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  1. I noticed that if I load a Playstation game, the image will spin (hilarious when it's box art). How do I enable that feature on other platforms?
  2. No worries, I had similar issues with the naming conventions. I had to make sure that what I selected in LB matched what was in Retroarch.
  3. Download all 3 of the NEC PC Engine cores shown in the screenshot. Those are the mednafen cores. You might have a core selected that hasn't been downloaded yet.
  4. They'll be under a different name when downloading from Retroarch. Look for "NEC - PC Engine ..." when downloading a core. There should only be three of them.
  5. Dude, having the Big Box interface on my phone or tablet will be epic! Can't wait!
  6. Just look at the top of the XML file, that's pretty much all I edited. The core's system name I used for the xml: mednafen_supergrafx_libretro_android.so I've also gotten some TGCD games to work, but the export process on that one is a bit quirky. It primarily exported only the .ccd and .cue files. I had to add the bin, img, and assorted files manually. It was...messy. At least all the box art got there okay!
  7. I edited the appropriate Libretro core into the platform xml file. Once you've exported the games and box art via LaunchBox, replace the platform xml with the attached one. Path for me was: This PC\<myphone>\Card\Android\data\com.unbrokensoftware.launchbox\files\LaunchBox\Data\Platforms Also go into Retroarch and download this core: NEC - PC Engine SuperGrafx (Beetle SGX) PC Engine SuperGrafx.xml
  8. No no no, I insist, thank you for your tireless dedication to gamers everywhere! I also enjoy playing with this new iteration of Launchbox.
  9. BWAHAHAHA! That was it! For some reason, even though it "existed," I couldn't transfer any Images file folder. Ah, the joys of simple troubleshooting. "Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in" indeed. ? Edit: Any way to Pin your response for other wayward gamers?
  10. Can't transfer images in the way LB wants to do it. For some reason, my Samsung Galaxy S9+ refuses to accept the "images" folder on transfer. I can transfer all the subfolders, but that one is a no go. When I try to create one, my phone renames it to "images(0)." Unfortunately, The LB app won't read the images from that folder, so box art won't appear in the app. Might have to implement a "browse folder" feature to get this working as intended. Other than that, works great!
  11. This program broke every single one of my console XML files. Bizarre.
  12. There is a reason for it, but that only extends after the initial system setup. If I've already got my system setup, these folders should not be autopopulating. This is the only front end I have ever dealt with that does this. That's why I'm calling it invasive; I am not giving it permission to do this. Anything that starts modifying or adding system files and folders should be user directed, such as with an installation. Specifically, I can understand why it creates these folders this when I direct LB to download images for various ROMs. I am specifically directing the program to perform a specific function. Don'ts get me wrong, I think Launchbox is an amazing front end. That's why it's the only front end I have ever actually purchased. However, this is just abnormal behavior for any program. It's creating empty folders simply for the sake of creating empty folders, long after an individual system has already been set up. There is no purpose to that. This should honestly only happen during, initial LB installation, or when the user is requesting images to be downloaded. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  13. Right, I understand that just a simplest installation will cause folders to be created, but the folders are regenerating on their own. I deleted them several times, but they keep respawning after launchbox restarts. I have no purpose for these empty folders, and they just create extra clutter within my subfolders. There is no good reason for the program to just create empty folders. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  14. They're adding something to my system without permission. It's like if I suddenly came into your house to sit next to you while you were watching TV. You seem like a pretty cool guy, but a stranger suddenly coming into your home to sit next to you might seem...invasive.
  15. I noticed that whenever I choose to edit a system in LB, new folders are created based on region (North America, United States, Japan, etc.). How do I prevent this "feature" from causing extraneous folders to appear? It adds clutter to my folder structure. I also find it to be a bit aggravating, not to mention a rather invasive, albeit innocuous, form of adding crap to my system.
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