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  1. Sorry to bother I love this theme but cant get it to work right, win 7 this error pops up and the view for the games never looks like the platform one like in your screenshots. Im probably just being an idiot but any help would be most appreciated!
  2. V7.12 issue with themes not working properly and this error , tried reinstalling themes but problems ongoing
  3. Yes I have downgraded now and this seems to be working to a degree, whilst I cant see the platform once its created on the side I can however Import the roms then they become visible. So in the mean time this will have to suffice since it beats the alternative of being unable to add anymore platforms, games whatsoever. Thanks again!
  4. That can be done as well however None have been working for me and since I entered the beta certain platforms that were working prior refuse to boot the game, even thought the game is linked and the emulator which work flawlessly and did only until it was updated for myself.
  5. Thank you for confirming, I have checked in tools, manage platforms and they are still not present. I will look at downgrading to see if this resolves my issue, Once again, thank you for the help and fast response!
  6. Since going into the new beta for launchbox I have been unable to add a new platform what so ever. If I create one for a know platform it claims to close off and add it however nothing is created, if I try again it states that a platform with the same name already exists. However as stated prior the platform list still doesn't show this, if anyone can help regarding this or a way to possible downgrade back to last stable release without losing my data that would be great. Thank you for any help you can provide.
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