompt and no idea of what to do next. It's worth looking online for the machine's original user manual which may be found as a pdf.
  14. I don't have the Plus/4 in LaunchBox anymore, but I just dug out what I have backed up on an external drive. I've got enough to add it again to LaunchBox and refresh my vague memory. By the way, I don't have either of those games in my cart cass or flop sw lists.
  15. I remember trying out the Plus/4 with MAME itself using the cart and flop sw lists. Most of the cart games opened automatically, but the disk games just opened to the Basic screen with the Ready prompt. Here you need to press F2 which types DLOAD" add the game name and the end quotes and press Return. Once Loaded you need to press Shift+F3 (or was it Control+F3) to run the game. There wasn't much in the games lineup apart from some text adventures and a few other games. I think that typing KEY at the prompt brings up the Function Keys usage.
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