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  1. Flintz

    LaunchBox Next

    Got it! Thanks! This is VERY different, wow! I guess I have to mess around with it to learn. Thanks again!
  2. Flintz

    LaunchBox Next

    Mine doesn't have that for some reason. What version are you running?
  3. Flintz

    LaunchBox Next

    Every time I read the intro pop up screen, I see that it says to access LaunchBox.Next, click on the "LaunchBox.Next button in the header". Where is the header because I don't see that button anywhere. Right now, I'm on LaunchBox 8.4-beta-9. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Worked!!! I guess I didn't try everything after all, haha!! Thanks so much!!
  5. Hi there, Does anyone know what command to use when launching CPS3 games from Launchbox? The reason I ask is because every time I launch a game, it opens up the emulator, but doesn't access any of the game files I have. I've tried "-f -g", nothing. I've tried checking different boxes, nothing. I watched ETA PRIME's video on how Retroarch plays CPS3 games, none of them work. What the heck am I missing? Hahah!!
  6. So THAT'S what happened to me. I don't believe my controller was initially connected through Bluetooth before I opened up the emulator. I'll make sure I do that before opening it. Thanks again @Maddoc1007 for all the help!
  7. Ahh ok. I'll try to figure it out. At least it's working now though thanks to you and @Maddoc1007
  8. I actually got it working!! Thanks so much!! Now, how do I configure the controls? It won't let me do so unless a game is running. Then when I do, it freezes. Weird...
  9. Ok, I'll give this a shot! Should I copy the roms over to LB or use them at their current location?
  10. This is what I put in the .bat file for jojo.bat and the rest:
  11. It's already that name. I didn't display the extensions in Windows Explorer. Hey man, don't worry about it. I feel bad for keeping you up and I don't want to take any more of your time. I really do appreciate the help though! Thanks!!
  12. Yep, mine don't work still. I still get the same error message that the files are missing. Yeah, those are all .zip files. I just use WinRAR to extract them.
  13. And this is how I set up my files:
  14. This is what I get for an error message:
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