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  1. In an attempt to add a default background to Nintendo Entertainment System games that didn't have their own fanart backgrounds, I figured out that I could add a file named LaunchBox\Images\Platforms\Nintendo Entertainment System\Fanart\Nintendo Entertainment System-01. This works, and now games with their own fanart have their own backgrounds, and games that do not, use the one I added. Everything is great, except, before on the main menu, I would get a random fanart background when I would stop on Nintendo Entertainment System. I really liked that. Now, I get the default background that I added every time. I'm hoping there is something that I'm missing here. Is there a way to do what I'm trying to do? Thanks so much for any advice.
  2. Ok so I downgraded to 9.1 stable, and everything worked, so I tried reinstalling 9.3 again. Same problem - BigBox instantly crashed as soon soon as the platform view appeared. So, I tried to install 9.2, and the above error occurred again. So, I installed 9.1, and everything is working fine for now. I'd appreciate any help in getting 9.3 working again though. I'd be happy to run tests or provide any information.
  3. Yeah so I'm having more issues. After reinstalling a 2nd time for the same problem, I now get the following error every time I try to launch either LaunchBox or BigBox. Please help.
  4. I'm using a version of Critical Zone that I made quite a few edits to from probably about a year ago. I reinstalled 9.2, then the next time I started BigBox, it automatically installed 9.3, and so far, it seems to be working. Not sure why.
  5. I checked the other thread, I don't think this has anything to do with the other person's problem. As soon as BigBox loads and I can see the platform logos, BigBox crashes. I haven't had any problems with previous versions of BigBox. I use symlinks for many things to save disk space, as I have multiple frontends, not sure if that is perhaps an issue. Please help me troubleshoot.
  6. Ok, I realized I was in fact on the latest stable version, and I just updated to the beta, and now it works properly. Thanks for your help, Jason must have caught it already.
  7. On my end it's just the controller, the keyboard still seems to work.
  8. Is it me, or do the up and down buttons no longer work after pressing the 'Filter' button in BigBox? I seem to recall not having any issues on previous versions. I can still press left or right, but I can't move up or down to select 'developer,' 'genre,' etc.
  9. Thought I'd give a little bit of feedback about the Platform Categories nesting - I don't like that a platform is 'forced' to exist somewhere. I have a 'Nintendo Power' platform, and I don't want that in 'Consoles,' 'Arcade,' 'Handhelds,' or 'Computers,' and I don't want it having it's own wheel right on the root, either. I also have a platform called 'Miscellaneous' that has tools and utilities and whatnot, I don't want that in Platform categories at all. It's a great idea but users should be allowed to exclude anything they choose.
  10. I renamed my 'Cache' folder to 'Cache1,' and it booted right up. Lucky guess - I remembered Jason saying he was going to do something with the cache folder, and mine was gigantic (4+gb), and it seemed like a possibility. Then after I got BigBox up and running again, I deleted the Cache-BB folder that was created, and renamed Cache1 to Cache-BB.
  11. I've been sitting here for almost 10 minutes, and it's stuck on 'Populating Playlists.' The only thing I can really thing of is, I use symlinks galore to save disk space, and I know that caused problems with instruction manuals in previous verisions. I'm wondering if that's an issue with this version of Launchbox - a lot of my media is symlinked. But I'm not sure what to do, other than revert back to the previous version and hope it works.
  12. I just started using Launchbox Next, and I noticed a new folder was created, Launchbox\Images\Cache-Next. My concern here is that my regular cache folder is gigantic, and it is my understanding that Big Box still uses that. Disk space is an issue for me. Are there supposed to be two cache folders, or does Big Box use the Cache-Next folder now, and I can go ahead and delete the old one?
  13. I was just getting ready to post that same answer. It works, thanks for your help guys.
  14. Thanks for the reply, I'm still stuck though. I tried as you suggested but I just get a drop down menu with the option of choosing a single core. Here's a pic: I'm using version 8.3 also.
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