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  1. Thanks to an old post of @Belgarath I could do it: 1) Create a VHD file with Windows disk management using a MBR partition (With a GPT, it refuse to mount properly in a D letter drive). 2) In Launchbox, in the game properties, in the Launching tab, put the vhd file path in Application path. 3) In the Additional Apps, click Add Application and insert the game executable file path when the virtual drive is mounted. Check Automatically Run After Main Application. Problem: Using the virtual drive, the game starts in 22 seconds from Launchbox. If the virtual drive is mounted al
  2. Hey guys, Could you help to mount a vhd file containing a nesica game please? I Installed Daemon tools lite and I think I have to set something in Additional Apps when editing the game. After that, where Do I have to mention the vhd file path and the exe to run inside the VHD? Thank you!
  3. Thanks @Kiinkyfoxx, I'll try that later. I precise that the AHK works with Teknoparrot. I couldn't test with All game RH because it's not configured like an emulator, so I can't use an AHK inside Launch box.
  4. Thanks @Kiinkyfoxx, it works but only if I run Launchbox in admin mode but it won't work in BB because games won't start in admin mode . Anyone know why is that so?
  5. Fablog

    eXoDOS v4

    @eXo, will you use DosBox pure in a next release or there is no point to do that?
  6. Hi @bman83, could you explain step by step how do you exit a game launched with Game Loader All RH please? I tried what you wrote and it doesn't work. My games are in portable mode.
  7. Hi, Is it possible to pack all files from a Nesica or TypeX game in a VHD file like an ISO? It would be incredible to manage VHD files directly in Launchbox. Those games are such a mess in my HDD.
  8. @Zombeaver, I think Exodos is setup like that already, isn't it? Do you see a difference? Thanks for your tutorial!
  9. It's a playlist. It's useful if you have a lot of windows games and want to show only the bests. Maybe I could write here the games list.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Based on french magazines rating, Generation4 and Joystick, the best windows games, playable on Windows 10 64 bits (Max 2014). Enjoy!
  11. Best Windows games playable on Windows 10 64 bits (max 2014) View File Based on french magazines rating, Generation4 and Joystick, the best windows games, playable on Windows 10 64 bits (Max 2014). Enjoy! Submitter Fablog Submitted 07/10/2020 Category Playlists  
  12. Hi Guys, I know nothing about AHK script and I need your help to close every games I use with "Game Loader All RH.exe". Below is my script and obviously it doesn't work. Could you help me with that please? I use 2 Xb360 joystick. ~1joy7 & 3joy7:: Duration=0 Loop { Duration ++ If !GetKeyState("1joy7") || !GetKeyState("3joy7") Break If Duration > 2 { Send, {Esc} break } Sleep, 1000 } return
  13. @Lordmonkus are you able to enable the legacy components in windows LTSC?
  14. Thanks @Lordmonkus I have many games to install, if others have a global solution... Thanks
  15. Hi, I have Windows 10 LTSC and It seems impossible to activate the Legacy components Directplay and NTVDM. I know it's possible to activate with another windows 10 version. I can't play to many old games like Age of Mythology or Diablo. Do you know a solution? Thanks!
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