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  1. @Lordmonkus This is my theme for LaunchBox. Will you be updating it to handle the badges?
  2. In the LaunchBox Tools menu, select Options and you will see the tickbox that allows you to physically delete a file from your computer when you delete the game in LaunchBox. The last time I tested this feature it was only capable of deleting the file pointed to in LaunchBox. Other files specific to the game, if they existed, such as a bin or chd as well as their folders were ignored. Things may have improved.
  3. Some to add to your collection. Apogee BK-01 - EMU or MAME BBC Microcomputer System - B-em or BeebEm or MAME Dragon 32/64 - XRoar or MAME EACA EG2000 Colour Genie - Genieous or MAME Elektronika BK - EMU or MAME Enterprise - Ep32 or Ep128Emu or MAME Exelvision EXL 100 - DCEXEL or MAME Exidy Sorcerer - MAME Hector HRX - MAME Jupiter Ace - MAME Lviv PC-01 - MAME Matra and Hachette Alice - Virtual MC 10 or MAME Mattel Aquarius - AqEmu or Virtual Aquarius or MAME Memotech MTX512 - MEMU or MAME Oric Atmos - Oricutron or Euphoric or MAME Radio-86RK Mikrosha - EMU or MAME Sharp X1 - ex1 or MAME Sord M5 - MAME Spectravideo - blueMSX or MAME Tomy Tutor - MAME TRS-80 Colour Computer - MAME Vector-06C - EMU or MAME WoW Action Max - Singe add-on for Daphne Some machines may have issues in MAME.
  4. I don't moderate but I'm a regular submitter. Thank you @diamondgeezerfor bringing this out into the open, and thank you @Jason Carr for stamping it out.
  5. Hi folks. Does anyone know where images, in particular game boxart, may be sourced for the Russian DIY built Orion 128 home computer?
  6. Those images are still very small. Check out the LaunchBox Dropbox Repository link here. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/48hc6kwirjnksxm/AAC5gZbPUH1ztEK9shWiEqRja?dl=0
  7. @Newlander Just ignore my post above. I thought you were asking about the Tiger Game.com handheld hehee.
  8. The gamecom.zip bios will come with a full MAME set. The games themselves will be in a MAME (MESS) Software List set. The Internet Archive has a few that allow individual Software System sets to be downloaded separately, such as the gamecom.zip
  9. This is so different and worthy of uploading, a bit like BigBox comes to LaunchBox. I'm not too sure on how the moving of the user name to the Button bar, which can be hidden, would go down with the folk upstairs. There was a time when LaunchBox had a fullscreen option which hid the top strip containing the user name, but that seems to have been removed.
  10. In your Additional App to start UCR before the game, the Attendre la sortie box should be cleared. You can create a 2nd Additional App to exit UCR after the game.
  11. I've never really bothered a whole lot with the Colour Computer in MAME, but it's setup is standard: the bios is coco.zip and the default parameters are coco -cart Also, I did find that a number of games, Arkanoid comes to mind, which produced screen garbage using the parent machine worked ok when using a clone, such as the Colour Computer 2 or 3. I do remember that the Colour Computer 3 gave Arkanoid much nicer graphics than the Colour Computer 2 did, whereas the parent machine just showed garbage. There's quite a few clones out there to experiment with, as no one machine may be the best for all games.
  12. spycat

    Tiger Game.com

    For bezels see my earlier post in the thread.
  13. spycat

    Tiger Game.com

    Do you know if the real machine skipped the menu screen when a cartridge was inserted?. If not, then MAME can't.
  14. spycat

    Tiger Game.com

    Re the bezels. See the "Unified Bezels Collection" and also the "Handheld Bezels Collection" in the LaunchBox Downloads. Both have system bezels for the Tiger Game.Com. The ini files are for RL but you can do an RA ini or a MAME lay file and use the bezels with those.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Note before downloading: 1: This is for MAME only and is not compatible with RetroArch. 2: If you've previously downloaded and set up the "MAME Atari 5200 Software System Custom Artwork File" (the one that uses the Themed bezels), then there's really no need to download this. You just need to add the SA bezels to your existing a5200.zip overwriting the Themed ones; the bezel names are the same. Your original custom parameters are valid. If you decide to download then read on. This custom version of the Atari 5200 Software System artwork file, a5200.zip contains a multi-view lay file configured to work with the "bezelprojectSA-Atari5200" bezels pack. Any game associated with the pack can be set to display it's own bezel at launch. Games for which there are no "bezelprojectSA-Atari5200" bezels and therefore use Default Command-Line Parameters will open with the generic Atari-5200.png bezel. The bezel png images are not included, so you will need to download the pack and drop the bezels into the artwork a5200.zip yourself. You will also need to set LaunchBox Custom Command-line Parameters to allow MAME to choose the correct bezel for each game. This is explained in the download. With MAME, your Atari 5200 game names and their bezel image names do not have to match. Once downloaded, unzip the file MAME_Atari5200_SA.zip and read the enclosed text files. Meow!
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