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  1. Fablog

    Metal Slug 5 3d box missing for Neo Geo AES

    @dragon57, is it a 3D box for the AES system you uploaded? I see only a MVS 3D box in the database. The box we need have to be with this artwork:
  2. I don't have any iso right now. I want to get the right thing. What do you recommend?
  3. So @Landcross, you seem to be our new best solution. Where can we download your script? Keep the good work for the community guys 👍
  4. Hi @phunky1. What's the news about using PS3 iso with launchbox? Is your script our best solution?
  5. Fablog

    building an arcade cabinet with a trackball

    I don't know the answer but you could try to remap your mouse with UCR and after decide to buy or not a trackball. I'm using this app with my control panel to create virtual Xbox controllers. Personally, I don't use so often my trackball and I think a spinner would have been a better decision. All depends what games you want to play.
  6. Fablog

    Good alternate name without scrap success

    @Jason Carr, could you tell us how the scrapping is working with Emumovies please? I updated the Gamecube game "Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie" with the US name "Peter Jackson's King Kong" and I thought that Launchbox would be able to scrap Emumovies with all the alternate titles. It seem's that's not the case, am I right? Do we need to use the US name as primary name in Launchbox? Thanks!
  7. Fablog

    Emulate analog joystick with dpad

    A useful tool: https://github.com/evilC/UCR
  8. Fablog

    Good alternate name without scrap success

    I think we need something automatic, not manual when we scrap thousand of games. We need to improve the synchronization with emumovies don't you think?
  9. Fablog

    Emumovies snaps with Nec PCEngine VS Turbographx

    Thanks @Styphelus. I will try the Emumovies sync downloader.
  10. Fablog

    Is there a later LEDBlinky controls.ini than 2011 ?

    Interested too!
  11. Fablog

    Metal Slug 5 3d box missing for Neo Geo AES

    Thanks @dragon57
  12. If anyone have it, could you upload it to the LB database please?
  13. Hi, I try to understand how the scrapping works. The game Finding Nemo (Europe) is named correctly Disney-Pixar Finding Nemo (alternate name) with the right region (USA), but still the scrapping find nothing in Emumovies. Do you know why? If I change the title name in LB (what I don't want), the scrapping is working !? Any idea?
  14. Hi, The Nintendo 64 game 1080 snowboarding is in the Emumovies FTP (1080 Snowboarding (Japan, USA).mp4) but the LB scrapper doesn't find him. I think it's because we use the region WORLD in the LB database. What should we do in this case? change WORLD for USA? Thanks