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  1. Right here we go

    6 hours ago, Styphelus said:

    400 Platforms, 100,000 roms and working?  I find that extremely hard to believe.  However I'm not an expert and have questions"

    1. Where did you get 400 systems from? There are about 130 at the very most. Are you breaking systems into sub-systems?

    2. 100,000 roms, with no duplication and all working? There are tons of roms that don't work. Did you test all of roms in your collection? Are you using multiple emulators for each system?

    3. Emumovies doesn't have video clips for a lot of the 130 systems known to exist, never mind 400. Hyperspin doesn't have clear logos for half of the 130 systems known to exist. Did you create them all yourslef? Can you post them somewhere?

    I find this very hard to believe but I'm curious now. Can you post more info on this collection? XML files for all those systems maybe?


    1) There are approx. 210 systems and 190 playlists and yes I have in this build broken down systems into "sub-systems" such as arcade boards or region. Sega Mega Drive and Sega Genesis as an example, I have approx 108 tutorials on my channel with about 100 of them setting up platforms. 

    2) To the best of my knowledge there are no duplication as some rom sets use multiple version of the same game and have removed them for every system. For example I have 12000 zx spectrum roms but have cut this down to 5000. Of course i have not played them all but am confident if i was to boot up a game it would load and on some systems I have used multiple emus

    3) Yes I have made and provided a lot of media and have posted them on my channel as well as a lot of other stuff. I am missing about 30% of media as stated in original post. Emu movies, while a goods source of media, is not the only place that provides it. Just because they don't have it doesn't mean it doesn't exist

    The beautiful thing about using LB is that you can customise it to how you want it to look and tailor it to your own needs and wants. I know people that have 3 versions of LB (Arcade, Consoles and Computers), others who like complete sets with every clone  and some with just the games they like. 

    Im actually in the process of redoing my build, just cant leave it alone!

    Never heard of the Super Control System 



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  2. Launchbox Showcase Ultimate Complete Edition (Nearly).
    Nearly 300 platforms (lost count) with nearly 100000 roms (no duplication and all working) 5 platforms not yet running roms though

    Using fundamental Theme by Grila (Just fancied a change)

    Clear logos by viking and a lot made by myself (Poorly)

    Has taken me many 1000's of hours to put this together and get working. 
    Missing a couple of platform videos and about 30% of game media (boxes, clear logos and game videos) mainly from the computer systems although i have a lot of complete collections.

    NOTE: The intro video is a splice of Rerohumanoid's superb  Hyperspin intro and Harryoke's  excellent wall breaker intro video which  I have edited (butchered) myself (Very poorly) so credit to them.


    Break down of platform  catagories

    Ultimate Playlist Edition.  Includes 50 so far.


    Ultimate Arcade Edition


    Ultimate Console Edition


    Ultimate Handheld Edition


    Ultimate Computer Edition



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  3. 7 hours ago, Sithel said:

    I can agree with this. colpipes1978 on youtube has a great 4 part tutorial. Following his steps I had around 40 nesica games up and running.Only 2 did not work but was the same 2 he couldn't get to run. No additional apps or anything, just launch the loader and it works. Anyone having issues should definitely check out his page.



    And I'm just realizing @pipes78 is the same guy lol. duh ...  Great work you do there !!

    Glad you got it working mate. Its a tough system to crack. In my opinion its the easiest and best way, using game loader, to get it working 

  4. Once installed and you have added the .rap file to the exdata folder it will launch by double clicking on it. Just make sure its compatible with the emu as alot of games still dont work 

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