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  1. RetrAO Cafe

    Enjoy the nostalgic inducing feel of the 80's and 90's era with bright neons, MORE NEONS, the latest in cinematic VHS and the good Ol' CRT effects that will surely awaken the inner 80's child in you.
    RetrAO Cafe started as a theme variation of "Minimal-AO" by @eatkinola with the main focus of recreating a tribute to the golden era of gaming that bloomed through the arcades and home consoles with customized artwork and retro overlay effects that compliments the gaming pop-culture from the past. RetrAO Cafe at its core is based on eatkinola's Minimal-AO thus they share the same Recommendation Setup and general guidelines of the original theme. 
    Moving forward there will be three versions of the RetrAO Cafe theme:
    RetrAO Cafe Classic - This will be the 2017 theme build but with the fixes and quality of life improvements to make it compatible to LB 9.4+ updates. As such, please be aware that this theme will only work on systems with LB 9.4 and above.
    RetrAO Cafe 2.0 - This major overhaul of the theme have been in development for 2 years and includes more than 70 customization options and new features and views, etc. Coming soon 
    RetrAO Cafe Lite - This version of the theme is intended to use light resources for weaker systems and special hardwares such as GPD Win and Pi systems. The development of this theme will continue after the release of RetrAO Cafe Classic and RetrAO Cafe 2.0
    RetrAO Cafe Classic v1.0 Changelog:
    RetrAO Cafe Showcase:
    Installation Guide:
    Extract RetrAO Cafe Classic folder in "RetrAO_Cafe_ Classic.zip" to ...\LaunchBox\Themes Read the supplied text file in the Fonts folder and install theme fonts as per the guideline instructions IMPORTANT: RetrAO Cafe Classic uses plugins as of v1.0 so make sure you unblock the plugins found in ...\LaunchBox\Themes\RetrAO Cafe Classic\Plugins by highlighting Grila's plugin and then mouse right-click-->properties-->then scroll down and check "unblock"-->Apply Choose RetrAO Cafe Classic in Options > Views > Theme Set Video Playback Engine to VLC in Options > Videos Refresh the platform wheel cache under options Restart Big Box OPTIONAL: In order to fully enjoy the theme download the "RetrAO_Cafe_MEDIA_V2.zip" and follow the guidelines on how install Big Box Intro and add additional Background Videos as per the supplied instruction text files Downloads:
    RetrAO_Cafe_Classic.zip: CORE theme file ---> Contains the Theme folder and the Fonts folder that are the only requirement to use this theme (144 MB) RetrAO_Cafe_MEDIA_V2.zip: Optional but highly recommended additional media and theme backgrounds that will enhance the nostalgic experience of the theme (367 MB) Credits:
    @Jason Carr - The BRAINS (Launchbox and Big Box creator)
    @eatkinola - The Architect (Minimal-AO creator, coding senpai)
    @SNAK3ATER - The Designer (RetrAO Cafe landlord)
    @Grila - The Wizard (Many thanks for the ListBox Scroll Center Plugin for BigBox)
    Special thanks and credit goes to @eatkinola for granting his permission and assisting me in finalizing the theme for LB 9.4+.  @ea4492 for the use of his Neon Platform Clear Logos and @keltoigael for granting his permission to include the awesome CityHunter background videos that can be found in the additional media folder in the download section (only included video is CyberPunk 2077, check out the rest of his amazing work Here). Also hats off to @dmjohn0x for his amazing intro video that is included in the additional media folder (permission granted), and last but not least @Zombeaver for the usage of his Platform Banners in the video showcase which can be downloaded Here. 


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    BIGFLIX as the name suggests is a variation of Netflix for BigBox, the theme uses some assets from the popular streaming giant while offering a twist of its own. The theme introduces many features to enrich the user experience such as personalized user profile and banners support that takes the aesthetic looks to a whole new level. BIGFLIX was designed for users who enjoy using Big Box on a large HDTV and HTPCs with supported resolutions up to 4K but it should also scale nicely on PC monitors that supports 16:9 aspect ratio.
    As of BIGFLIX v1.1 and onwards, the theme will come in two variations:
    BIGFLIX: The original theme will stay faithful to the Netflix formula and is designed for users who wants authentic experience for their HTPCs that mimics the popular streaming giant UI. 
    BIGFLIX PLUS: A theme variation of Bigflix created for the community using their feedback (i.e. keeping the original aspect ratios of videos and wallpapers, removing timer/buffer animations, fixing boxart overlapping for odd systems (PSX), weather and time plugin, Grilla's ListBox Scroll Center plugin, and many more! ). BIGFLIX Plus is constantly adapting to include latest community features while staying true to the original BIGFLIX experience.
    BIGFLIX v1.2 Changelog:
    BIGFLIX Showcase:
    Installation Guide:
    Extract BIGFLIX folder in "BIGFLIX_v1.2.zip" and/or BIGFLIX PLUS folder in "BIGFLIX_PLUS_v1.2.zip" to ...\LaunchBox\Themes Read the supplied text file in the Theme Colors folder and follow the guideline instructions on how to install BIGFLIX Black or BIGFLIX Red color schemes. The theme is defaulted to BIGFLIX Black. IMPORTANT: BIGFLIX PLUS uses plugins as of v1.2 so make sure you unblock the plugins found in ...\LaunchBox\Themes\BIGFLIX PLUS\Plugins by highlighting each plugin and then mouse right-click-->properties-->then scroll down and check "unblock"-->Apply Choose BIGFLIX or BIGFLIX PLUS in Options > Views > Theme Set Video Playback Engine to VLC in Options > Videos Refresh the platform wheel cache under options (Refresh All Images options is recommended for better user experience) Restart Big Box OPTIONAL: In order to fully enjoy the theme as per the creator's intended vision download the custom BIGFLIX startup video by the talented @ea4492 found Here. The BIGFLIX platform banners used in the video showcase is from @Klopjero's amazing work that is bundled within the themes all credits goes to them. Downloads:
    BIGFLIX_v1.2.zip: CORE theme file ---> Contains the Theme folder and is the only requirement to use this theme BIGFLIX_PLUS_v1.2.zip: Variation theme file ---> Contains the Theme folder and must unblock the plugins for first time setup before using this theme BIGFLIX additional media and theme artworks coming soon!


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