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  1. Thanks for your interest in the Image search plugin.  With all the changes that Launchbox has gone through over the years,  I have not circled back to make updates. This tool was developed in the early days LB  to help with image scraping.  If you have the most up to date release you may find that your getting a more complete media match.    I would suggest with all the updates and changes that LB has undergone you take full advantage of the media scrapper built in.  Thank you for your support on the plugin.

  2. 5 hours ago, alexeon said:

    is there a way to make it use the vertical / horizontal bezel by default even if i have other bezels in the folder?

    There is a configuration line "override_artwork"  in each of the files  Simply Uncomment the line by removing the # next to it. 

    Replace genhorizont with horizontal (default artwork file name for your horizontal games)
    Replace genvertical with vertical (default artwork file name for your vertical games)



    fallback_artwork horizontal

    # Uncomment next line to use this for all games
    # override_artwork genhorizont




    fallback_artwork vertical

    # Uncomment next line to use this for all games
    # override_artwork genvertical


    Happy Gaming



  3. The initialization screen is part of the MAME rendering and meant to handle changes in screen resolutions.  I have reviewed lots of programming notes on ways to suppress it but i have been unsuccessful on my end.   Let me see what changes in the new year.  


  4. 11 hours ago, Aevans0001 said:

    Keep up the great work!  I was dealing with issues with Rocketlauncher and Mame and wanted to try the newest version (I had .213)  I decided for the next couple days i could use the original verison of .214, so I don't know why I posted.

    .0214 is now posted.  Enjoy

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  5. The No Nag turns off all warnings and all messages that appear prior to the launching of the game.   I am on my 2nd recompile attempt on version .0211.   It seems everyone wants it so I am going to see i can do.

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  6. 5 hours ago, tpub said:

    New to using NoNag Versions.

    being that there is a "Skip system info" in mames properties, is this to remove the warnings?

    If so, It did not work for me.

    Please let me know


    I will look further into this thanks

  7. Yes

    3 hours ago, cor094 said:

    I already have MAME 64bit 0.210 set up but want to switch to your "no nag" version. I want to keep all my settings, etc. Can I just replace my mame64.exe with the one I downloaded from here? Is that the only file that is different from the official MAME download? Thanks! - Cory

    Yes, if you use the .210 Version it will be a true No Nag version


  8. On 6/2/2019 at 3:30 PM, Clivey said:

    Is there a reason why the exe is twice the size of the original and twice the size of the no-nag one on hyperspin?

    The File has been re-uploaded and now MAME64.exe is half the size.  

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  9. The purpose of my scrolling text was to replicately a ticker tape that loops.  Once the last letter goes off the screen it starts from the beginning.    i know the default canned version scrolls vertically up and then back down.  if you are looking to accomplish a similar effect horizontally i wonder if that is a question for Jason.  I believe this  may be as simple as passing a parameter into the current method he wrote. 

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