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  1. I'm using Trend Micro Internet Security 2020.
  2. It was taking around 25 seconds. I followed your advise and de-activated the anti-virus. Now it pops-up immediately. Thanks!
  3. Hi! I have the exact same issue as @ZeSystem. It happens to me every single time.
  4. I like both. Maybe 2 themes instead of 1
  5. Me temo que no hay manera de minimizarlo...
  6. I love it! In fact, the most important image of a game for me is the fan art background (in line with CoinOps). I like views with big images
  7. Hi @igotdvds, Can I ask that you add somewhere the number of items that are displayed in the drop-down (and it refreshes when you click the "filter missing"?
  8. By the way, @thimolor, what happened to this view? Any chance to get it in the theme? if not, could you share the psd you used for it? I really like it...
  9. Hi @y2guru, I have upgraded to version from It might be an issue with my computer, but it seems that the new version is struggling to display the themes (particularly the animations). Please, take a loot at the comparison videos below. Any idea? Version (transitions are smooth) 2020-05-23 12-35-47.mp4 Version (transitions are definitely not smooth :)) 2020-05-23 12-34-46.mp4 PS. Thanks for this awesome piece of software!
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