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  1. I wonder if this has ever been requested. I bet it's just one line of code away from being a feature.
  2. Hello, When using hyperspin, I was able to have the main system wheel launch an emulator. That is, instead of having all the tables for pinball FX in a sub wheel, I just had a main system wheel for pinball FX and when I clicked on that instead of going to a sub wheel, it would start the pinball FX program. Is there a way to have a main system wheel on launchbox initiate a program? Or does there have to be a sub wheel? Thanks!
  3. Has anyone had issues with recent windows updates that causes the Bluetooth Xbox One S controller to not function properly with the exit keys combinations within LB or RocketLauncher? It seems that instead of showing Xbox controller connected like it used to it always says xinput device almost like a generic version. I've done everything under the sun troubleshooting-wise to figure this out, and I'm still working on it. I was just looking for more input.
  4. This seems like it would be available, but I feel like I may be missing the option... If I import a perfect, properly-named romset, launchbox matches them with the database and downloads all the metadata and everything just fine. Is there an option to have my screen show the actual proper database names for the games as opposed to the generic rom name? I'm not talking about renaming or changing anything, but just having lunch box show the database name as opposed to the actual ROM name beneath each game... If this doesn't exist, I'll go ahead and post this over in the suggestions area Thanks!
  5. Ok, Thanks... If the option ever came up to download the items from WITHIN the theme options, that would be great! Still love it!
  6. This is, by far, the best theme to me! Is there anyway possible to bake in (or at least do all at once) the ability to download all of the extra system logos and system videos that are available for individual download in the links you've provided? I'd love to have them all done in one fell swoop!
  7. I have figured out how to alter/add the overlay on game selection screens in Unified Refried, but where are the source templates for the system preview video screens? This photo is an example of how I'd like my video to look. When I add an mp4 to my newly created system, the video preview fills the left part of the screen as opposed to being inside of an arcade cabinet. I can't find word that video arcade cabinet template is located to add my new system. Thanks!
  8. Too funny! I was typing that I had done that just as you posted that. Worked flawlessly. Thanks!
  9. Hey, All.... For some reason, update 10.3, 10.4, and 10.5 all popped up and started installing back to back to back just now... Then a beta started installing after that, and now LB or BB will not even start, lol. Is there a backup file I can manually revert to without being in the app to recover a backup (the new feature)? Update ** I located the beta 5 install exe in the Launchbox folder and simply reinstalled that update again. That fixed everything. Thanks!
  10. Yay, I helped!! Keep up the amazing work!
  11. When you drag and drop roms, and it asks what system, and then what system you want to scrape as.... It's the scrape as box that the list repeats in.
  12. Just a friendly heads-up. In the latest beta, when I click from the drop down list for the SCRAPE AS box, the list will show, and then there is a space, and then the list repeats... No big deal, just letting you know in case it was a bug. Thanks!
  13. Best Theme Ever - Thanks for your hard work and dedication!
  14. I'll check on the backups in the data folder. I don't recall moving anything there, but I will check! Thanks...
  15. Hey, All... I have noticed that if I remove a system or remove all the roms from a system (and the system disappears as a result), any attempt to re-import the system always results on 50% or less of the roms actually importing. However, if I select "force importing of duplicate roms," it works perfectly every time. This makes me feel that there is an ini file or some database somewhere that still exists after a system seems to be gone that will prevent those same roms from being able to be re-imported as it thinks they are still there... Any thoughts? Thanks!
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