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  1. @y2guru hi. Is it possible to have an image wider than the screen? If I set manually the width above the maximum horizontal resolution of my screen, it gets reset to that maximum. I've also tried an animation to increase the width, but it does not work either.
  2. This theme is really nice. Happy to see that I am not the only one relying on per game hand-picked 1120x1080 fanarts (I'm working on a CoinOps replica theme myself)
  3. What you can do is to use the feature to build a fake rom list of the Community theme creator. This will create folders for every known platform in the LB database and txt files within for every rom of those platforms.
  4. Hi @y2guru I have come across a small bug, I think: the platform nested name is not being updated, when browsing through the playlists, unless I edit the view. A small video with the issue: 2020-09-14 23-59-16.mp4 The background image depends on the platform nested name. For CPS3 is the Street Fighter image, for CPS is the Dinosaur image. The dinosaur image gets set correctly not when changing the playlist, but when editing the view. Best regards.
  5. Hi @y2guru, I have a small feature request that I would appreciate if you could consider: Adding the possibility to specify that a random fallback image / video should be chosen from the fallback folder. Thanks again!
  6. This is one of those views that we cannot do on BigBox. The game on the left and right of the selected should be a fixed image, not a playing video. It looks like the new CoinOps comes with a whole bundle of themes, and some of them could be replicated into BigBox
  7. I would definetely like to explore this soon.
  8. The new CoinOps Diamonds does look impressive, I agree. There are some views that could be done in BigBox, like this one (for the GEMS edition of CoinOps Next 2), but it should bundle all the artwork with the theme. If it relies on the images a user has it will not look good at all. For the filtering, I guess it would be possible to build a plugin or something to do it. We could give it a go once we finish this theme Now, there are other views that rely on 3 media elements (images or videos) of 3 different games at the same time on screen. Those are not possible to build at this time on BigBox, as we only have access to media of 2 games (and only during the selection of the game, once selected, we only have access to the media of that one game).
  9. Hi @y2guru, Would it be possible to display the game video twice on the same view? The effect that we are pursuing is the one below (we are using a game video element and a user defined video element, for the same video, positioned in different locations and using an image mask to hide the part that belongs to the other screen), so that for platforms with a split screen we can align perfectly the game video in both of them. Best! 2020-09-08 16-59-22.mp4
  10. Hi @y2guru, I finally managed to make it work. My problem was that I was working on a specifi playlist view, with games from different platforms, so I had the videos within a subfolder named after the playlist (all of them inside). I've had to create subfolders per platform, and include there the videos of the games of those platforms. Thanks a lot for your help!
  11. Hi @y2guru, The path seems to be correct. I've edited directly the generated xaml code and I can make it work if I remove @@PLATFORM@@ from the binding path below: <TextBlock x:Name="UserDefinedVideo2ImageFile" Visibility="Collapsed"> <TextBlock.Text> <MultiBinding Converter="{StaticResource GetFileUsingTitle}"> <Binding Path="." Source="pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Themes/COLLECTIONS/Media/CollectionsGameVideos\@@PLATFORM@@"/> <Binding Path="SelectedGame.Platform"/> <Binding Path="ActiveGame.Title"/> <Binding Path="." Source="0"/> <Binding Path="." Source=".png"/> <Binding Path="." Source="Fuzzy"/> </MultiBinding> </TextBlock.Text> </TextBlock> Any idea of what I am doing wrong? Thanks!
  12. Hi! I have added a user defined video element that to display a particular video based on the selected game name (not the normal game video snap). The name of the game and the name of the video coincide, and the video is in the correct folder, but it is not being displayed. Can anyone with me a hint on what I might be doing wrong?
  13. The theme will have 4 game views, 2 for arcade and another 2 for other platforms (like the ones above). See an example, iterating through the 4 different views (the transitions are way smoother, but the computer I am on does not have a good graphic card) LaunchBox Big Box 2020-09-05 17-54-13.mp4
  14. I have just checked and it is indeed fixed. Thanks a lot.
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