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  1. I personally would disable any and all of these features, were they to be implemented. But I can see how others might find it useful.
  2. You're very welcome This video may be outdated at this point, but may be worth watching. As I said, I wouldn't know, since I don't use it:
  3. I think so - I don't have EmuMovies, so I don't know. @neil9000
  4. Do you have an EmuMovies subscription? If so you can download videos directly in launchbox. If not you'll have to supply the game videos yourself, either by using screen capture or downloading from YouTube.
  5. That was just an example. Let's say you want a video for Metroid for the NES. You'll need a video in this location: LaunchBox\Videos\Nintendo Entertainment System\Metroid.mp4
  6. Do you have a video for the game in the proper directory? LaunchBox\Videos\Platform\game.mp4
  7. Can you share a screenshot of the settings of a game that doesn't work?
  8. As you can see, there is a separate menu for Transitions. If you enjoy customizing settings, I highly recommend that you just look around in BigBox and try stuff out. Most menus should be self-explanatory, in my experience.
  9. LaunchBox\Sounds\Startup.wav Just replace that file with whatever sound file you want. I think it needs to be in .wav format.
  10. Go into launchbox, find the drop-down menu in the left navigation bar, and select Playlist. Then right-click the playlist you want to delete, and choose "Delete".
  11. SMB3 is for the NES, not the SNES. That goes for many of the other ROMs you have imported as well. (SMB, SMB 2, Contra, Mega Man 2, Donkey Kong Classics and TMNT)
  12. 1. The video location should be: LaunchBox\videos\platform\gamename.mp4 In your case, try finding LaunchBox\Videos\Arcade\19xx.mp4 2. You need to connect your EmuMovies account in launchbox. Then you can download through the media download tool. 3. Yes, see #1 for naming convention
  13. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but how about unmapping the play-button and checking the "skip details screen" option? I would argue that mapping select and play to the same button doesn't make much sense.
  14. How about creating a .ahk file, that you run using additional apps per game?
  15. Here it is: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/6223/option-for-remember-platform-category-view
  16. i didn't know if it was an existing feature or not but I'll add it to BitBucket!
  17. Bump! Is there a way to have different views for Platform Categories in the same way as we have different views for Platforms?
  18. What I did to avoid this problem was to set up all emulators using keyboard buttons, and then use JoToKey to map keyboard buttons to the gamepad buttons. Whatever the order of controls that gets started up, JoyToKey uses that order.
  19. I'll tell you why, anyway Go to view, and click File name extensions. This will make it so you see that darn txt-file for what it really is. What you have now is actually script.py.txt, which you will see when you check that box. Once thats done, you should be able to rename it to only script.py. The file type should then become a "Python source file", and not a "Text document" as it is now Anyway, as I said before - whatever works!
  20. Since it's another drive, you need to do this: F: cd "Video Snaps" Give yourself a pat on the back for being so patient
  21. progress is good! The script file would need to be renamed (i.e, remove the .txt extension) before you can call it as script.py - but whatever works I guess It will put the files in whatever directory you are in when you call the script. It seems that you have fixed the path-issue, so you should be able to do this cd "F:\Video Snaps\" python script.py.txt And the files should end up in the correct folder
  22. Where did you install python 3.7? You can actually just point to that specific installation. For me it is installed at: C:\Users\Server\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37-32 Find that folder in explorer. Open a command prompt, write cd and drag the folder into the window cd C:\Users\Server\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37-32 Now you run the script using that version of python: .\python.exe "F:\Video Snaps\script.py" To answer your question, yes, there is a way to set 3.7 as your default, but that involves messing with your path variables press win+r, and write sysdm.cpl, and press enter. Then, go to Advanced -> Environment Variables (at the bottom) Double click the row that says Path, and add the folder from above in there: Hope that helps
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