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  1. i have v.07 Alpha (aug build) with your settings listed above, but still no luck with sammy, now demul starts but this pops up, naomi naomi2 and hikaru working fine within LB
  2. Maybe someone can help me out, i added sega naomi / naomi 2 / hikaru / and Sammy Atomiswave into LB and everything launches accept for Sammy A. it flickers and then nothing happens. I used the .bat files from Sentibrads tut so i have everything split and here are some photo's maybe you guys can see whats wrong? p.s The games DO work in demul !!
  3. Will the new beta also correct the missing games in the playlists or do i also have to delete the playlists and reimport mame with clones and filters to correct the missing games? I am having the same problem as coptimius.
  4. Thats great news Jason! one question yesterday i updated the images for my playlists manually because beta13 didn't have the images yet. i did this for each platform: Edit -> images. But if i delete those again will it auto download the standaard beta14 playlist images instead?
  5. ah ok yeah i allready thought it would be a manual step thanks for the confirmation ty
  6. neil9000 got one question left, all the new platforms from my playlist don't have images in BigBox i did download all platform videos which work in bigbox but i don't see platform images just plain white text. I guess this is also a easy to fix problem ?
  7. yes i had them allready as orginal platforms (naomi, model 123) Will try this Thanks!
  8. Hopefully someone can help me out. Yesterday i created a playlist for my already imported MAME list through : "Tools > Create Missing Arcade/MAME Playlist " I did not get a option where i could choose between different, platforms so in my case i already had Sega Noami setup and Sega model "1 2 3" but after the create mame playlist option i have those platforms listed twice and both populated (no difference) How can i change this back to one? thanks
  9. damn thats some fine programming ! respect. When is D-Day?
  10. Puppet

    Sega model 3

    thanks will try that
  11. Puppet

    Sega model 3

    I hope someone can help me out with Sega model 3 platform. When I launch a game through LB i get a pop-up from supermodel UI emulator with the list of games, LB doesn't launch a specific game i have to do this manually.
  12. Thank you ! i am going to try this when i get home and i will let you know if it worked
  13. They are .zip files and they run good when i open them in demul, i just cant launch them through Lb bg. Demul starts and gives me a game/rom list and then nothing happens. I hope you Guys have a solution
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