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  1. Fablog

    Arcade emulation beyond MAME

    ...and sega Triforce, SegaEuropa-R, Sega RingEdge, Sega RingWide, Sega RingEdge 2... You could find a lot of information about arcade emulation Here
  2. Fablog


    Canada, Quebec, Montreal
  3. @Robin55, as usual great job mate! My Launchbox is full of your work
  4. Fablog

    Sega CD USA 2D Box Pack (170)

    @Robin55, as always you did a very good job. Thank you!
  5. Hi, https://www.screenscraper.fr have a lot of media's we don't have in the LB and Emumovies database. Is anyone ok to make a plugin? Here the informations for the API: https://www.screenscraper.fr/webapi.php I can help to translate if needed.
  6. Fablog

    Neo Geo AES roms

    I found the solution to use only one Mame for the AES and MVS mode if you have organized them in LB in 2 different systems. Add a line for your AES system in the emulator config window and pass additional parameters (see the uploaded image). The Unibios settings are keep in the Mame nvram directory. Create another nvram directory in Mame for the AES system only and open each game. It will create a new nvram for each game. It's possible to copy a nvram from a game and replace the nvram of the other games.
  7. Fablog

    Neo Geo AES roms

    It seems I need to clone my Mame because I have the ROMs cloned and I have 2 different systems: AES and MVS. I can't figure how-to use only 1 Mame to do that.
  8. Fablog

    Neo Geo AES roms

    Very good information, thanks! Should I make a clone of my Mame to be able to play in AES or MVS mode?
  9. Fablog

    Neo Geo AES roms

    Thanks Lordmonkus. Can I play in AES mode with Mame or do I need to use Retroarch with the final burn core?
  10. Fablog

    Neo Geo AES roms

    Hi guys, I have a Mame rom fullset and I'm wondering if I can play them in AES mode (console) thanks to Unibios? Thanks!
  11. Fablog

    Games lists

    Try Screenscraper.
  12. Fablog

    Mame BGFX Shaders - Tutorial

    My bad, it was working. I created individuals settings file for some games without the hlsl settings. I deleted these files and no problemo. Thanks for the help and your hlsl settings
  13. Fablog

    Mame BGFX Shaders - Tutorial

    I change the raster.ini file but it's same as before. Do I need to specify somewhere that I want to use this preset?
  14. Fablog

    Mame BGFX Shaders - Tutorial

    Thanks a lot Lordmonkus! I used this thread because you talked about you HSLS settings in it 😉