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  1. I will see if I can have it compare the user's retroarch.exe version date with the one on the server, and disable the message if already up to date. It does that with the cores already, but I think there was an issue with the date format preventing me from being able to do that with retroarch.exe. I'll let you know.
  2. Update 1.0.0 I've made some new improvements, if anyone would like to test it out before I release the program update notification. Download https://github.com/StellarUpdater/Stellar/releases https://github.com/StellarUpdater/Stellar/releases/download/v1.0.0.0-beta/Stellar.7z Or select Stellar from the Download Menu. Change Log Added Indexes to Cores Lists Added OK button to Checklist Improved GUI Code Improved GUI Threading Improved WebClient Download Improved HTTP Request Headers Menu Options
  3. If I make a PCSX2 updater I will notify you and create a new thread for it. It would be much simpler than RetroArch, as it would only download one file and extract.
  4. What would you need it to do, and where do you pull the updates?
  5. I will look into a way to add command-line functionality through cmd and run as a Scheduled Task. Something like: stellar -download cores -update all -arch 64-bit -server buildbot -path "C:\Path\To\RetroARch\"
  6. New Install, Upgrade, Redist, and Stellar will revert to RetroArch selected. As I figure you usually don't want to do those options each time you restart the program. Only RetroArch, RA+Cores, Cores, and New Cores save to the config.ini. But if you need one of the options to save I can add it.
  7. Update 0.9.2 To prevent losing saved settings upon upgrade I've changed the save system to a config.ini instead of Windows %AppData% temp file. Set your RetroArch folder path and Config Window options. After closing the program a config.ini will be generated in the same folder as Stellar.exe. Let me know if there are any problems. I've attached v0.9.1 if you need to revert. Download https://github.com/StellarUpdater/Stellar/releases Or Select Stellar from the Download Menu. Change Log Added config.ini for saved settings Men
  8. I'm thinking of adding a config.ini that saves your RetroArch path, Custom 7-Zip/WinRAR path, and Selected Theme. Right now the program uses a Windows %AppData% temp file to store the config (that's how these C# programs save settings by default) but it is lost when upgrading Stellar to a new version and you have to redo your settings each time. @Retro808 @Mizar @JamesBaker @Rincewind @dragon57 @neil9000 @spectral @TheMadMan007 @Mizar @Daliant
  9. Update 0.9.0 This new version will try to give the Libretro Server Admin a way to help conserve the bandwidth by adding a User-Agent Header "Stellar Updater" to identify. It also has an Update Notification that will appear in the Title Bar if there is a new Stellar release. Download https://github.com/StellarUpdater/Stellar/releases Or Select Stellar from the Download Menu. Change Log Added New Release Self-Update Notifier in Title Bar Added Internet Connection Check if Offline Added User-Agent Header for Server Admin Optimize
  10. I'm not actually sure, something to do with unprocessed versions of files, and someone said it was more reliable than the buildbot server. Though raw has been missing files for weeks now while buildbot is fine. Every once in a while files go missing on one of the servers, so now a notification will pop up if it encounters a problem downloading and you'll be able to switch.
  11. Update 0.8.9 Download https://github.com/StellarUpdater/Stellar/releases Or Select Stellar from the Download Menu. Note: 0.8.8 crashes on self-update. Press the Check button first, then Update. Change Log Added Manual Server Switch Removed Automatic Server Switch Improved Clear Saved Settings Menu Options Troubleshooting @Retro808 @Mizar @JamesBaker @Rincewind @dragon57 @neil9000 @spectral @TheMadMan007 @Mizar @Daliant
  12. Update 0.8.8 I added a switch that automatically detects if the dated RetroArch 7z files can't be found on the raw server and changes to the buildbot server. I removed GZip support as it is working without it now, which prevents having to make 2 server requests (1 gzip, 1 uncompressed) and is easier on the server traffic. If it does not work correctly when the servers return to normal I will add back in the GZip code and release a small fix. Download https://github.com/StellarUpdater/Stellar/releases Or Select Stellar from the Download Menu. Chang
  13. @Daliant @spectral Several problems I'm facing. I'm not able to parse files from either server. Raw Server is missing dated files. https://raw.libretro.com/nightly/windows/x86_64/ Buildbot Server gives GZip error: "The magic number in GZip header is not correct. Make sure you are passing in a GZip stream." Buildbot https://checkgzipcompression.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fbuildbot.libretro.com%2Fnightly%2Fwindows%2Fx86_64%2F Raw https://checkgzipcompression.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fraw.libretro.com%2Fnightly%2Fwindows%2Fx86_64%2F
  14. This happens from time to time. The files are the raw server are missing. I'll try to make it auto switch to the buildbot servers when it detects missing files error. It looks like the files are online there. The files on the raw server should be back online at some point.
  15. @ALIE Backup your all your config files and custom shaders. You can try to run Upgrade from the Stellar menu. Then copy all your config file backups to the RetroArch folder.
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