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  1. About to tear my hair out. MAME and Colecovision

    MAME has no problem playing Colecovision games. Are you by any chance trying to get MAME to "directly" run your Coleco games as you would your arcade ones? You need to add your Coleco platform to your MAME emulator in LaunchBox. Go to Manage Emulators, select your MAME emulator and open the Associated Platforms box. Add your Coleco platform as an Associated Platform and set it's Default Command-Line Parameters as coleco -cart And also just check that your bios coleco.zip contains the two files 313 10031-4005 73108a.u2 colecoa.rom
  2. Mame/Mess and the Casio Consoles

    MAME emulates the Casio PV-1000 just fine. This system needs no bios and the parameters are pv1000 -cart The Casio Loopy doesn't work in MAME possibly due to it's Bios casloopy.zip missing the file bios1 (a no dump).
  3. Enabling the Colourize Game Selections box when using the default (free) colour scheme has no effect on the grey box, You need to use one of the Premium colour schemes in order to see a difference. Which colour scheme blends the grey box best will depend on your background image. The image below uses the Cadet Blue colour scheme with the Colourize Game Selections box ticked. The selected (highlighted) game is Alligator Hunt. The grey box around this game is still visible but toned down quite a bit. If you want proper control over this grey box, then you need to post a ticket or maybe tag Jason.
  4. You can't so you will need to make a Bitbucket ticket requesting it. A partial solution for now, if you have LaunchBox Premium, is to select Tools, Options, Features (under Theme) and enable the Colourize Game Selections tickbox. Depending on your chosen colour theme and background, this can fade the grey box considerably.
  5. Platform banners keep appearing

    Hi @AlmightyTurboman Use Notepad or similar to create and save an empty text file. Then change the extension from .txt to either .jpg or .png (either will work). Delete all your Banners and replace them with a copy of this new file, renaming the new file after each Platform.
  6. You haven't mentioned which version of Windows you are using. Check if your version of Windows supports 4.7. If it doesn't then 4.7 will not install.
  7. How to Load Psxfin emulator into Full Screen?

    Yes, just use -f in the Default Command-Line Parameters.
  8. How to Load Psxfin emulator into Full Screen?

    Hi @Cnells2000 The parameter -f will open games in fullscreen with pSX (aka psxfin).
  9. launchbox videos

    Go to Tools Options Game Details and make sure that the Video box is checked. Your videos should now play in the Right Sidebar. If you are using VLC and they don't play, try switching to WMP (Tools Options, Videos).
  10. I haven't come across this myself so far. Perhaps you should tag Vlansix about it.
  11. Hi @Shades2585 CHD files are already compressed and should not be zipped. Each CHD file for a game should be put in a normal (not zipped) folder named after the game's rom; this is important as some chds have different names to their working roms. These chd folders can be either added to the folder where you keep your roms or to a separate folder. If you decide to keep the chd folders in a folder other than the roms one then you will need to add the path to the MAME configuration settings file mame.ini so MAME knows about them.
  12. Applewin Question

    Hi @alnyden Both work fine for me, see my setup images below.
  13. mame games won't load

    Hi @mADjAckJ There seems to be some confusion in the posts about which romset you have. Is it 0.78 or 0.178?. Look inside one of your CPS2 game zips and check if it has a key file named after the game such as 1944.key, avsp.key and so on. If it has then you have 0.178 or later. If you are on 0.78 then attempting to get a 0.78 romset to work, game by game, with MAME 0.190 is a mammoth task. You would be better off grabbing a 0.190 romset and chds. For example, getting a qsound.zip that has the dl-1425.bin instead of the now obsolete qsound.bin file in itself will not get your Capcom 2 games working. All Capcom 2 games since 0.178 have a CPS2 encryption key file added to enable them to work with MAME 0.178 and later. Your NeoGeo games will not work as the neogeo bios will be outdated and some of these games will also be out of date. These are just two examples of things that won't work without grabbing new roms, bios and so on. By the way, the lack of sound in the game Ace is normal.
  14. Applewin Question

    Hi @alnyden To start in fullscreen add the parameter -f You can exit AppleWin by using it's default ALT+F4 To exit by pressing ESC copy and paste the following code into the AppleWin's Edit Emulator, AutoHotkey Script window in LaunchBox. ; This section closes AppleWin when pressing Escape $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  15. Help with Colecovision set up

    As has been said above, both ColEm and MAME emulates ColecoVision no problem. If you want to try another option, blueMSX can also emulate ColecoVision. You can add your ColecoVision platform to blueMSX as an Associated Platform and the Default Parameters are /machine "COL - ColecoVision" /rom1