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  1. Hi @method Can you post the contents of one of your lay files as well as the filenames of the two bezels you are associating with it?
  2. I make it a rule to never post when drunk with power, although I may have posted when drunk - damn you pesky beer!
  3. Hi Christian and welcome to our community. That Mr. Carr can be a hard taskmaster. If it was up to me you would be a 1024 Quantum Computer with your own office and an Administrator sign on the door. Why I might even assign Neil as your private secretary.
  4. You're more than welcome. You can use the same method in order to add the TTL game Breakout which also doesn't have a working rom and is currently integral to MAME itself.
  5. To add the TTL game Rebound to your Arcade platform in LaunchBox where the game rom doesn't exist in the MAME romset, select Add and in the Edit Game window set the Title to Rebound, select the emulator, say MAME and then in the Launcher tab Rom File (Emulation is enabled) box just type in the game name, rebound.
  6. I know that the LB Database does specify that images be in either jpg or png format. And you're right in that manually added images in bmp format will not show in the Game Details. Funnily enough clicking on the images icon just above a game box will show bmp format images.
  7. If your build of MAME is 0.116 or newer, then the dkong.zip sound samples file is no longer needed. As of MAME 0.116 Donkey Kong uses discrete sound emulation, and the sound samples if present will be ignored by MAME. With an older build such as MAME 0.078, Donkey Kong needs a sound samples file. See link. http://samples.mameworld.info/ When you go to the linked site, select Older Samples.
  8. You need to provide some information here such as what emulators you are using.
  9. I have one screen only so can't help you on that.
  10. I use the default BigBox theme and can only post for that. That area normally shows a preview video of a game. If no video is available, then it shows a screenshot of the game. If you aren't using game videos then in LaunchBox select Tools, Options and in Screenshot Priorities, set Box - Back to have top priority. You may then need to Refresh All Images within BigBox.
  11. I may be wrong but those look like EmuMovies server errors. If so, then perhaps you should contact Circo.
  12. Posting links to rom download sites is not allowed on these forums.
  13. I doubt very much that LaunchBox/BigBox can interract with another frontend as you would like. LaunchBox/BigBox can launch another frontend no problem, as all you're doing here is treating the other frontend's executable as an application similar to, say, a Windows game. The other frontend, however, needs a platform and I don't believe that LaunchBox or BigBox can detect that a platform contains just one "game" and have it launch directly by clicking on the platform. Just out of curiosity, what is your other frontend?
  14. @Zeaede blueMSX can emulate the Spectravideo as can MAME.
  15. The diagonal lines and the absence of the bezel image is usually down to a difference between the bezel name and it's image file string within the lay file - these must be identical.
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