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  1. Playlist Video Theme For Favorites

    I have added a Favorites one now also
  2. Here you are @BlueArrowUK..hope you like them. Collage_Favorites_-_Graffiti.mp4 Collage_Favorites.mp4
  3. Yes @BlueArrowUK. I get that done in a while.
  4. Nintendo 3DS eShop Demo in BigBox

    Thanks @GuroDragon. I think it will do for now. Glad you like the Playlist video!
  5. Nintendo 3DS eShop Demo in BigBox

    I just ripped a demo video from youtube @GuroDragon
  6. Playlist Video Theme For Favorites

    I have a simple one for Genres and Playlists if your interested.
  7. Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    ah, it's not really your plugins fault that I was having problems, @UnderwoodNC I can see now what @Jason Carr was saying about my PlayStation 3 covers that I was adding a good few of them are defiantly named wrong and I have made a mistake or three already tonight unfortunately, concentrating on them a bit harder now. Your Plugin works great for the most part but I think it would be good if you could somehow add an option to get it to pause at the region setting of the kind of artwork being added. That's really the only improvement I could think of.
  8. Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    @Jason CarrAs far as I can see they are connected, Yes. I'll be more careful when I'm adding them this time though.
  9. Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    ah sure it's not a big deal @Jason Carr I did add a good few 3DS eShop games that I was not happy with so it's no big deal really, I'm glad those ones didn't go live. later on tonight I'll re add some PlayStation 3 boxes and see how things get on.
  10. Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    OK that's a bit strange because I didn't actually add any new games I just added 3D boxes to already existing PlayStation 3 games. I don't know what data could be wrong if I did it that way other than not having the region information which no PlayStation 3 game has anyway?
  11. Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    wow.. I just got a load of rejections, basically everything I uploaded after moderation stopped... @Jason Carr is this because my Playstation 3 boxes didn't have a region? That makes the plugin virtually useless as none of the Playstation 3 games have a region as far as I can see. Or is it to do with something else during the repairs you did to moderation?
  12. Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    Can I ask is there a problem with the database at the moment? I uploaded some 3DS eShop 3Dboxes that were not very good (but better than the alternatives I had posted and had been accepted I thought) and since then moderation of content I have added has just stopped dead? I am currently uploading my PlayStation 3 3D boxes but I am kind of worried that something has gone wrong with my account and I am reluctant to keep uploading tonight if things are not moving along? Anyone know what might be happening?
  13. Just a simple demonstration of my Nintendo 3DS eShop set up in BigBox with the Citra emulator.The snaps are from other platforms as there are no eShop snaps available yet. Some games work well, some not so much and some just crash. The 3d boxes can be downloaded here:
  14. Nintendo 3DS eShop 3D Boxes (327)

    My fault!! They should all be in the database by the way. glad to hear their of use.
  15. Nintendo 3DS eShop 3D Boxes (327)

    Just thought I would let you know @Retro808, I have updated these with spine script, just FYI