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  1. So CHDs are only really good for CD Based systems?
  2. Fair point. Hopefully I'll be issued a warning if this isn't allowed but I'm a member on a site made famous by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. On there are several files named MAME 0.221 Multimedia, MAME 0.221 EXTRAs, MAME 0.221 Software List ROMs (split) (and merged/non-merged), MAME 0.221 Software List ROMs (machines-bios-devices), MAME 0.221 Software List CHDs (merged, etc) and so on. I'll concentrate on the split set but do I need everything that mentions split or literally just the 68 GB MAME 0.221 ROMs (split)?
  3. Presumably if I did want to update to .221 I'd have to find every split update pack from .207 to .221 and then import using ClrMAME Pro (which confuses the hell out of me)?
  4. So do I still need to search for the update packs or am I good with .206? And any experience with storing the games on one machine and playing on another?
  5. Thanks for the reply. Wasn't expecting anything that quick! I guess my next question is, what's the best way to have an install and forget experience or am I searching for the impossible in that respect?
  6. Been using Launchbox on and off for a couple of years and have had a lot of help from Brad and Jason in the past. I always fall over with MAME though. I have the full MAME .206 split ROM set but having had a lot of success swapping Sega Mega CD bin/cue files and TurboGrafx & PCEngine files out for CHDs I thought MAME CHDs might be better but now I seem to have read that you need the merged/split ROM set AND CHDs. Is that definitely the case? I'm rapidly running out of disk space. Also I've been storing my ROMs on an old MAC Pro hardwired to my router. Playing them locally doesn't see
  7. No idea about Linux. It was a 3rd Party Windows program I used. I can't remember the name of it as my laptop is at home. I'm not sure if you're familiar with jailbroken PS3s? I'm not. I only did it as it wasn't being used since I got my PS4 Pro and I wanted to run Retroarch. I installed Rebug on it and as I said, a program called MultiMan will recognise the drive and even recognise some of the ROMs on it. I did read a few years ago that there was a Linux build you could install on a PS3 but I'm not sure that has any relevance here.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I had to use a 3rd party program to format the drive as FAT32. All the research I did on Google said the PS3 won't recognise Ex-Fat. I'd already re-formatted to Ex-Fat from NTFS and it didn't recognise that either so I tried FAT32.
  9. Apologies for asking this here but the Libretro forum members don't seem to be very forthcoming with answers or even a "Sorry, we don't know". I have been using Launchbox with Retroarch on my pc and laptop for a while with no real issues. I've managed to install a custom firmware on my unused fat PS3 and wanted to set it up to use Retroarch on my big screen tv. I have FAT32 formatted a 1 TB USB hdd and copied all of the ROMS that are working on my pc over to it. When I plug the hdd in to the PS3 it's not recognised in Retroarch. It is recognised if I go into MultiMan and some of the ROMS
  10. I have approximately 40 NAOMI ROMS which I'm trying to import. Regardless of whether I import them as Arcade or NAOMI and whether I import the whole folder or search for *.gdi then <CTRL> A Launchbox only imports 4 files. NAOMI 2 seems to import with no issues.
  11. This is why I love this forum. Relevant answers and you don't get spoken to in a sarcastic tone. I have a couple of files which are in .mds/.mdf format. Are they compatible or do they have to be converted to .cdi?
  12. Thanks for the advice. It's funny you should mention Dreamcast as that's the latest system I've become interested in. If I'm importing ROMs what format do they need to be? Bin/cue, mds/mdf or cdi?
  13. Bored on a Sunday afternoon and wondered what everyone was using to emulate their systems? I have been using Retroarch but wanted to know whether individual emulators provide more functionality or are easier to configure?
  14. No, not tried cancelling it as I've been trying to do this since Sunday evening but had a couple of failed attempts where it had returned over 20000 errors which is pretty much my whole collection. That appears to definitely have been my EmuMovies credentials though because I re-entered them into the Launchbox options menu and initially it was updating pretty quickly with no errors but when I returned home from work it had slowed right down and the progress bar had only moved a little. It had still only produced less than 100 errors at that point so I just put the slowness down to it now bei
  15. @neil9000 Thanks for the reply. I've imported metadata several times before and it's never taken this long. I deleted and reimported MAME stuff as I had done it incorrectly previously and the import wizard hadn't named them properly. I thought I would take advantage and update the metadata for my whole collection. I'm on a 40Meg Fibre To The Cabinet internet service and average speedtests seem to be around 34Meg. It's only certain images that seem to be failing so maybe it's just that there's no image available as so far there's about 550 errors out of a few thousand roms. When other pe
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