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  1. Absolutely! It would be great to get some help on this. I will PM you with the package.
  2. Last one, I promise. Would it be possible to apply animations to a group of UI elements? I would like, for example, all the elements within the Game Information group to fade in simultaneously, without having to apply animations to each of of them individually. Best regards.
  3. That's it! The good thing about the playlist name is that it is kept within the platform name value. Right now, with the latest version of the theme creator, I can display an image based on the platform name (including playlists here) as you allow the platform as metadata for images. Thanks!
  4. Yes it does, what is fine as long as I am browsing through a platform. In the case that I am browsing through a playlist, the game platform value does not coincide with the platform value (and what I would like to show is the latter).
  5. Hi @y2guru Would it also be possible to have as metadata for a text element the same as for an image? I am missing, for example, the possibility to display the platform name as text (not the same as the game platform). Thanks!
  6. Hi! How can I create a specific view for a playlist (for example, Atari Classics) with the Theme Creator? I have created a playlist and added it to the list of platforms, but it won't show up in the Theme Creator. Best!
  7. Hi! I am actually doing that. I started on XAML directly, but then I tried the community theme creator by @y2guruand it convinced me. I am posting a small video here of the wheels view (wip). It will take me sometime, though, as my availability for side projects is quite limited. Best! LaunchBox Big Box 2020-03-03 13-26-59.mp4
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