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  1. If you use the old LaunchBox theme or a derivative that doesn't support the Button Bar's Text button, go to Tools> Options> and under Legacy select Boxes Spacing where you can edit the "Text Lines to Show" option to suit.
  2. I switched from Raine to MAME quite a while back, but I remember that the missing ipl.txt error was happening with zipped games. Apparently, the ipl (if it existed) determined which file was to be run first. Extracting the zips and pointing LaunchBox to use the correct file, usually the cue, solved the problem.
  3. Your debug log shows Launchbox using the clone prehisleu.zip You could repoint LaunchBox to the parent prehisle.zip and see what happens.
  4. You should be able to launch and auto-play games using WinKawaks by enabling the "Use file name only..." and "Don't use quotes..." LaunchBox tickboxes. I do remember that there were issues with it's -fullscreen command line option. I haven't used the emulator in a long time. It was last updated around 4 years ago and MAME and others can do a much better job. Out of curiosity, what game is it that only WinKawaks apparently can run?
  5. Much appreciated and thank you for bearing with me.
  6. Maybe this png is a bit clearer? orion128.zip
  7. Could you do one for the Orion 128 (a Russian home computer of the early 1990's) if possible? I can't find any game boxart for it's games.
  8. Hi @ci2own Very nice work here. Are you taking requests for additions by any chance?
  9. By the way, the LaunchBox Games Database has boxart (2D and 3D) for Aggressor and Air Supremacy. You may find this box cover a bit better than the database's current one.
  10. One way of determining whether a Dragon game uses CLOAD or CLOADM is by checking the game's original cassette or inlay for details. The majority of commercially published games use CLOADM. Also, a small number of games will not open automatically but need you to type RUN (for BASIC files) or EXEC (for binary ones) once the tape has finished loading. I don't know how this could be automated. The Tandy TRS-80 floppy games Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Remix and the Assembly Demo use unique loading commands and so custom parameters are needed in LaunchBox. coco3 -autoboot_delay 2 -autoboot_command run\"pacman\"\n -flop1 coco3 -autoboot_delay 2 -autoboot_command run\"donkey\"\n -flop1 coco3 -autoboot_delay 2 -autoboot_command loadm\"dkremix\":exec\n -flop1 There is a long wait (over 1 minute) before Donkey Kong Remix opens! coco3 -autoboot_delay 2 -autoboot_command loadm\"asm-demo\":exec\n -flop1 or coco3 -autoboot_delay 2 -autoboot_command loadm\"asm-auto\":exec\n -flop1
  11. Same here. I just logged to my account and then clcked on View your Changes Status and found it was empty. No explaination and no advisory post on the forums - very lackadaisical to say the least.
  12. I'm the opposite in that I only use MAME itself. I can't help with the Apple as I don't emulate it. Here are a couple of straightforward ones. Oric Atmos (if emulating the Oric 1 replace orica with oric1). Command line MAME standalone parameters orica -autoboot_delay 4 -autoboot_command cload\"\"\n -cass As all Oric game tapes use the same loading commands you could just use system ini files, oric1.ini and orica.ini containing autoboot_delay 4 autoboot_command cload""\n Dragon 32/64 emulating the Dragon 64 (if emulating the Dragon 32 replace dragon64 with dragon32). Command line MAME standalone parameters for BASIC games dragon64 -autoboot_delay 4 -autoboot_command cload\n -cass Command line MAME standalone parameters for machine coded games dragon64 -autoboot_delay 4 -autoboot_command cloadm\n -cass
  13. This looks like a very good and needed project. With MAME itself (not RA core) I use a slightly different command line for the cassette games. electron -autoboot_delay 2 -autoboot_command *tape\nchain\"\"\n -cass And if using the electron.ini file instead autoboot_delay 2 autoboot_command *tape\nchain""\n By the way is there a reason why you use 6 double quotes with CHAIN instead of the normal 2?
  14. As there are only 3 as far as I know floppy games, you could use coco3 -cart as the platform's default parameters and use coco3 -flop1 as a custom parameter for each floppy game.
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