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  1. Hi, Inside a platform I created a custom playlist (Best of) and auto generated another one (All games). If I enter in this platform a video start, then I choose between "Best of" and "All games". With "All games" the platform video start again from the beginning, but if I choose "All games" the video keep going without restarting from the beginning. It's very annoying...is it something discussed in the forum? I think we should be able to configure how BigBox behave in this particular case. What do you think?
  2. @NJDave71 no worries, I found it in another forum. Thanks!
  3. Hi @bman83, I don't understand! What do I have to change? Thanks!
  4. @NJDave71 thank you! I'm looking for the 0.200 nonag, maybe you still have it and could upload it again?
  5. Fablog

    0.200 mame core

    Hi, I'm looking for the 0.200 mame core for Retroarch. If you have it, could you share it with me please? Thanks!
  6. Me too. NEC TurboGrafx is a mess for exemple.
  7. Thanks a lot @Zombeaver, your shaders are my favourites now!
  8. Fablog

    Missing box art

    If he wants the console version then he needs to scrap as Neo Geo AES. If not, he won't get the cartridge and real box images.
  9. Thanks @viking, you were right! It's OK in 4k
  10. I found the solution. You have to use TeknoParrotUi.exe and do what @Pennywisekrueger said but uncheck "Don't use quotes (primarily for project64 1.6 and lower)" in the Teknoparrot emulator window (in LaunchBox).
  11. It doesn't work but I found OpenParrotLoader64.exe. It doesn't work either but I think it's a syntax problem. I think it's what Game loader all RH use to work with Technoparrot.
  12. I'm launching the TeknoParrotUi.exe
  13. @GrayskyX could you show us a picture of one of your game edit window please? I did what you said but it launch only Teknoparrot, not the game. The game is working using only Teknoparrot, without Launchbox. Thanks!
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