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  1. @fredistehboss Well yes there is a way. In Part 2 "make Box", you would want to untick all the boxes after the last "Merge Visible" action, This way you can see all the various layers and make your adjustments before everything is merged together.
  2. Weird, never had that problem myself. At least you were able to work it out. Might help someone else.
  3. Robin55

    Klop's ScummVM 3D redux

    These are turning out really nice @Klopjero !! 😎
  4. also make sure your image mode is set to RGB, that's all I can suggest, I'm no Photoshop expert.
  5. That's weird I have tested my original action file with Photoshop 2018 without problems. I have also gone through all those cd action files without problems. I suggest you make sure your color settings are correct as I show in my video in the original post, its very important. These action files are only for the cd however, a music cd jewel case is not included just a DVD and Bluray case, if that's what you are looking for I suggest a bit of searching.
  6. Are you getting any sort of error message? and which action file are you using?
  7. Here is a few..... PSD Covers Action Files.zip
  8. Yep, @Undertherainbow 's Action file is awesome. The only thing I would say is that as nice as the boxes that show a front and back cover are, in my opinion they are not too practical. What I mean is there are very few views in few themes that the boxes look really good in. In fact the only theme I can think of which these boxes really work well with is the "Unified" theme. Correct me if I'm wrong here but that's just my 2 cents.
  9. Yeah the shorter S spine is defiantly nicer, I see the long one looks a bit curved at the bottom, I assume that's the result of me trying to unwarp the original action file I found online. If you make the long one a bit shorter you would not notice that curve as I'm sure you know, or you could use the warp tool yourself to get it back as straight as possible at that point just for those boxes.
  10. @Klopjero well let me know if you would like help with imagemagick. I can give you one of my bat files and some instructions. I have to go out now for a while tho.
  11. @Klopjero I assume you have a set of images that are for the Spine and a set of images that are for the front cover. I'm afraid the only way I know of to combine the two is to use a program called ImageMagick, as far as I know Photoshop can't do it. ImageMagick uses the command line however but I can give you some pointers but you might be better of doing each one individually to be honest if this is going to be a one off thing? There's not THAT many games.
  12. That would make for a nice set alright @Klopjero, But just so you know I can tell from the Spine in that picture that you don't have the latest version of my action file that I uploaded yesterday. It corrects the alignment where the spine meets the front of the box. Just FYI.
  13. @Undertherainbow I figured I would have to do that, I found a way around it tho using just a pinch of the"warp" tool instead, That fixed the problem up nicely.
  14. iit's ok actually I figured it out and I have updated the action file in the original post.
  15. @Undertherainbow there is a slight problem with the original action file I posted here. I have now tried it with two versions of Photoshop. it seems that the original Action file creates a slightly distorted spine. The thing is the top and bottom of the spine is fine but right in the center there seems to be some sort of warping going on and as a result if an image wraps around the case the center does not line up perfectly where it meets the spine. I have tried a few work arounds to try and fix this issue but so far I haven't managed it. Would you have a solution?