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  1. Seems you were right Giuseppelll, My entire Launchbox Folder was set to read only, I changed that and updated to the latest Beta and Everything is working fine now. Thanks!

    On ‎18‎/‎08‎/‎2017 at 4:04 AM, GiuseppeIII said:

    Make sure your launchbox/data/platforms/windows.xml isn't set to read only.


  2. Thanks Giuseppelll, I have checked that and it seems the xml was not set to read only but the data folder its self was. Thing is once I downgraded LaunchBox it fixed the problem without me touching the data folder, so I can only imagine it must be a problem with one of the new beta's I was upgrading to. however I will upgrade again in a while and see if the problem persists. 


  3. Ah, big problem here with Steam games?? I just started LaunchBox to find that they are all missing? I have already backed up LaunchBox but as I readd the PC Games platform xml Bigbox sees the games at first but when I launch Launchbox it seems to all most delete every steam game? I have tried importing them again to find that they are added under the platform Windows, so I bulk edit the games to PC games (I use Rocket Launcher) and they all disappear?? Anyone know what's going on here??

  4. Ok...Rhythm Games. This one was actually harder than expected. I read a lot of top tens but most of them were on the PS3 or the videos showed "not working" but here we go,

    -PaRappa The Rapper - Playstation 1

    -Dance Dance Revolution: Club Mix - Dreamcast

    -Guitar Hero 2 - Playstation 2

    -Rock Band 2 - Playstation 2

    -Make My Video Kriss Kross - Sega CD

    -Rez - Playstation 2

    -Amplitude - Playstation 2

    -Bust A Groove - Playstation 1

    -Samba De Amigo - Dreamcast

    -Space Channel 5 - Dreamcast

    -Puyo Puyo Da! - Dreamcast

    -Pop'n music - Playstation Portable

    -Patapon - Playstation Portable

    As always change anything you want but these snaps look fine to me, Thanks again for your time letstalkaboutdune!

  5. OK letstalkaboutdune, next batch!

    Flying Games: I tried to keep to games that have arcade themes, though I don't think Star wars does? might have to find something better for that one, though I looked hard and couldn't find anything else in the Arcade themes....?

    -Afterburner 2

    -Apache 3

    -Burning Force

    -F15 Strike Eagle

    -G-Loc Air Battle

    -Sega Strike Fighter


    -Super Thunder Blade

    -Vs. TopGun

    -Galaxy Force

    -Sky Target

    -Star Wars Trilogy Arcade - Sega Model 3

    Role Playing Games: I'm not to up with my knowledge of Role Playing Games unfortunately but here is what I got that I know of, again these are video snaps that I thought had a lot of movement in them feel free to add what every you think might be better, I have included a few extra:

    -Snatcher - Sega CD

    -Psy-O-Blade - Sega Genesis - Translation.

    -Dungeons & Dragons - Eye Of The Beholder - Super Nintendo

    -The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time - N64

    -Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete - Playstation 1

    -Dragoon Ball Z: Sagas - Nintendo Game Cube

    -Panzer Dragon Saga - Sega Saturn

    -Shining In The Darkness - Sega Genesis

    -Shining Force 2 - Sega Genesis

    -Final Fantasy III - Super Nintendo

    -Final Fantasy IX - Playstation 1

    -Deus Ex: The Conspiracy - Playstation 2

    -Ys: The Oath In Felghana - Playstation Portable

    -Fallout 3 - Windows

    -Final Fantasy XII - Playstation 2

    That will keep you busy! edit anything you want of course! I think I just have one more batch to add.







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  6. Ok thanks, for Light Gun Games I tried to stay with Arcade games:

    -Alien 3 The Gun

    -Dragon Gun


    -House Of The Dead

    -Jurassic Park

    -Rail Chase 2

    -Space Gun

    -Time Crises

    -Vritua Cop 2

    -Mobile Suit Gundam

    -Steel Gunner

    -Terminator 2 The Arcade Game

    For Strategy I tried to choose video snaps with the most movement going on (as anyone knows strategy games are generally slow moving to watch).I added a few extra because it's a difficult Genre to choose from.

    -Command & Conquer - Sega Saturn

    -Command & Conquer Red Alert - PlayStation 1

    -Dune II The Battle For Arrakis - Sega Genesis (OF Course)

    -Syndicate - Amiga CD32

    -Syndicate Wars - PlayStation 1

    -Conflict Zone - PlayStation 2

    -Defender Of The Crown 2 -Amiga CD32

    -Final Fantasy Tactics - Playstation 1

    -Cannon Fodder - Sega Genesis

    -Z - Sega Saturn

    -Warcraft II The Dark Saga - Sega Saturn

    -Populous II - Super Nintendo

    -Tom Clancy's End War - PlayStation Portable

    -Theme Park - Atari Jaguar

    -StarCraft64 - Nintendo 64

    -Star Trek Conquests - PlayStation 2

    -Power Monger - Sega Genesis


    Those are my selections so far, gotta go to bed now, Thanks for your time letstalkaboutdune!




  7. Excellent letstalkaboutdune, will I just post a list or actually upload videos themselves?, By the way do you follow Comicbookgirl19 on youtube? She's made quite a name for herself and at the moment she is hosting an online book club covering the first three books of Dune?

  8. Have to agree with Hank_98 about the video being too dark man, I think it would be great if the video started off bright and then faded and then the logo appeared on top? Just a suggestion...

    These videos are awesome though I'd love to see ones for, Light gun games, Rhythm games, Flying Games, role playing games and Strategy games. I now these aren't all really arcade type games but they are Hyperspin Genres. I'd happly give 12 representative games for each one.

  9. Yeah I split all my games into Genre Playlists, I posted a video about it a few posts back, it was a hell of a job, my library is massive so it took days because of missing Genre info. They really need to do some work on the Genre titles for the Data base. A while back I saw a guy had posted playlists split into Genres. I'm thinking of adding my xml.

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  10. yes you can manually edit each game genre and in bulk as discussed earlier in this post, but to do what has become now 2000 games would take forever and the main problem with launchbox is the inability to deselect a game when selecting them in bulk as I have to see the video for each one to get an idea of what genre it is. 

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