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  1. Star Wars Bootleg clone is importing instead of galaxy wars. I noticed this a few dozen games. Off hand the other one is star castle is not being import (parent but the clone is.
  2. Ok so I'm having an issue when using BigBox along with clone games. An example is Root beer tapper and suntory tapper. It randomly chooses either the tapper theme or the root beer theme. I tried renaming these as MAME rom sets but that didn't resolve the issue. It keeps jumping back and forth. Is there a way to rename these to work? Also have a problem with battle zone. There is battle zone (bootleg of mayday) and battle zone by atari. They keep jumping from videos to an other. They have the same name but when I try to rename the videos to MAME rom sets it still doesn't work. Actually the pare
  3. Was checking out my high score list and noticed a bug. Please delete the Omega 5,000,000 score. That is not correct. Thanks
  4. A new High Score Dat came out for MAME 229. Will this be updated on LB or is there a way to add it manually?
  5. I loved front-line as a kid. Was a hard game but fun.
  6. Been awhile since I fired up Disc of Tron (Environmental) and got a pretty good score. Not to bad for an old timer (51). I like this version because who doesn't like to hear Sark.
  7. Ok so I was expanding some MAME roms because I like certain clone games and I accidentally deleted one. Is there a way to add it back without having to import the whole set again? Thanks
  8. Yes I used the bezel installer and did RocketLauncher. Then after that I did the MAME one. Both were and are working fine unit I try to assign platforms from RL to standalone MAME. That's when the bezel will just show the platform and not individual games. Thanks for the response. I'll try later tomorrow.
  9. Actually I have them in both places. The ini folder and the MAME folder. Both are identical.
  10. Actually I installed both. MAME and RocketLauncher. When I have everything running through Rl it worked fine showing bezels for individual games. Also worked if I ran MAME on it's own command line it would show individual games. When I changed a platform to use MAME only in LB the bezels will only show the system and not individual games. Should I just delete the whole bezel project and start over?
  11. OK so far I tried two systems with success. Amstrad GX4000 and Atari 2600. Now this will be a little off topic but since I changed these two systems to use MAME only I noticed that the Bezels Project don't work for the games. It only shows the default bezel for both systems.
  12. OK if this is the case if I unchecked the box for MAME will it still work for arcade games and non arcade games?
  13. I know some systems need bios. I have a complete set and can run any game in MAME. I'm just having a hard time getting the systems to work in LB. I can run them in RocketLauncher and MAME but LB is giving me issues lol. I will try to check/uncheck. Why do you use a different MAME for non arcade games? MAME can run both Arcade and non arcade games.
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