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  1. I just tested the Boxer cassette game and it loads and plays ok for me. If you've pointed LaunchBox to the game and your parameter settings are correct then the only other thing I can think of is how old is your MAME? I'm not sure of the actual version, but builds older than it cannot handle the LaunchBox parameter -keyboardprovider dinput which has something to do with pause screens I believe. If your MAME is old, then you could try deleting this LaunchBox parameter and see if things work.
  2. First try with the two above mentioned tickboxes empty. That way, your mame.ini doesn't need to know where the games are, but LaunchBox does of course. Set your Acorn Electron default parameters to electron -ab *TAPE\nCHAIN\"\"\n -autoboot_delay 2 -cass Edit one of your games, say Boxer, and open the Launching tab and check that it's pointing to the game In your case this may be g:\emulators\acorn\electron\games\boxer.zip Launch the game and see if it loads.
  3. The language is set in LaunchBox and applies to both LaunchBox and BigBox. In LaunchBox select Tools, Options and open the dropdown Language box and choose your language. If your language is not in there you can create it yourself - contact @Jason Carr and he'll explain things and get you up and running in creating your Turkish translation.
  4. When I first tried floppy emulation using orion128, I didn't realise that the Romdisk was needed just like it's needed for the tapes. orion128 -cart romdisk -flop1 game1715 -flop2 games10 Run and then and run the BOOT loader, BOOT¤ At the NC loading you'll temporarily see a lot of garbage, but you'll arrive at the NC screen ok as per the clone orionpro. Out of curiosity I also tried the orionpro in Orion-128 mode with Romdisk mounted, but the floppy games still ran too fast and the tapes threw a loader error.
  5. That's the route I used as well. I found that it's mainly only the floppies named games, games10, 11 and 13 that have game COMs. With the orionpro the games tend to run too fast, making some look odd and tricky to play. I managed to get the floppies to work using the parent orion128 system, and here the games run at normal speed same as the tapes.
  6. Many thanks @JoeViking245. I was trying with the parent orion128 system which I use for the cassettes.
  7. Hi folks. I'm currently trying to emulate the Orion-128's floppy games in MAME/LaunchBox. I can play the tapes but can't figure out how to play the floppies. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. @SiriusVI For the Sord M5 cassette games emulated with MAME that require chain to be typed followed by a return keypress. For the full command line parameters: m5 -cart1 basici -ab chain\r -autoboot_delay 2 -cass If you prefer an ini file approach then the command line parameters are m5 -cart1 basici -cass and the ini file is ab chain\r autoboot_delay 2
  9. I used to use projectmess, but that's showing the 404 error for some time now. Progettoemma (the MAME arcade side of things) is under maintenance, so maybe the sites are being merged I hope. I don't use the 3 systems you mention but you could check the ArcadeItalia site or ask on the forums here. By the way, if you care to download and extract the attached zip in this post you can drop the file m5.ini into your mame ini folder and this will automate the "type chain and press Return key" bit for you for the tapes that need chaining. sord_m5.zip
  10. I'm not quite sure if this is the image you're looking for. I emulate the Sord M5 using the software lists m5_cart and m5_cass, so my "Use file name only..." box is set. With different parameters needed depending on the game, I set Associated Platforms default parameters for the carts and use custom parameters per game for the cassettes.
  11. I use MAME 0.235 for the Sord M5 which needs the bios m5.zip The parameters will depend on what you wish to play. For cartridge based games I use m5 -cart1 For the tape games there are two parameter options, depending on whether a game is auto-load and run, or whether it requires to be Chained. For the auto-load and run games such as Baseball I use the parameters m5 -cass For the ones that need to be Chained I use m5 -cart1 basici -cass When the Basic-I Ready screen opens, type CHAIN and press return to load the cassette. By the way, the auto-load and run tapes can also use the Chain method but not vice-versa.
    Excellent work on these. I'm now using them in lieu of my previous ones.
  12. If all you want is that device then see Retroroms.
  13. You may be confusing the 3D boxes pack (1.47 GB) with the 2D cover art one (5.86 GB).
    The more I look at these, in particular the standard norelco ones, the more impressed I am. Beautifully done!
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