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  1. Thanks mate for this detailed explanation😀
  2. Is there a big difference between the U360 and the IL eurosticks? I suppose you prefer the IL.
  3. @Headrush69I'm Curious, do you set your U360 in 4 or 8ways to control Bigbox?
  4. Hi, I'm looking for 3 clear logos: "Genres", "Editors" (or "Editeurs" in French), and "Systems" (or "Systemes" in French"). It's for my arcade category. I can't find that anywhere. Could you help me with that please? Thanks!
  5. I found the solution: I deleted the "all" platform category in LaunchBox using "Manage platforms".
  6. Hi, - I have some trouble since the last updates. I have 2 "All" plateform categorys in LaunchBox (in the root) and if I delete one of them, it delete my "Arcade" plateforme category but the deleted "All" plateform category reappeared. - In BigBox, I have another problem with my Mame Plateform (nested name: "Mame"). It appears as "Arcade" in my Arcade Plateform category!? Moreover, In the root I see 2 "Arcade" categorys, what is wrong because I have only 1, but I see only one LaunchBox!? It seem's I have a ghost plateform category. Could you help me with that please?
  7. I tried a lot of solution to solved this problem with windows games. What a lost of time and UCR was the best, but not perfect. I have an Ipac UIO with 2XU360. I don't want to waist more time so I did that. I have now 2 Xbox 360 joypads and it seem's working well. I will do more test in the next week's.
  8. Have you used Winipac to setup every buttons and joystick before?
  9. I have the same setup and all is working. What's the PB exactly?
  10. Fablog

    Master List?

    http://datomatic.no-intro.org http://redump.org/downloads/ Is it what you are looking for?
  11. I won't do the promotion of any software for this kind of games for various reasons and I'm not so experienced about them. I would be too interested to see some tutorials about how to use them in Launchbox. I think it's sensible because some of those games are still in operation. Am I wrong?
  12. ...and sega Triforce, SegaEuropa-R, Sega RingEdge, Sega RingWide, Sega RingEdge 2... You could find a lot of information about arcade emulation Here
  13. Canada, Quebec, Montreal
  14. @Robin55, as usual great job mate! My Launchbox is full of your work
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