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  1. spycat

    SNK Neo Geo MVS 3D Boxes

    I only have a very small MAME platform in LaunchBox. I started out doing 3dboxes for my MVS games but then decided to do the full MVS official releases set, eight of which are in the db. I also added UGC type 3dboxes I did for my six Konami games to the db. Maybe that's what you saw?
  2. spycat

    SNK Neo Geo MVS 3D Boxes

    SNK Neo Geo MVS 3D Boxes View File A collection of 3D boxes (in UGC case format) for the 148 official SNK Neo Geo MVS games. Most are flyers with basic spines, but I did use the odd AES cover where a flyer was unavailable or unsuitable or just because I preferred the AES. Submitter spycat Submitted 09/21/2018 Category Game Box Art  
  3. spycat

    SNK Neo Geo MVS 3D Boxes

    Version 1.0.0


    A collection of 3D boxes (in UGC case format) for the 148 official SNK Neo Geo MVS games. Most are flyers with basic spines, but I did use the odd AES cover where a flyer was unavailable or unsuitable or just because I preferred the AES.
  4. spycat

    Magnavox Odyssey 2 and Command Line for Mame!

    If the game launches ok for you with the voice -cart2 option removed then maybe you have a problem with o2_voice.zip? Mine contains the following files sp0256b-019.bin spr128-003.bin spr128-004.bin or else maybe your version of MAME is old and may not support the Odyssey2 voice? I can't suggest anything else, except you try the AdvMenu Plus forum over at Arcade Forever. I can't distribute a folder with MAME or MESS in it, sorry about that. For what it's worth, with the few Odyssey2 games I've played I've never heard any voices and haven't noticed any sound enhancements either. So maybe just go without voice.
  5. spycat

    Magnavox Odyssey 2 and Command Line for Mame!

    I've tested this using the command line structure I posted above and it works just fine. Not sure what else to say except that you should use the full file path to the game not just the game name. Just curious, but is there a reason why you won't use LaunchBox?
  6. spycat

    Magnavox Odyssey 2 and Command Line for Mame!

    To emulate the Odyssey 2 using MAME, with voice synthesis for games that support it, you will need the machine's romset odyssey2.zip and the voice passthrough cart o2_voice.zip These two files will usually go into your MAME roms folder. To run things directly using MAME's command line with no LaunchBox you can use "full file path to your MAME exe" odyssey2 -cart1 voice -cart2 "full file path to the game" The double quotes aren't mandatory, but you will need to use them where a full file path contains spaces Example: "C:\Users\Me\Documents\Emulators\MAME\mame64.exe" odyssey2 -cart1 voice -cart2 "C:\Users\Me\Documents\Emulators\Magnavox Odyssey 2\o2em118win\ROMS\Atlantis (USA, Europe).bin" By the way, all this is so much easier using LaunchBox!
  7. spycat

    Best intellivision emulator

    The game file extension is not your issue. Nostalgia will play games with int bin rom extensions. To play games other than the ones that come bundled with Nostalgia you need to find the files grom.bin and exec.bin and add them to the emulator's root folder.
  8. spycat

    Best intellivision emulator

    I used to use Nostalgia, but now use MAME official for it's game bezels support. Both emulators do a good job. One thing to note about using Nostalgia is that the two bios files that come with the emulator (MiniExec.bin and MiniGrom.bin) are crippled versions and will only allow the bundled games to be played. To play the retail games you will need to source the full versions of these files exec.bin and grom.bin
  9. Not forgetting gameinit.dat which provides initialising information on a whole range of games. For example, Carnevil gun calibration.
  10. spycat

    add a video manually

    You can check if LaunchBox has recognised your game videos by opening the Other window inside the Game Edit window. If your video paths are shown here, then check that Auto Play Videos is enabled in the View dropdown, and that the Show Video box is enabled via Tools, Options, Game Details. The Auto Play Videos and Show Video settings only apply to LaunchBox and don't affect BigBox. As far as I know, once the video path is shown in Game Edit, Other then BigBox will play it. Also, I think that videos are a premium option and won't play in LaunchBox free.
  11. spycat

    MAME 0.201 and QSound HLE

    With the 0.201 build, MAME has changed how it implements QSound. The 0.201 full romset now lists both qsound.zip and qsound_hle.zip These two files are identical internally, so you can either source qsound_hle.zip or you can just copy qsound.zip and rename the copy as qsound_hle.zip I don't know if qsound.zip is now obsolete under MAME 0.201, but all my CPS2 games ignore it when auditing and work as long as qsound_hle.zip is present.
  12. spycat

    8.6-beta-1 Released

    Top work Jason. The update installed flawlessly as usual. So finally I say my farewell to LaunchBox original which served me well for many years but now has a more than worthy successor.
  13. spycat

    Help with the background settings

    This can be done in the free version, provided none of your games have game fanart or clear logo images, as these cannot be unticked in Background Priorities and so will override your Platform fanart image.
  14. spycat

    Intellivision Intellivoice help

    There's no need for Custom Command-Line Parameters for the voice synthesis games. Just use the Default Command-Line parameters below for your Intellivision platform intv -cart1 voice -cart2 This will play both normal games and the 4 with voice synthesis.
  15. spycat

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    When you hide a game via it's tickbox option within the Edit Game window it's automatically hidden in BigBox but will still appear in LaunchBox unless the Show Hidden Games option in the View menu is disabled. This applies to All as well as the hidden game's Platform.