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  1. Emumovies forced recently a massive password change to most accounts. This will probably be fixed if you go to emumovies and change yours.
  2. You should have older versions of Launchbox in your Launchbox/Updates folder.
  3. Try with these 2. About the freezing... This seems to be an issue with the themes created with the community theme creator, or at least with some of them. We will post a new version of the theme, together with the community theme source files, once we port it to the yet unreleased version of the creator. It seems that the launchbox version 11.10 may fix the problem, though. WheelGamesView.xaml Wheel2GamesView.xaml
  4. There you are, removing the animation for the neon for both arcade views. Just copy these files over to your "Launchbox/Themes/COINOPS REDUX/Views" folder. Wheel2GamesView.xaml WheelGamesView.xaml
  5. Thanks! I am not really sure what you mean. Can you send me a screenshot?
  6. Thanks a lot! Is the final name trimmed (e.g. "The Game (xxx)" ends up as "The Game" or "The Game ")?
  7. Hi! I have a couple of doubts that maybe you can help me with... Besides the rules that you've laid out, the only one that has been added to name the media is the Launchbox ID, right? Also, when you talk about matching the rom file name minus the special characters for the rom name... is this just removing everything from the rom name after a bracket? Thanks in advance!
  8. Looks like a great plan
  9. Take a look at the topic below. Everything is explained, including source files for all the videos https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/55213-colorful-resources/
  10. I hadn't noticed that background noise until you said so. Now it's the only thing I hear The video, re-edited with your version of the splash screen... @viking, would you mind replacing the old version one for this one? Sony PS Vita.mp4
  11. That background sound was there in the footage I used for the intro...
  12. We will, but once we port it to the version of the creator (that includes quite a lot of improvements) that will be released soon.
  13. Here it is... Sinclair ZX Spectrum.mp4 @viking I'll send you the sources by PM.
  14. Thanks @viking! I agree that the magazines have a different perspective. I will post a version of the ZX Spectrum one with a modified perspective of the magazines (I think the one for the CPC is fine). I will definetely upload the sources.
  15. It's not only with this theme, apparently. I don't really have a clue what the issue is. In my case, it happens quite rarely, but sometimes it does mostly when opening the options view.
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