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  1. Hi everyone! I was thinking about this feature now that I have a prototype of my virtual pinball/arcade. At the moment I have like 15 000 games across all kinds of platforms. But wouldn't it be nice if you have something like a separate 'system' with only your favorites across all your systems? That way, you don't have to search across all the platforms when you want to play a game. I know there is already some kind of favoriting system in Launchbox, but I don't know how to utilize it with a keyboard (as I use an IPAC2-board for connecting all my buttons to the pc). Does
  2. Well, after all, I decided to go for the bitcoin-option, which was much easier after all... Maybe it's just Stripe that doesn't allow certain prepaid cards, I don't know... anyway, I got it now.
  3. Hi, I already sent a mail for this, but now I found an online reseller of prepaid credit cards. The bank which the card belongs to is TD Bank in America. I did activate the card, but now, when I try to purchase the premium 1 year launchbox, all goes fine, until I enter the credentials of the card. Then it gives a 'card denied' message... Any idea how to work around this?
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