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  1. rrichter

    Apogee BK-01

    Thank you. I’ll respond back after work tomorrow
  2. rrichter

    Apogee BK-01

    I’m using Mess, is there a way to test it outside of LB? I’m not familiar with using mess with out the command lines from inside launchbox.
  3. rrichter

    Apogee BK-01

    Ok looking for help to get a mess command line working for Apogee BK-01. I got this (apogee -cass "G:\New folder\LaunchBox\Games\Apogee BK-01\ROM_name.rka"), the (apogee -cass) will launch mess but won’t load a game. Any help would be great. Ty.
  4. rrichter

    Launchbox And CPS3

    So does mame handle the CPS3 roms ok or should I extract them outta my full set and set up a new platform? And if that’s the case u say Retroarch cores are good for it?
  5. rrichter

    Sega Model 2

    Ok I got it ty for pointing that out. So when I try to load a game it creates an .ini file u have to edit to your rom paths and delete a semicolon, its in the text. This search lead me to it. https://forums.emulator-zone.com/archive/index.php/t-14876.html
  6. rrichter

    Sega Model 2

    Ok I followed the simply Austin tutorial it didn’t help with this and have a romset and tried a couple different roms but this happens every time I launch a game(all games). Prolly something stupid any help would be great.
  7. rrichter

    Gamepark GP32

    I understand where to find the “gp32“ in mess/mame, maybe u help me locate how to find the “-memc” extensions, so I’ll be able to do it for other systems. I understand that each system uses a different extension, I was just using those as examples. Ty much
  8. rrichter

    Gamepark GP32

    Ty u much
  9. rrichter

    Demul problems

    It seems by switching to the mame bios that fixed most of the issues. Ty
  10. rrichter

    Demul problems

    Sorry to piggy back the issue but I’m getting a similar one. I followed the Naomi tutorial and got a non merged set, did the bat files and did the 4 Naomi systems. But every game I load I get one error like”unable to find epr-23819a.ic22 in romset”, but i unzipped rom and it’s in the rom. Every game I click gives me a similar error but just a few different numbers? I tried downloading a different rom for testing and other bios, nothing has helped and ideas. I’m running demul 1111117.
  11. rrichter

    Gamepark GP32

    I understand this system may not work properly but I’m trying to get command lines either to run with geepee32 or mess or retroarch. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  12. rrichter

    Arcade subcategories

    Ok I’ve been having this problem for awhile, and I’ve tried deleting and re importing different ways. My Arcade system keeps breaking down into “Atari classics, Capcom, etc......” and I unclick the box for it and it just keeps doing it. Any suggestions?
  13. rrichter

    Newest beta can't import ps1 games

    Thank for the response but as I logged in today there was an another update for launchbox and after installing that it fixed my ps1 import issues.
  14. Just downloaded newest beta release last night and since I've attempted 3 times to import PS1 cue sheets with a pc restart and all three times it has failed with a Error that closes launchbox. It fails each time at different points of the import.
  15. rrichter

    Marquee and vertical cab

    I haven't really messed with it since the post, was hoping to get some more help and post and I feel into Ps1 and Ps2 rom downloading. Do u also run vertical?