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  1. That solved things. Many thanks Jason.
  2. Neo Geo CD Custom Game Cases View File Note that these are not jewel case retail boxes, but custom ones (using Shenske's template) for those who prefer vertical boxes. I started doing these for my own use and thought I'd share for anyone interested. Meow! Submitter spycat Submitted 01/17/2020 Category Game Box Art  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Note that these are not jewel case retail boxes, but custom ones (using Shenske's template) for those who prefer vertical boxes. I started doing these for my own use and thought I'd share for anyone interested. Meow!
  4. Thanks Jason. I'll do that and try again later.
  5. spycat

    ZInc Games

    Make a copy of your controller.cfg and rename it to, say, controllerAqua.cfg You can then edit controllerAqua.cfg to suit your needs for that game. And in the LaunchBox Application command Line Parameters box for the Aqua Rush game use 63 --use-controller-cfg-file=put_your_path_to_your_zinc_folder_here\controllerAqua.cfg
  6. I've just made three attempts to upload a file to the Downloads, Game Box Art section. On each attempt the zip, screenshots and text fields work ok and I'm still logged in. But, as soon as I click on Submit, the forums log me out and the file doesn't upload. I've uploaded many files before and never had this problem. Just wondering is it an my end or is it a LaunchBox issue?
  7. spycat

    ZInc Games

    I use the Winterblast Input Controller plugin. Extract winterblast_inp_controller.zip to a location outside of your Zinc main folder and copy and paste the two files controller.cfg controller.znc into your main Zinc folder, overwriting if asked. I use an old PS2 controller which works fine. Note that Zinc doesn't support the analogue sticks.
  8. spycat

    ZInc Games

    Your "Cannot open renderer plugin" is due to the absence of the file renderer.znc from your Zinc folder. You seem to have three renderers named d3d_renderer.znc ogl_renderer.znc glide_renderer.znc You need to decide on which renderer you want to use and rename it to renderer.znc The glide one was intended for computers with a voodoo card, so your choice will probably be between the other two.
  9. spycat

    ZInc Games

    I've just readded my Zinc to LaunchBox and added Aqua Rush and Raystorm and both games launch ok. I don't ever remember getting a renderer file error. Can you post a snap of your Zinc folder contents?
  10. spycat

    ZInc Games

    Zinc (latest ver 1.1) hasn't been updated for 15 years and setting it up and adding games to LaunchBox hasn't changed since I used it. Before dabbling with Zinc, why not try the latest game roms in the latest MAME and see if that's good enough for you. If not then give Zinc a go. Modern versions of the 71 games and 7 bios roms may not be compatible with Zinc. Source a game and bios set suitable for Zinc 1.1 which is what I did when I played around with Zinc.
  11. The missing dl-1425.bin qsound error can be fixed by adding the device qsound_hle.zip, which should be in your full 0.201 romset. All Capcom 1 and Capcom 2 games use this qsound_hle.zip device. In addition, all Capcom 2 games need a unique key file named after the game rom. These key files normally come with the game roms, at least they do with my split set. Alien Vs Predator needs both a key file and qsound_hle.zip The Punisher needs qsound_hle.zip Mortal Kombat 4 needs the device tms32032.zip Street Fighter Alpha needs qsound_hle.zip Street Fighter Ex and Street Fighter Ex Plus both need the two devices coh1000c.zip and qsound_hle.zip
  12. I like that you've kept the blur effect feature as users can play with small values to get a faint blur without slowdown. It was Jason's 200 radius that caused my slowdown and not the shadows whatever they are. A zero radius returned my scrolling to normal. Nicely done but I still prefer to use your bad old monkey theme due to the overall style of Jason's new default one.
  13. If this game is launching directly from MAME but no longer through LaunchBox, open the game's Edit Game window and see if LaunchBox is still pointing to the game. If the path looks wrong you can just manually browse to the game.
  14. You can do it by setting the BlurEffect Radius to 0 in the theme's ContentBackgroundView.xaml file. However, I believe a default theme cannot be edited, but it works with the New Default Performance theme. I just tested a copy of the new Default theme renamed as My Default and set the blur radius to 0 which works. Also with the blur radius at 0 the scrolling is much faster, just like normal.
  15. For Pebble Beach Golf see either of the links below https://www.arcadeartwork.org/picture.php?/34/category/13 https://www.covercentury.com/index.php?p=3do&l=p&f=3do_pebblebeachgolflinks_au.jpg
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