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  1. Was the database updated to MAME 222? Asking for a friend.
  2. Glad this topic is being talked about. Mame is the main reason most people got into emulation. Each release either has new games added or fixed games that were marked not working. Would be great to see what database is being used on LB. Or better yet a tool for us to create it ourselves that works on LB.
  3. Is there a way to see which database version is being used on launchbox? Also how often are MAME databases updated here? Thanks
  4. So LB is like HS and we have to wait for a new database to be created on every new MAME release? Why can't LB create its own using the xml like MALA? Thanks
  5. Well it finally worked. Been doing what you mentioned before but wasn't working. Now I have my MAME video snaps and MAME video themes working named after the rom. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply everyone. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong but when I try and just add my video snapshots for MAME from HS which the videos are named after the rom LB doesn't recognize them. When I try and download media from LB and use only from Emumovies DB only it still downloads the videos with the name of the game and not the rom. I want LB to only use MAME roms names not the game title. Thanks
  7. I'm very new to LB. Been using Hyperspin forever and this MAME High Score feature made me dust off the cobwebs and play some classic games. Thanks for this feature.
  8. Every time I try LB downloads the video themes and artwork using the full name. How do I make it using the MAME rom names? I just want to transfer my media from HS to here without having to d/l everything again. When I try placing my existing media in LB it does not recognize the rom name.
  9. Thanks. Grabbed it from the FTP. Had to change the name but all good. Actually I have a question about how LB uses names. HS would use the rom name for videos and themes but here it uses the full name. Is there s way to have LB use the rom names for videos and themes. Sorry little off topic. Thanks
  10. Does this clone have its own theme? I know there is one from HS but can't locate it here. Thanks
  11. Oh yes I lost many due form failed HD. That's why I have so many drives backing stuff up. After looking looks like its been around 15+ years doing this on and off.
  12. Thanks. That's what I meant. On the other hand lots of these games from Japan like Famicom that also has USA games might have different sounds or graphics and harder game play. I was just curious. Just trying to wrap my head around this from coming from HS. Seems like HS is dead in the water and has not been worked on for a while. I will keep my setup just planning for the future.
  13. Been collecting for over 10 years form rom sites that are no longer with us. A moment of silence......................But a few have popped up that are hidden.
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