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  1. Fablog

    Steam games for Arcade Cabinet

    Beware, it's not compatible with the IPAC UIO. I tried vjoy alone and X360ce...too much hassle. UCR is lot of better. You can create Virtual Xbox 360 joypads.
  2. Fablog

    8.3-beta-1 Released

    I will be more precise. If my games have already metadatas, I can't bulk update medias without updating at the same time the metadatas. You're saying that's a normal behavior right?
  3. Fablog

    8.3-beta-1 Released

    Jason, is it normal I can bulk update my medias only if I update the metadata too?
  4. Fablog

    Mame 3D boxes missing

    Thanks @Robin55 !
  5. Fablog

    8.3-beta-1 Released

    Audit a system do that already. Isn't what you're talking about?
  6. Fablog

    Mame 3D boxes missing

    What are you suggesting then? Editing and adding picture individually? @DOS76 or @Lordmonkus do you know what could be the problem?
  7. Fablog

    Mame 3D boxes missing

    Hi @Robin55, thanks for your help. I have an emumovies account and downloaded the Mame 3d boxes you made with LB. But it seems LB can't find 3d boxes for 800 games. I will download your LB pack tomorrow, thanks.
  8. Fablog

    Mame 3D boxes missing

    Hi guys, I imported the mame 3D boxes from Emumovies but missing like 800 boxes. In the emumovies donwload page they say: "these files will NOT cover 4885 games as most of the Boxes names are for various different versions of the SAME game". What workaround do you suggest to solve this problem for our community? Thanks!
  9. Fablog

    How to change the system of a list

    Thanks guys, will try later.
  10. Fablog

    How to change the system of a list

    Hi, LB created a SNK mvs liste during the importation of my Mame fullset. I would like to change it for SNK AES and move it to my Console category. Is it possible or is it better to select all the Neo geo ROMs and import them another time? Thanks!
  11. Fablog

    Big box running choppy

    It works for me. Advanced system care was the problem solver. Thanks Lordmonkus!
  12. Fablog

    Nemos Bartop 32inch First Build

    Look very good for a bartop. I usually don't like them and prefer the full size cabinets. For the trackball it depends of the games you want to play. Don't think to use it like a mouse in Windows. I have one and never use it outside Mame. Now, if I could change my control panel I'll use a spinner because I like Arkanoid a lot. A trackball is OK with this game but a spinner is better. Moreover you can play to car games with a spinner and an additional wheel.
  13. Fablog

    Problem with videos (8.3 beta 3)

    Yes I tried but it was worst. Thanks anyway. I followed the advices from here and with Advanced system care I solved my problem!
  14. Hi, do you have problems to start videos when you are changing game in Big Box? I have a delay between some videos and graphical bugs at the begining of some videos. They play well outside BB with VLC. Same problem with every theme. Thanks!
  15. Fablog

    Looking for SNK AES carts 2D

    It was me . I found them on a hyperspin forum. I discovered after that they were downloadable from LB since the beginning for the SNK AES system but I was trying from the MVS system The ROMs are from my name fullest so LB created automatically a MVS playlist... Thanks anyway!