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  1. Hi and thanks for this contribution but How does it works? I use Mame64 with 2 U360.
  2. Hope he'll be back some day!
  3. Hi @SentaiBrad, I'm trying to trim my games. Could you explain how to do that for the Gamecube's isos please? I successfully used Gamecube iso tool but I don't know how to process all my iso in one shot and not have to do it one by one. Any games not working after trimming? Thanks!
  4. Game Region Priorities in BigBox

    It worked, thank you
  5. Game Region Priorities in BigBox

    Should I delete the games in LB before reimport them?
  6. Game Region Priorities in BigBox

    @Wayne100 I'm wondering the same thing. I discovered recently that emulators for old systems like the Genesis doesn't convert pal games to 60fps. I'm French so I prioritized the French and European games, but they are playing at 50fps. I prefer obviously 60fps, so I need to find a way to prioritized the NTSC roms. It seems that I have to do it manually per game and bulk edit can't help me with that. So guys, what should I do?
  7. Iso not opening

    It works!!! I did a bulk change on all my ps2 games and specified the emulator. Thank you Zombeaver
  8. Iso not opening

    That's it, I can't see PCSX2 in the choice of emulator when I do a right click on a game and choose "Launch with". I tried to rename my system and the emulator associated with but it doesn't work. Any suggestion?
  9. Iso not opening

    NP, thanks anyway!
  10. Iso not opening

    Yes, I followed this guide to install PCSX2 this evening.
  11. Iso not opening

    Yeah I know...
  12. Iso not opening

    yep. And, I haven't any pb with another system using iso files like the Dreamcast!
  13. Iso not opening

    Yes they work outside LB and yes I use this line parameters. It give me this sample command: pcsx2.exe --nogui --fullscreen --fullboot "FULL\PATH\TO\ROM\FILE"
  14. Iso not opening

    Hi, I can't run any PS2 iso with PCSX2 because a "how do you want to open this file?" window appear and nothing more. No pb using the command line directly in Windows 10. Any idea?
  15. Hi, I would like to priorize US version for all my console games. Right now LB start the european version in priority. Is it possible to change that? Thanks!