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  1. I placed each capcom platform individually (CPS 1-3). Now they all work.
  2. I had all the CPS games, listed as a platform Capcom Arcade in Launchbox and directed to fbalpha_libretro core but some games, apparently CPS2, did not open yet when I select the individual game and core (fbalpha_libretro) in retorarch, it opens.
  3. I deleted it. Sorry. So I need to separate CPS 1-3? In my generic Capcom folder, it seemed like CPS 1 and 3 worked but CPS 2 did not. I guess I'll keep them in separate folders then. thanks
  4. Hi, So.... I created a Capcom Arcade list directing it to fbalpha_libretro.dll. Some games load no problem (1941), others don't open (avsp) but are included in the play count every time I click. Thinking it may be the rom, I opened it in retroarch and it loaded no problem. Why won't it load in Launchbox? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Yeah I found it odd too. I forced Launchbox to read the .iso files but I guess it kept going back to the cue sheets.
  6. Thanks for the info @cammelspit . Right after I recieved your response I read on another board that cue sheets often interfere with 4DO. I deleted the sheets and now it works. But I will take your advice and download the 4DO emulator directly since it is a newer version Happy Gaming
  7. I've searched through the forums to solve my issue. There was a posting in March 2016 where someone had the same issue I have, but the problem that was solved for them did not work for me and was wondering if I was missing anything. I have a problem where Launchbox wont load my 3DO games via Retroarch 1.3.6 (4DO). I go into Retroarch and can load the games no problem. I went back into Launchbox and changed the games to load the .iso file instead of the .cue sheet and still have the same problem, I click on a game and nothing happens. I also tried using custom command-
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